10 Cool 3D Printable Battery Holders (For All Devices)


3D printed battery holders are a great way to keep your batteries where you need them for when you need them. By printing them yourself, you can ensure these holders fit your device or general aesthetic without being too bulky.

Here we’ll look at some of the most useful 3D printed battery holders and packs compatible with all the popular sizes.

Most of the files on this list are available free of charge, and the only one that costs money is priced at less than $5, so there’s no reason not to give any one of these a try!

Top Picks

3D Printed Battery Holders

Battery Storage Boxes

  • AA Battery Storage Box: A hinged, secure box for AA batteries.
  • Universal Beer Crate Battery Holders: Designed for easy access and stacking.
  • Stackable GoPro Battery Holders: Compact and glove-friendly.
  • Makita Battery and Charger Holders: A must-have for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Battery Box for Small Devices: A simple solution for loose batteries in small electronics.

Battery Dispensers

  • AA and AAA Battery Organizer: A simple and efficient dispenser.
  • Magazine Battery Dispenser: Resembling a gun. Quick and easy access.
  • Micro Battery Dispenser: Compact and efficient storage.
  • Battery Vending Machine: A creative, fun, and easy-to-print.
  • Combo 9V Battery, Business Card, and Sticker Dispenser: Perfect for expos and conventions.

3D Printed Battery Storage Boxes

1. AA Battery Storage Box

  • Download:Thingiverse
  • Designer: TheSameNameTwice
  • Price: Free

Starting with the simplest 3D printed battery holder, with this hinged, secure storage box, you’ll have no trouble keeping track of where your AA batteries are. If you want, you can edit this holder yourself to accommodate even more irregular-sized batteries.

For the best results, the designer recommends printing with PETG due to its improved flexibility to keep your batteries firmly held but still easy to remove when you need them.

2. Universal Beer Crate Battery Holders

  • Download: Printables
  • Designer: CAD-Guy
  • Price: Free

This 3D printed battery holder uses the same principles as beer crates, which are designed to safely hold the bottles in place while keeping them separated enough to be easily taken out.

And the free files in the link above include battery holders for all the most commonly used battery types, including AA, AAA, and 9V.

These holders are also fully customizable, and include a .stp-Drawing file for easy personalization. They’re also designed to stack easily and securely, so you store as many as you need in one place.

3. Stackable GoPro Battery Holders

GoPro users will know the value of keeping spare batteries on hand when out and about, especially if you’re looking to film longer trips and treks.

Like the devices themselves, these GoPro batteries are small and can be easily lost, so it’s important to make sure they’re kept safe and easily found no matter where you are.

Not only are these 3D printed GoPro battery holders stackable, they’re also designed to be flexible enough for the batteries to be easily removed even when wearing gloves.

They’re also simple to print, needing neither rafts nor supports 

If this print sounds perfect for you, then you’re bound to love our picks for the best 3D printed GoPro mounts and accessories too!

4. 3D Printed Makita Battery and Charger Holders

Makita is one of the most popular brands of power tools in the world, and so can be found in the households of many DIY enthusiasts – and you’ll find no better 3D printed battery holder and charger port than those found in these free files

They help keep your spare and charging Makita batteries in view at all times, so you won’t have to rummage around your workshop or garage the next time a job needs doing.

5. Battery Box for Small Devices

Those of you who know the pain of loose batteries and wires in smaller electronics will definitely be interest in this print.

This very simple box includes space for conducting wires so your batteries stay connected to your small electronics like an RC car or mini drone when in use.

However, it’s worth mentioning that some knowledge about electrical engineering and safety around live wires is recommended if you want to try out this battery holder for yourself.

3D Printed Battery Dispensers

These 3D printed battery dispensers act as secure holders while also offering quick and easy access to whichever batteries you need.

6. AA and AAA Simple 3D Printed Battery Organizer

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: fafabienman
  • Price: Free

If you use both AA and AAA batteries regularly, then this 3D printed battery dispenser is the perfect print for you. It holds up to 20 AA and 35 AAA batteries at once, so one refill should keep your electronics up and running for a good long while.

The designer improved on the original design by adding a steeper slope for more reliable dispensing, and it no longer need rafts or supports for printing.

7. Magazine Battery Dispenser

For something a little more decorative, you can check out this cool 3D printed battery dispenser shaped like a standard gun magazine. And just like a real magazine, the batteries automatically lift when one is removed for easy access to however many you need at any time.

You will need a spring to ensure efficient dispensing, and due to its elongated shape, you should be sure to add supports before printing.

8. Efficient Micro Battery Dispenser

  • Download: AA and AAA versions on Thingiverse
  • Designer: verdrus
  • Price: Free

If you need to store many batteries at once but don’t want to take up a lot of desk space, then you’ll find these efficient 3D printed battery holders and dispensers to be the ideal given their small size and efficient storage.

The internal winding shelves allow for up to 17 AA or 25 AAA batteries to be held at once and easily accessed at any time.

If you want to print both of these dispensers, neither require rafts nor supports and both will print perfectly if done with 30% infill.

9. Battery Vending Machine

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: DEHAPRO
  • Price: $4.50

The battery vending machine is the most creative and fun 3D printed battery dispenser on this list. It looks like an actual vending machine, and operates by turning a small dial on the side that allows the batteries to pop out.

Despite apparently being the most complex Dehapro design to date, it’s still a print-in-place model that doesn’t need any extra settings or fancy assembly techniques. You shouldn’t be discouraged if you’re a novice, as just about anyone can make it.

10. Honorable Mention: Combo 9V Battery, Business Card, and Sticker Dispenser

Of all the different 3D printed battery holders and dispensers we’ve looked at, this one is by far the most versatile of the lot. It’s capable of dispensing not only 9V batteries, but also business cards and stickers.

This makes it perfect for expos and conventions. Nothing sells a business like a freebie, so why not keep this project in your back pocket the next time you’re looking to draw some attention to your home business or services?

You will need a few extra bits and pieces, and the patience to assemble it all. But everything you’ll need to make this project a success is already listed along with the free STL files.

It is worth noting that the designer recommends PETG filament due to its added flexibility, though it should work with other filaments provided you’re careful with your settings to accommodate for any increased fragility.


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