3D Printing Operations of Humtown will be relocated to Boardman.


Title: Humtown Expands Additive Manufacturing Operations, Finds Its Perfect Home in Boardman


In an exciting expansion move, Humtown, a renowned additive manufacturing company, is relocating its operations to Boardman, Ohio. The company recently purchased the former Gorant Candies complex, a 55,000-square-foot facility, for $3.5 million. This strategic decision will not only enhance Humtown’s capabilities but also contribute to the growth of the local economy. Let’s delve into the details of this significant development.

A Promising Partnership:

Humtown’s move to Boardman was met with enthusiasm from local officials and real estate agents. Boardman Township Administrator, Jason Loree, expressed his excitement about this relocation, highlighting its potential to attract more business opportunities and serve as a key center for Humtown’s operations. Don Thomas, managing partner of Platz Realty Group, also commended Humtown’s efforts in revolutionizing 3D printing and their positive impact on the community.

Eliminating Preproduction Patterns:

Humtown, established in 1959, manufactures both 3D printed and conventional sand cores and molds for the foundry industry. Over the past decade, the company has mastered the use of additive manufacturing, streamlining their production processes. By eliminating preproduction patterns and directly creating sand molds from digital schematics, Humtown significantly cuts down costs and production time. This innovative approach has marked Humtown as a global game changer in the additive manufacturing sector.

A Move Towards Growth:

Humtown’s current operational site in Leetonia will eventually be vacated, paving the way for a full-scale transition to the new Boardman facility. The company plans to relocate approximately a dozen 3D printing machines to the site once the building is ready. As part of the preliminary site work, Humtown has been actively making improvements to the Market Street facility since August. With the move, Humtown aims to expand its capabilities and continue delivering high-quality products to its customers.

A Sweet Deal:

The former Gorant Candies complex was an ideal choice for Humtown’s relocation. The property, including the 55,000-square-foot building and 6.7 acres of land, was purchased by Lamoncha Real Estate Holdings LLC, an entity related to Humtown. Previously owned by Camise Development LLC, the property was appraised at $1.225 million for tax purposes. The Gorant Candies brand and retail operations were sold separately, allowing Oh Donut owners to establish their business at the Boardman location.

Seizing an Opportunity:

Humtown’s decision to move to Boardman was made possible due to a fortunate turn of events. Another company had initially considered purchasing the Gorant Candies complex and its chocolate manufacturing operations. However, they ultimately opted to acquire the equipment and move it to one of their existing facilities. This opened the door for Humtown to step in and make Boardman its new home. The speed at which this opportunity was seized underscores the dedication and commitment of all parties involved.


Humtown’s relocation to Boardman marks an exciting chapter in the company’s story. By taking advantage of the former Gorant Candies complex, Humtown is poised to expand its additive manufacturing operations and further establish itself as a leader in the industry. This move also highlights the potential of 3D printing technology to revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes, bringing about cost and time efficiencies. As the company prepares for the transition, anticipation grows for the positive impact it will have on the local economy and the additive manufacturing sector as a whole.

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