55+ 3D Printed Home Décor Projects To Decorate Your Home


3D printed home decor is revolutionizing the way we personalize our living spaces. Unlike traditional, mass-produced items, 3D printing offers limitless customization and on-demand production.

Secret Shelf 2

In this guide. I’ll share my favourite 3D printed home decor projects along with direct links to free STL download you need to get started. With over 55 options to choose from, you’re sure to find decor that resonates with your unique style.

My curated list spans from elegant vases and chic picture frames to innovative lamps. Dive in and make your living space a personalized sanctuary.

3D Printed Home Décor Picture Frames
Top Picks

My Favorite 3D Printed Home Decor Project

  • Living Room – Transform Your Living Space with Customized Creature Comforts and Functional Art
  • Bedroom – Elevate Your Personal Sanctuary with Innovative Storage and Cozy Accents
  • Kitchen – Add a Dash of Whimsy and Functionality to Your Culinary Space
  • Garden – Bring Your Garden to Life with Playful Ornaments and Wind-Powered Wonders
Table Of Contents
  1. My Favorite 3D Printed Home Decor Project
  2. 3D Printed Home Decor for Living Room
    • Animal Statues
    • Wall Art
    • Picture Frames
    • Coat Hooks
    • Self Watering Planter
  3. 3D Printed Home Decor for Your Bedroom
    • The Hive Bedroom Hex Drawers
    • The Secret Shelf
    • Bedroom Lamp
    • Booklight
    • Bed Trays
    • Kids’ Bedroom Decorations
  4. 3D Printed Home Decor for Your Kitchen
    • Homer Simpson Sponge Holder
    • Mario Napkin Holder
    • Fun Fume Extractor
    • Eating Set
    • Honorable Mention: Spartan Knife Holder
  5. 3D Printed Home Decor for Your Garden
    • Garden Friends
    • Garden Pinwheel
    • Garden Gnomes

3D Printed Home Decor for Living Room

Animal Statues

  • Download Example: Cults3D
  • Designer: Various
  • Price: Variable

3D printing allows you to bring your favorite animals into your home decor. You can opt for highly detailed statuettes such as sharks, goats, or rhinos, or go for a minimalist aesthetic with low-poly designs like elephants and zebras.

3D Printed Animal Decorations

You can see the full a diverse collection of low-poly animals here to add some personalized, DIY flair to any room.

Animals 2 Zodiac 3D printed Décor

Wall Art

  • Download Example: ThreeDing
  • Designer: Various
  • Price:Variable
Cat Home Wall Hanging

You can also 3D print wall decorations depicting your favorite animal to suit your style. Personally, I love geometric designs like this hummingbirdthis bear, and this owl to name a few.

If you prefer more realistic wall art, then files like this killer whale and this cat are very cool and can be printed in one color for a nice silhouette effect – with the tiger design offering a particularly dynamic visual.

Picture Frames

  • Download Example: 3DShook
  • Designer: Various
  • Price: Variable

Showcase cherished memories and photos with 3D printed picture frames that reflect your personal style.

Opt for pop-culture classics like Mickey Mouse or themed designs like rope frames for boating or rock climbing memories.

Mickey Photo Frame 3D Print

Celebrate special occasions with heart-themed frames or choose minimalist designs for versatile display options.

Heart Frame

Environmentally conscious? Consider frames made from recycled PLA. For a unique touch, backlit frames with lithophane bases add depth to your photos.

If simplicity is your style, elegant frames are available, or go for window-style frames that make your photos look like scenic views.

3D Printed Window Home Décor

For a playful touch, Lego-themed frames are perfect for kids or the young at heart. Minimalists can opt for clever floating frames that add a modern touch.

Minimalist Picture Frame

Safety tip: If you have children, avoid frames with sharp corners or ensure they are securely and safely mounted.

Coat Hooks

3D Print Coat Hooks

Coat hooks may seem mundane, but 3D printing elevates them into both practical and decorative home elements. These 3D printed hooks ensure you’ll never misplace your essentials while adding a unique flair to your home.

From customizable U-hooks suited for keys, hats, or bags, to more creative designs like an elephant or a tentacle, there’s something for everyone.

Tentacle Coat Hooks

For families with children, a smiling octopus hook not only keeps coats in place but also encourages tidiness.

If you’re looking for something pop-culture inspired, consider hooks featuring Super Mario, the Batman logo, or a Simpsons-themed design.

Simpsons Coat Hook

And for gaming enthusiasts, PlayStation coat hangers are a great way of expressing your loyalty to the console!

Self Watering Planter

  • Download: Printables
  • Designer: Alexanderor
  • Price: Free
Materials 2

If you’re looking to add some greenery to your home, 3D printed planters offer a cost-effective and customizable solution. The modular design linked above is not only easy to assemble but also features a self-watering system, allowing you to enjoy your plants with minimal fuss.

For fans of pop culture, Pokémon-themed planters like the grass-type Bulbasaur come equipped with a drainage tray to protect your surfaces. While this article can’t cover every 3D printed planter or vase, you can explore our top picks to find the perfect home for your houseplants.

3D Printed Home Decor for Your Bedroom

The Hive Bedroom Hex Drawers

3D Prints for Your Room Hive Shelves

The Hive features a set of 3D printed hexagonal drawers ideal for vanity tables.

Perfect for storing jewelry, makeup, keys, or keepsakes, these interlocking drawers are individually printed.

Their modular design allows for easy expansion, making them a versatile storage solution for spaces both large and small.

The Secret Shelf

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: WALLTOSH
  • Price: Free
3D Print Secret Shelf

The secret shelf offers both functionality and security, serving as a regular shelf that detaches to reveal a hidden drawer.

Ideal for safeguarding valuable items or stashing away rainy-day funds, this 3D printed piece adds a discreet storage solution to your home decor.

Bedroom Lamp

Mushroom Lamp

3D printed lamps offer a versatile way to illuminate your home with style. Whether you’re into simple or intricate designs, there’s something for everyone.

For a whimsical touch, consider the mushroom lamp, which exudes fairytale charm. If you prefer oceanic themes, the coral-like lamp from Thingiverse is a safe, rounded design that can be printed in various colors to set the mood.

For an extended list of options, check out our curated picks of the best 3D printed lamps to brighten your living space.


If you’re looking to reduce screen time before bed, a 3D printed book light can be a game-changer.

Booklight 2

The complexity of your book light can vary based on your skill level, from simple designs like the one above to more intricate ones.

While a book light may not traditionally fall under home decor, I couldn’t talk about cool things to print for your room without mentioning one of my favorite inventions.

Bed Trays

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: BAUDOUINASUS
  • Price: $3.25
Bed Tray 2

Bed trays elevate the experience of breakfast in bed from a yearly treat to an anytime luxury.

3D printing offers a variety of designs, from straightforward trays to those specifically engineered for bunk beds. One standout design even converts from a bedside stand to a bed tray with minimal adjustments.

3D Print Bed Tray

Enjoy your Sundays to the fullest with eggs and bacon served right in your cozy bed, thanks to these 3D printed innovations.

Kids’ Bedroom Decorations

  • Download: 3DShook
  • Designer: Unkown
  • Price: $7
Carousel Shelf for Bedrooms

For kids’ rooms, there are a lot of cute 3D printed wall decorations like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, as well as this awesome carousel mini shelf that’s rounded, safe, and fun.

For the more grown up little ones, this Lego light switch cover is a really cool way to help them customize their own space with whatever kinds of figures they want.

3D Printed Home Decor for Your Kitchen

Homer Simpson Sponge Holder

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: JAJAUM3D
  • Price: $1.89

For those looking to add both function and flair to their kitchen, 3D printing offers delightful options.

The Homer Simpson sponge holder, inspired by the iconic hedge meme, adds humor to your sink area.

Homer Hedge Sponge Holder 3D Print Décor

Alternatively, SpongeBob SquarePants sponge holders bring a dash of zaniness while accommodating standard yellow sponges. These 3D printed kitchen accessories combine utility with personality.

Spongebob Holder Kictchen

Mario Napkin Holder

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: 3D_Warehouse
  • Price: Free
3D Printing for Kitchen Super Mario

Add a touch of nostalgia and functionality to your kitchen with 3D printed decor like this retro Super Mario paper towel and napkin holder. The design pays homage to Mario’s early adventures, offering both a trip down memory lane and a practical kitchen solution.

Fun Fume Extractor

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: jocoquemx
  • Price: Free

Enhance your kitchen’s functionality and style with a 3D printed Kirby fume extractor. Not only does it effectively remove smoke and steam, but it also serves as a quirky ornament that pays homage to the iconic pink character’s insatiable appetite.

Eating Set

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: TanyaAkinora
  • Price: Free
3D Printed Kitchen Picnic Set

You can even 3D print your own crockery and table sets like this spring set for picnics or casual snacking or this Angry Birds egg cup. If that’s more what you have in mind, you can learn more about food-safe 3D printed filaments for kitchen utensils here.

Honorable Mention: Spartan Knife Holder

Sparta Knife Holder 3D Print Décor

One of my all-time favorite home decor options for the kitchen is this Spartan knife mount. It’s cool, it’s easy, it’s stylish, and it’s useful for anyone who’s sick of reaching into a drawer of sharp blades every time they need a knife.

3D Printed Home Decor for Your Garden

Garden Friends

  • Download: 3DShook
  • Designer: Unknown
  • Price: $3
Garden Decoartions Animal

Simple yet impactful, the Garden Friends collection enhances your outdoor space with pops of color, whether through paint or vibrant filament. The collection includes simple, cute little prints like this turtlethis butterflythis frog, and this ladybug.

Garden Pinwheel

  • Download: Printables
  • Designer: Wilko
  • Price: Free

Add a splash of color and functionality to your garden with this 3D printed pinwheel to indicate wind speed.

The pinwheel doubles as a playful toy for kids; if you plan to use it in this manner, consider rounding the edges for added safety.

Garden Gnomes

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: OWLSTHIRDEYE
  • Price: $0.99
3D Printed Garden Gnome

And of course, we can’t talk about 3D printed garden decorations without talking about gnomes. With so many possibilities, you can inject so much personality into your yard with fishing gnomes, gardeners, even this meditating gnome!

3D Printed Planters for Garden

If your yard space is too small for standard gardening, I recommend these adorable wall planters with clouds that rainwater down onto your plants.

Read more: 15+ cool 3D printable planters you can download

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