A8132, the proposed bill in New York, suggests that criminal checks should be obligatory for those wanting to purchase 3D printers.


New York State’s proposed bill, A8132, has caused quite a stir in the 3D printing community. The bill aims to require retailers selling 3D printers to conduct a criminal record check on buyers before completing the sale. This has raised concerns among many about the impact it could have on the accessibility and use of 3D printing technology.

The bill, which has not yet been enacted and must go through several stages before becoming law, is incredibly short. It simply adds a new section to the general business law of the state, stating that criminal background checks must be conducted for the purchase of 3D printers capable of creating firearms. The retailer must receive the results of the check within fifteen business days.

However, the definition of a 3D printer in the bill also extends to any digital manufacturing device, including CNC mills and lathes. This is where the legislation starts to lose its logic. Those familiar with 3D printing understand that this technology is not limited to creating firearms. It can be used for a wide range of applications, from prototyping to artistic creations. Including all digital manufacturing devices under this legislation seems unnecessary and misguided.

If this bill were to become law, it would greatly impact 3D printing in New York State. A significant portion of the population has some kind of criminal record, and while not all convictions would disqualify someone from buying a 3D printer, it would still block a large number of citizens from accessing this technology. The implications for industrial sales are also concerning. Resellers of industrial 3D printers and CNC machines would have to require criminal record checks of all their customers, which could create significant hurdles and delays in business transactions.

One could argue that this legislation is a knee-jerk reaction to the rise of “ghost guns,” which are firearm kits missing certain parts that can be 3D printed. However, there are already other measures being considered to control the sale of these kits, which seem like more focused and sensible solutions. Simply locking up all 3D printers is not a productive way to address this issue.

In conclusion, New York State’s proposed bill, A8132, is causing understandable concern among the 3D printing community. While the intention may be to address the issue of ghost guns, the implications of this legislation go far beyond that. It would limit access to this versatile technology for many individuals and hinder industrial sales. It is essential to find more targeted and effective solutions to address the concerns this bill aims to tackle, rather than implementing overly broad and potentially damaging regulations.

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“Why did the 3D printer go to therapy? Because it had too many layers of unresolved issues!”

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