BOFA’s Advanced Filtration Solutions for Clean Air in 3D Printing Field


BOFA International demonstration of 3D print fume extraction [Source: Fabbaloo]

We recently saw a safety demonstration by BOFA that showed the ability to clear dangerous particles away from 3D printers.

The silent danger of desktop 3D printers is their emissions, and this occurs with both resin and filament machines.

Resin equipment usually has a vat of resin that slowly evaporates into the air, releasing potentially toxic particles. I always strongly recommend using exterior ventilation or other filtration solutions whenever operating resin 3D printers.

FFF devices generate heat on the filament, triggering the emission of airborne particles. Nanoparticles constructed from the filament’s material are released, which could be toxic or irritative. Certain materials like ABS, release more particulates compared to others.

These nanoparticles may fall under the category of “VOC”, or volatile organic compounds. VOCs comprise a wide array of substances known to induce biological issues, hence the significance of evasion from exposure.

The trouble is, these particles are easily inhaled into your lungs and may stay there indefinitely, possibly causing problems over time. Regrettably, their minuscule size makes them undetectable to the naked eye.

This issue was visually demonstrated by BOFA, a company specialized in filtration solutions.

At first glance, you’ll observe the inside of a standard FFF 3D printer boasting a sealed cabin. A cloud of fog was introduced into the compartment by BOFA for the purpose of this demonstration, to serve as a viewable marker for the otherwise unseen particles. Although the fog particles greatly exceed the number produced by an average 3D printer, they provide an illustrative comparison.

As the cabinet became saturated with fog, they activated one of their specialized 3D printer filtration systems. In virtually no time, the cabin was completely devoid of any fog. It is easily conceivable that had there been nanoparticles within the cabin, they too would have been removed.

This serves as a compelling demonstration of the capabilities of 3D printer filtration, and a potent reminder that adequate ventilation is a must for all 3D printers to promote safety.

Let’s illustrate with the example of the three 3D print fume extractor units provided by BOFA International. To better appreciate the functionality of these units, let’s direct you here.[Source: Fabbaloo]

BOFA offers a variety of industrial filtration solutions. Remarkably, it is one of the few companies that caters to 3D printers through a specialized product line. They currently offer four models, with variations primarily based on the scope of filtration:

  • 3D PrintPRO 2 – a budget-friendly model,
  • 3D PrintPRO 3 – a compact unit designed for tabletop use,
  • 3D PrintPRO 4 – designed for industrial-sized 3D printers,
  • AM 400 – a top-end, high-performance solution.

These models incorporate both HEPA and particulate filters capable of eliminating VOCs and nanoparticles. Additionally, the company provides a range of adapters that can be connected to commonly used devices.

Unique among its offerings, the AM400 is specifically design for use with metal 3D printers, which prevent oxygen contamination by using inert gases in their build chambers. The AM400 is designed to establish a secure connection with these systems and function using inert gases, setting it apart from the other units that operate using regular air.

Safety is often a neglected focus in 3D printing where the emphasis is generally placed on printer specs and the properties of used materials. It is equally vital to pay attention to safety sheets related to materials and confirm that the printing process is safe for all involved.

Source: BOFA International

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