Discover the New K1C 3D Printer by Creality: The Latest Addition to the 3DExpress Lineup


What’s been happening in the additive manufacturing market this week? With our, 3DExpress format, our readers are able to discover and understand the latest announcements, whether in terms of business, product launches or partnerships, through five news snippets that made an impact. In this week’s news, we took a closer look at the new K1C 3D printer announced by Chinese company Creality, the completion of Nexa3D’s acquisition of Essentium, as well as a brand-new 3D-printed bathroom sink, finally available on the market. Happy reading and have a great weekend!

Creality Shows New K1C 3D Printer at CES 2024

Creality attracted attention at the start of the year with a new logo. According to the brand, the rebranding initiative is a reaction to the dynamics of the 3D printing market. “Imagine it, make it” is the resolution for this year, and the aim is to stand out through innovation. In keeping with this, Creality presented its range of products at CES, held from January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas. It took the opportunity to unveil its new FDM printer, the K1C. It features a 220x220x250mm build plate and is compatible with many more materials than its K1 range siblings. The C in its name stands for carbon fiber, as it is suitable for printing on filaments such as PLA-CF or PETG-CF. In addition, the extrusion system has been improved and the K1C comes with a metal extruder. In addition to these features, the printer also boasts innovative functions such as an air filter and an AI camera for error warnings during the printing process. The printer can already be pre-ordered on the Creality website.

The new K1C 3D printer from Creality (photo credits: Creality)

Nexa3D Completes Essentium Acquisition

Following on from last November’s announcement, US 3D printer manufacturer Nexa3D has confirmed the completion of its Essentium acquisition and the expansion of its offering. Indeed, Nexa3D has completed a more than successful 2023 following the acquisitions of Addifab and XYZprinting’s SLS business. Now, it is adding high-speed extrusion to its additive manufacturing portfolio with Essentium, known for its wide range of materials and high-speed extrusion 3D printers with IDEX system. “We are excited to join forces with Nexa3D,” said Blake Teipel, co-founder and CEO of Essentium. “Essentium and Nexa3D share a vision of empowering manufacturers to create what was once considered impossible. Our combination enables us to offer game-changing 3D printing solutions for our defense, health, and industrial customers.”

Sidus Space Creates a Multi-Material 3D Printing Division

Additive manufacturing continues to take the space sector by storm. In the latest news, Sidus Space, a NASDAQ-listed, Space and Data-as-a-Service company based in Cape Canaveral, has opened its first multi-material 3D printing division. The decision comes after previous success from Sidus Space in using Markforged X7 printers and OnxyFR-A material to create structural support components for its LizzieSat™ satellite, expected to launch in March 2024. The new multi-material 3D printing division will specialize in composite materials including Nylon Onyx, carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar and will complement the Sidus Space’s digital warehouse where stored 3D designs of parts are kept allowing clients to print either themselves or have them delivered from the company. The move shows the increasing shift in the sector from traditional manufacturing methods to additive manufacturing as a way to create strong but lightweight parts.

Kohler’s 3D Print Sink Goes to Market

Another innovation discovered at CES 2024 is a new product from Kohler, a leader in kitchen and bathroom solutions. The company turned to additive manufacturing to create one of its latest creations, a high-end bathroom sink. Named Rista, it was created in collaboration with designer Daniel Arsham. In terms of the technology used, Rista was manufactured using a 3D extrusion printing process with a vitrified porcelain material. With this new concept, Kohler combines traditional craftsmanship with digital technology to bring its customers comfort, self-care and renewal. Since its presentation at CES, this sink has begun to be marketed to a wider audience.

Photo Credits: Kohler

AddUp Announces New CEO

AddUp is a leading manufacturer of industrial metal 3D printers, designed to increase the productivity of manufacturers in sectors such as aerospace and automotive. The company has just announced a change in its Managing Director, with Julien Marcilly taking the helm. He has over 15 years’ experience in management roles within the Fives Group and joined AddUp in 2019 as Deputy Managing Director. He says: “AddUp is a bona fide additive manufacturing OEM built upon the pedigree of our parent companies, industry pioneers, Michelin and Fives,” says Marcilly. “We understand the world of manufacturing because we were born from it. We understand industrial challenges because we have lived them. This is why we are industrializing additive manufacturing. We know how to use it, qualify it, and scale it, making it a reliable and repeatable solution for our customers.


“Why did the 3D printer go to therapy? Because it had too many layers of unresolved issues!”

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