Exploring Silicone 3D Printing: Top 5 Informative Videos with Odapt


Welcome to the top 5 videos of the week! This time, discover the quieter Bambu Lab X1 update for reduced printing noise in just 10 minutes. Then, witness an innovative 3D printed house in Detroit, a net-zero-ready marvel by Citizens Robotics. Odapt talks to us about the future of 3D printing in medicine and how customizability is the word of the day. Merit3D compares 3D printing’s speed advantages over injection molding, emphasizing technological leaps in additive manufacturing. Finally, delve into the evolution of 3D printing from Chuck Hull’s invention to its transformative impact on industries, envisioning a future of customization and innovation. Watch these videos for a complete A/V journey through the multifold world of 3D printing. Here we go!

Top 1: Let’s Talk Practical Silicone 3D Printing with Odapt

In this 3Dnatives interview, we speak with the co-founders of Odapt, pioneering a 3D printed wafer designed to eliminate leaks and tailored to individual patient anatomy. The idea stemmed from encountering someone with an ostomy bag leak, prompting them to address the issue. Using biocompatible silicone and liquid deposition modeling, they focus on sustainability, customization, and inclusivity. They believe this is an opportune time for additive manufacturing in healthcare, foreseeing substantial advancements, particularly with silicone 3D printing. They aim to cater to unmet needs in healthcare and see vast potential for their solution in various applications within the industry.

Top 2: Quieter Printing Update for the Bambu Lab X1

In this short update video, we delve into the recent firmware update for the Bambu Lab X1 printer that introduces a feature of motor noise cancellation. The video provides helpful guidance on how to carry out the update, which typically takes about 10 minutes to complete. Once the update is enabled, you can run a test print to observe the significant noise reduction during high-speed printing. Enjoy a much quieter printing experience with your upgraded X1, as well as gaining useful knowledge on how to independently update your own 3D printer in the future.

Top 3: Michigan’s First 3D Printed House

We shift our focus in this report to the intriguing story of Michigan’s first 3D printed house. The house, which is close to being completed, was built by Citizens Robotics and is situated in Detroit. More specifically, this avant-garde residence can be found in the East Side Island View neighbourhood of the city. The construction of this pioneering house demonstrates innovative solutions, with its exterior featuring unique textures and patterns, all thanks to the 3D printing method using cementitious mortar. Designed with accessibility in mind, the 1,000-square-foot house includes a visitable layout. Although, due to considerations related to cost, only certain walls of the house were 3D printed. Yet, the unique segments filled with foam, which ensure air tightness, enable the structure to be net-zero-ready. The overall process, including printing and roofing, took approximately 10 days before traditional construction methods were integrated. The house is being touted as a potential game-changer for the housing market in Detroit and signals a promising future for 3D printed homes in Michigan.

Top 4: Merit3D Breaks Down 3D Printing vs Injection Molding

In this detailed comparison between injection molding and 3D printing technologies, Merit3D highlights how 3D printing, particularly with newer advancements, is gaining speed advantages over traditional injection molding. Injection molding usually operates between 45 to 90 seconds per cycle, while 3D printing, especially with innovative machines like the Carbon X1, achieves impressive speeds of 500 millimeters per second. The discussion expands to include different printing methods like FDM and LCD, showcasing the rapid advancements in resin technology, enabling faster printing speeds, such as 16 seconds per layer or even half a second per layer. Merit3D shares examples of successfully printing large quantities of parts in a fraction of the time and cost compared to injection molding, highlighting the technology’s potential to challenge traditional manufacturing. Learn more in the video below!

Top 5: 3D Printing’s Incredible Journey So Far

This final video explores the evolution and impact of 3D printing, tracing its inception back to Chuck Hull’s invention of stereolithography in 1984. It details the shift from subtractive to additive manufacturing, highlighting technological advancements like FDM and SLS methods, which expanded material possibilities and accessibility through desktop printers. The narrative emphasizes 3D printing’s influence across industries, from rapid prototyping in automotive/aerospace to personalized prosthetics in healthcare, architectural design, consumer goods, and unique applications like bio and food printing. It discusses democratizing manufacturing, economic implications, and environmental benefits and envisions 3D printing driving the next industrial revolution. Furthermore, we get a vision of a future of mass customization, on-demand production, and innovative material development, highlighting 3D printing’s transformative potential. For a true journey through the story of 3D printing so far in a neat 10-minute package, you have to check this one out.

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“Why did the 3D printer go to therapy? Because it had too many layers of unresolved issues!”

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