Exploring the Most Innovative 3D Startups of 2023


Additive manufacturing has seen constant evolution in all fields. This year alone boasted noteworthy developments in metal 3D printing, bioprinting, multi-material printing and sustainability. And that’s not the end of it! With every subsequent month of 2023, a new innovative startup would liven up the scene with their unique use of 3D printing. Nonetheless, it’s now time to elect the ‘best startup of the year’. Your vote can determine the result! Voting closes January 2nd, 2024 with the winners of the 3D startups of the year 2023 being announced on 3Dnatives on January 4th!

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The year 2023 kicked off with POOLP, a French 3D startup, paving the way. Born out of the aspirations of two ENPC (École Nationale de Ponts et Chaussées) students to enhance the scope of additive manufacturing in art and architecture. After extensive experimentation with a variety of recycled and bio-based materials, they reinvented the wheel by developing their proprietary solutions to streamline their compatibility with 3D printing. The emergence of urban microfactory marked their success—A production tool that valorizes local plastic waste into material suitable for additive manufacturing. The 3D printing system adopts the large-format FGM (Fused Granitate Modeling) technology to incorporate plastic pellets instead of filaments to create three-dimensional parts. With this innovative manufacturing system, the POOLP team is striving to propagate the concept of the circular economy—a fresh perspective on production and consumption. Learn more about the startup from the discussion we engaged in with their team.

The manufacturing solution developed by the startup (photo credits: POOLP)


Born from a Università Politecnica delle Marche project, Spherecube is an innovative startup working to make 3D printing of composites more sustainable. The laser thermal curing system, developed by its team, is able to create high-performance composite products automatically, and without geometric constraints. Specifically, Spherecube’s technology is based on the extrusion of two raw materials in different physical states. On the one hand, there is the thermosetting polymer matrix (in a viscous fluid state) and, on the other, the reinforcement material (in the form of fibers). In this way, the printhead has been designed to efficiently mix the matrix and the reinforcement, so that there is perfect adhesion of both during the manufacturing process. With this technology, the startup is targeting industries such as aerospace, biomedical, sports and marine. Learn more about Spherecube in this 3D startup interview from 2023.

Photo Credits: SphereCube


In the realm of resin 3D printing, two notable technologies emerge – SLA and DLP. The former demonstrates precision at the expense of speed, whereas the latter is notably quicker but with distinct shortcomings in surface quality. A solution to overcome these obstacles has been introduced by the American startup, Axtra3D, through their development of HPS (Hybrid PhotoSynthesis) technology. This innovative approach ingeniously merges the merits of both technologies, guaranteeing high-resolution outputs through a faster process than stereolithography. The distinguishing feature of their machines lies in simultaneous incorporation of both a projector (DLP) and a laser (SLA), creating a genuine coaxial system. This additive manufacturing technique promises vast potential for its application across various sectors, extending from automotive, aerospace, prototyping, to healthcare and dentistry. Find out more about HPS technology, and Axtra3D’s future road map HERE.


The Belgian startup Diabatix has set out to assist companies in the design process of their products to ensure effective cooling. The company developed ColdStream, a cloud-based platform that facilitates the use of generative design tools for improved cool-down of 3D printed parts. The platform incorporates cutting-edge simulation methods for all things thermal, from analysis to design, thus eliminating the need for any other software or hardware. What sets the solution offered by Diabatix apart is its adaptability to the subsequently chosen manufacturing method. The user selects their preferred manufacturing technique prior to the design process, and the software automatically optimizes the design within the chosen method’s capacity. To further explore the company and its ColdStream platform, read this full interview.


Dysphagia is a medical condition characterized by difficulties in swallowing. It results in a need for more time and effort to transport food or liquids from the oral cavity to the stomach. The Dutch company Gastronology has introduced 3D food printing to alleviate the struggles of swallowing for those suffering from this condition. The company developed a 3D printing solution for food that preserves the food in its original form, created from fresh puree, designed in its original shape and maintaining its natural aroma. Gastronology’s products are also available in frozen and packaged form. The process involves five steps: creating the puree, 3D printing the food, shock freezing it, packaging it, and storing it in the freezer. This technology transforms mealtime into a much-awaited moment of delight, by replacing the bland and monotonous meal options for those afflicted by this condition. To learn more about this innovative 3D startup of 2023, click HERE.

3D Spark

The adoption of software for workflow management in additive manufacturing is a growing trend in the industry. One of the companies developing such solutions is another of our 3D startups for 2023, 3D Spark. Based in Hamburg, the startup emerges with the goal of helping companies find ways to cut costs and lead times while reducing CO2 emissions in production. In turn, Spark 3D’s platform ensures that they can benefit from an automatic evaluation of 3D printed parts and identify the optimal development process for their products. The latter is done by comparing 3D printing with a wide variety of manufacturing processes, providing a transparent and independent basis for manufacturing decisions. As a result, industrial companies will be able to opt for more efficient, sustainable and crisis-resistant production. You can learn more about 3D Spark’s software and its benefit to the manufacturing industry in the interview with its team HERE.


Italian startup ONEBra is addressing an issue many women face: breast asymmetry following a mastectomy. ONEBra offers a solution through bespoke 3D printed cups. This innovative approach aims to enhance women’s self-image and overall life quality. The process is straightforward. A 3D scan of the breast can be generated on the website by following simple video guides. Using this scan, the ONEBra team fabricates a personalized bra cup. They utilize a mix of MJF and FDM technology. The TPU/TPE-made cup is layered with a skin-friendly material and dispatched directly to the user’s doorstep. 3D printing allows ONEBra to produce personalized cups with minimum waste and high precision. Furthermore, ONEBra aims to supply cups for sports bras and swimwear. For more details about this pioneering 3D startup of 2023, ONEBra, read the full interview HERE.


Another of our 3D startups for 2023, HETEROMERGE, emerged from the University of Dresden with the goal of creating a multi-material manufacturing head for more efficient micro 3D printing. During their research work, the HETEROMERGE team faced several challenges in micro- and nano-scale 3D printing. First, there are more limitations in this sub-millimeter range and, more importantly, it was difficult to process multiple materials by leveraging 2PP technology. The patented multi-material head is designed to counteract this problem by enabling perfect realignment after an automated material change. This technology opens up interesting fields of application in micro-optics, photonics, in medical device development as well as in tissue engineering and bioprinting. Find out more about HETEROMERGE in this interview.


Founded in 2018, Carcinotech was one of the most prominent 3D startups in 2023. It specialises in making tumours using 3D printing for cancer research. The team uses 3D bioprinting to create living tumours from biopsies, primary cells, immune cells and cancer stem cells from patients. After fabrication, the tumours grow and are ready for drug testing within a week. This enables fast, accurate and ethical drug screening, as results are available 14 days after the test. With its approach, Carcinotech aims to give millions of cancer patients access to innovative therapies. It is the only company using 3D printing to produce live tumours in order to obtain representative and meaningful data. Carcinotech’s founder shared a lot of interesting information with us in an extensive interview, which you can find HERE.

Photo Credits: Carcinotech


Balena addresses one of the fashion industry’s biggest problems: extending the useful life of products. Around 60% of today’s clothing is made of plastic, which is rarely recycled and ends up in the trash. To create sustainable fashion for the future, the Israeli company is developing compostable and biodegradable thermoplastic materials for this industry. The BioCir material can be used for injection molding or 3D printing and recycled at the end of its useful life. In this way, Balena aims to create a circular model for consumer goods, which is what led us to name them one of our innovative 3D startups from 2023. Want to know more about the company? Read the full interview HERE.

Créditos: Balena


The 3D printing of organs, muscles and tissues are the major goals of the medicine of the future. Bioprinting involves not only science but also industry. Currently, the main challenges lie in standardization, regulations and different material requirements. Each printing technology requires a different material in order to process it efficiently. The Belgian startup BIO INX has specialized in the development of bioinks for the various 3D bioprinting technologies. These inks are designed to mimic natural tissue as closely as possible without having to resort to animal testing. BIO INX wants to actively shape the field of biofabrication and contribute to the research of 3D printed tissues and organs. Find out more about BIO INX’s motivations and approaches in this interview.

Craft Health

Craft Health, a Singapore-based pharmaceutical startup, aims to address the issue of polypharmacy utilizing 3D printing technology. Polypharmacy, the act of using multiple medications concurrently, can cause undesirable interactions resulting in discomfort for patients. With the aid of 3D printing, Craft Health merges various active substances into one pill, enabling personalized medication. Furthermore, it allows for customization in dosage, form, colour, and taste. The medication’s release can also be immediate, continuous, or postponed. Craft Health anticipates that its technique will make medication intake easier for individuals and introduce new treatment methods. For a comprehensive interview with Craft Health, one of our leading 3D startups of 2023, click HERE.

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