Free Blender Models: 8 Best Sites & Their Coolest Files


Blender is an all-around 3D modeling tool, it’s used to create art, make film visuals, perfect videogame assets, and even make 3D printed models, and best of all, it’s completely free!

This all sounds very exciting, but for newcomers to Blender or 3D modeling in general, it can be overwhelming just how many possibilities are open to you when using this open-source software. Naturally, everyone needs a starting point, and that’s why we’re lucky to have a lot of resources for finding pre-made Blender models available for download online.

Table Of Contents
  1. CGTrader
  2. Sketchfab
  3. TurboSquid
  4. Free3D
  5. Smithsonian
  6. Blend Swap
  7. BlenderNation
  8. Blender Market

Because of how popular Blender is, there are many resources for finding files online, which can be just as overwhelming as starting something from scratch. But don’t worry, we’ve done all the searching for you, and here we’re going to show you the best sites to find Blender models to help you get used to the impressive software.

These models can then be tweaked, changed, and just generally tinkered with to give you a good idea of what you’re doing with Blender. So whether you’re making art, designing a videogame, or looking to model a figure for 3D printing, you’ll find everything you need in the places we’ll talk about today.

Doughnut Model

I’m also going to throw in a few of my personal favorites from each site to give you an idea of the kinds of Blender files you can find.

Keep in mind that many of these sites offer 3D models in multiple formats, but all of them can be used as Blender files too.


  • Link: CGTrader
  • File Types: .BLEND, .OBJ, .FBX, and many more
  • Ideal For: Videogame and AR/VR designers who need highly detailed models
Shadow Mewtwo Blender Model

CGTrader is a well known 3D modeling resource that includes plenty of different models and assets for a huge variety of uses.

Known primarily for its intricately detailed models, CGTrader is the go-to for videogame designers who need top-notch resolution and don’t mind occasionally forking over a fair amount for it. While also ideal for 3D printing, CGTrader is more of a general site for 3D models for a wider variety of uses, including use in Blender.

While not necessarily great for beginners, especially not those of you who are also on a budget, CGTrader is definitely a site to bookmark if you’re interested in 3D modeling.

Blender Model Mansion Interior

It’s a huge resource that’s growing every day, and has just about any kind of file you want from this incredibly detailed rendering of obscure legendary Pokémon Shadow Mewtwo, to entire room sets like this lifelike Modern Mansion.

As you can see, the assets are perfect for videogame modeling, especially if you have a focus on VR, but they can also be used as Blender files to toy with and use as you like. So even if they’re a little too complex for you right now, you’ll find plenty of use for these Blender models as you gain more experience.


  • Link: Sketchfab
  • File Types: .BLEND, .OBJ, .FBX, and many more
  • Ideal For: Those of you looking for a buy/sell marketplace and a great avenue for collaborative modeling projects
Spider-Man Blender Model

As soon as you load up Sketchfab, you’ll be greeted by exactly what you should expect from the sprawling online marketplace for 3D modeling, and that’s just the beginning. With Sketchfab you can not only find a huge library of Blender models and other 3D artworks, it’s perfect for collaborative projects as it makes file sharing a breeze without having to take up precious Dropbox space.

As well as buying or trading models on Sketchfab, you can also sell any of your creations. This is perfect for anyone with previous experience in 3D modeling who either wants to make money on the side, or use Blender as a free resource for setting up what could become a business selling 3D art.

If your passion is videogames, you’ll be happy to know that Sketchfab is a renowned resource for Blender files that are fully equipped for VR, making asset-finding and manipulating a breeze for the right price.

The Sketchfab community is bustling and active, meaning you’ll have no trouble building partnerships and sharing whatever you make or modify for use with your colleagues and peers.


  • Link: TurboSquid
  • File Types: .BLEND, .OBJ, .FBX, and more
  • Ideal For: Professionals and professional-grade projects

Speaking of using Blender for business use, TurboSquid is a great place to bookmark if you need professional-grade 3D models for everything from videogame development to architectural design and testing.

Not only suitable for professionals, TubrSquid also provides excellent further training in 3D modeling and use, making it a wonderful educational tool for anyone who isn’t yet quite as confident in their skills with Blender as they’d like.

TurboSquid is a very easy site to navigate. From the homepage you can find their top-listed categories like animals, architectural models, cars, and even anatomy. This means you’ll find exactly what you need in just a few simple clicks and even find inspiration where you maybe weren’t expecting any.

Blender Opera House

Each category features entire libraries of highly detailed, professionally made models for Blender and other 3D modeling software that are intricately detailed and amazingly lifelike, making it one of the most comprehensive libraries of Blender compatible models on the internet.

Be warned, though, that the more professional models do not come cheap. Many of them costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars each. So TurboSquid is not a site for dabblers, and should be used mainly as an investment for professionals like architects, filmmakers, and game designers with higher-than-indie budgets.

However, there are plenty of free Blender models available on TurboSquid too, though they won’t be of the kind of quality that the more professional-grade models offer.


  • Link: Free3D
  • File Types: .BLEND, .OBJ, .FBX, and many more
  • Ideal For: Finding a variety of designs on a budget
Blender Alien Model

If TurboSquid’s library was just too expensive, or you simply don’t need anything with lifelike visuals, then you might be more comfortable with Free3D. The name is something of a misnomer, as not all of the Blender files available are free, but they generally only cost between $1-30, so you’ll likely not break the bank even if you go for the more professional models on offer here.

That doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing too much quality however, as you can see in this impressive alien model, which just happens to be available free of charge!

Farmhouse Model

For toying around with architectural assets, this lovely farmhouse model is only $19, which is on the more expensive end of the priced Blender models available on Free3D. So even if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll still get some very useful Blender files even without opening your wallet too far.

And if you’re looking to exercise a little more creativity, or simple need some practice manipulating and altering 3D models for independent use, then I recommend going for this simple human base model, which is also free, to use as a good starting point for anyone new to Blender who needs some help learning how to customize simple 3D shapes.


  • Link: Smithsonian
  • File Types: Differs per entry, but mostly .OBJ
  • Ideal For: Blender models of pieces with historical and cultural significance
Armstrong Space Suit

Thanks to the advent and subsequent improvement of 3D scanning, Smithsonian has been able to upload many historically significant pieces found in museums as 3D models. These models are ready to be 3D printed, used as assets, studied, manipulated in Blender, or simply just be admired as any museum patron would do.

These models come scanned from many institutions including The Museum of Natural History, The National Air and Space Museum, and even The National Portrait Gallery. Any fan of history and culture who wants their own 3D models of some of the most significant relics and findings of human history will have a whale of a time looking through the free models on offer here.

Wright Plane Model Blender

These include 3D models of Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit, the 1903 Wright Flyer, and even this mammoth skeleton.

Be advised that some of these 3D models do come with usage restrictions, which you may not to check out before inadvertently landing yourself in hot water.

Blend Swap

  • Link: Blend Swap
  • File Types: .BLEND
  • Ideal For: Community-driven Blender file sharing and use
Bunny Market Stall

Blend Swap is a .BLEND exclusive resource for Blender models uploaded by users all over the world. As a community-driven space, it’s funded entirely by donations and subscriptions, which are optional if you happen to be pinching your pennies.

With a massive library split into 24 categories, you can easily find the kind of model you want. But the variety doesn’t stop there. As a community space, Blend Swap offers a huge host of different kinds of models from the minds of thousands of artists and designers.

This means you’ll find anything from the simple and expected to the whimsical and creative. It’s almost hard to believe that the same site where you can find this generic cartoon character is also home to something as adorably imaginative as this bunny market stall.

PPG Blender Models

There are even game engine and animation templates to use as creative and educational tools, making this a one-stop shop for Blender models regardless of your experience level.

It’s also an excellent place to go if you happen to be a dork like me, as you can find Blender models for The Powerpuff Girls, Kirby, Overwatch characters, Pokémon assets, and even Katz from Courage the Cowardly Dog (easily one of the most underrated villains in cartoon history in my opinion.)


The files available are all designed for use in Blender as standard, and each one comes free of charge. Though I do recommend donating, as it is individuals and users who keep sites like this open and available to everyone, which we all benefit from.


  • Link: BlenderNation
  • File Types: .BLEND, .OBJ, .FBX, and many more
  • Ideal For: Blender models, tutorials, and news
Blender Buildings

Another community-driven space for Blender modeling is BlenderNation. Unlike Blend Swap however, it acts as a news source for 3D modeling as well as a Blender file sharing site. If you’re looking to share your own creations, findings, or even just observations with the large community BlenderNation has cultivated, you’ll be happy to know that they’re always open for user submissions.

This makes BlenderNation the ideal place to be if you’re not only looking for Blender models for personal and professional use, but if you also want to get actively involved with, or even advertise yourself within, the larger 3D modeling community.

The link above goes to their homepage, which I’ve done because there is quite a lot of fun and educational videos and articles on the site which I recommend checking out if you’re interested in the wider world of Blender modeling or want to check out some helpful tutorials.

But if you’re simply looking to use BlenderNation for its impressive array of models and rigs, some of which are free, then you can check out their library instantly by following this link to their models and rigs section.

Blender Market

  • Link: Blender Market
  • File Types: .BLEND
  • Ideal For: Finding specific Blender files at specific price ranges

Blender Market is a globally-used independent market for Blender users who are looking to buy, sell, and share their creations around the world. It’s a streamlined site that lets you search for very specific models at any price range that suits your needs and budget.

The eclectic mix of models you can find vary in many ways, meaning you’re likely to find whatever you’re looking for quickly and efficiently, and you can even sell your own unique Blender models here too.

From texture packs like this realistic wooden surface set and this wide variety of plant and tree models to animation assets like model trains and even werewolves, you’re bound to find anything you need to use as you like.

Blender Werewolf Model

Many of the models cost money, and their prices vary depending on how expansive a texture or asset set you need. So even if you need to limit your expenses when looking for great Blender models, you’ll be sure to get whatever you need in this massive, crowd-sourced library available instantly.

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