Inkbit introduces the groundbreaking TEPU 50A Elastomer, an advanced 3D printing material that is highly resilient, offers UV stability, and demonstrates impressive chemical resistance.


Inkbit has recently made a significant breakthrough in the realm of additive manufacturing with the introduction of their TEPU 50A elastomer at Formnext 2023. This innovative material, which is based on a thiol-ene polyurethane, is characterized by its Shore 50A durometer, a measure of its hardness. It has been specifically designed to meet the demands of intricate components, offering a low compression set, superior UV stability, and a strong chemical compatibility.

According to the spokesperson from Inkbit, “TEPU 50A is our response to the market’s demand for a versatile elastomer with a medium hardness that doesn’t compromise on detail or durability.” This particular material stands out for its exceptional surface finish and elasticity, making it highly suitable for producing resilient yet elastic components with intricate geometries.

The TEPU 50A builds upon its predecessor, the TEPU 30A, and complements Inkbit’s growing Vista ecosystem. It provides a tailored solution for applications that require a medium-soft material with optimal sealing and compression characteristics. This material is a compelling alternative for the prototyping or replacement of soft rubber parts, silicones, and molded TPUs, especially when precision and fine features are critical. Its potential uses span across various applications such as grommets, window and door seals, soft grippers, and gaskets, showcasing its adaptability in creating soft elastic components for demanding purposes.

TEPU 50A has been specifically engineered to overcome the limitations of traditional molded or cast silicones and rubbers, offering an advanced solution for manufacturers in the automotive and various industrial sectors. The Co-Founder and CEO of Inkbit, Davide Marini, emphasizes the significance of this development, stating, “TEPU 50A is the result of years of research and development driven by our customers’ need for an alternative to molded or cast silicones and rubbers for prototyping and beyond.”

The thiol-ene polyurethane-based chemistry at the core of TEPU 50A enables the production of soft yet resilient elastomers that are not only UV stable but also boast excellent chemical compatibility. This material represents a substantial improvement over existing 3D printed elastomers, which often face challenges related to high viscosity, chemistry limitations, and printing difficulties, resulting in parts that degrade under UV exposure. However, Inkbit tackles these issues head-on with its proprietary Vision Control Jetting (VCJ) technology and a closed-loop feedback system that ensures consistent and high-quality printing.

TEPU 50A’s outstanding performance characteristics have been tailor-made to fulfill the requirements of applications that demand flexibility, effective sealing, and superior surface quality. The technical specifications of TEPU 50A highlight its competitive edge, including a low compression set, a medium-soft hardness, high flexibility, excellent cold resistance, minimal degradation after UV aging, and exceptional resistance to industrial chemicals.

These specifications not only guarantee longevity and performance but also ensure that TEPU 50A parts can withstand rigorous industrial use, reflecting the advancements and potential of additive manufacturing technologies.

In summary, Inkbit’s unveiling of the TEPU 50A elastomer at Formnext 2023 represents a significant stride in the additive manufacturing industry. This versatile material addresses the market’s demand for a medium-hardness elastomer that offers precision, durability, and intricate detail. With its exceptional performance characteristics and technological advancements, TEPU 50A showcases the potential of additive manufacturing in producing high-quality and durable components for various industries.

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