Innovative AI-Based 3D Printing Workflow Designed by Blind Man for the Vision-Impaired


A blind Reddit user with the username Mrblindguardian has devised a unique artificial intelligence (AI)-based workflow that enables him to design and 3D print personalized models from the ground up.

Mrblindguardian shared his approach on Reddit on 27 January, describing how he has made use of ChatGPT and Luma AI to construct 3D models employing text inputs and AI-generated image descriptions.

After a process of trial and error, which involved modifying his design in Luma based on the descriptions provided by ChatGPT, Mrblindguardian was able to successfully 3D print a distinctive one-winged dragon model using his Bambu Lab X1 3D printer.

The innovative 3D design method devised by Mrblindguardian has amassed considerable positive feedback from the maker community, garnering a total of 167 upvotes across two Reddit posts. The story has also been featured in an article.

“Can 3D printing and design be done completely on one’s own as a completely blind person? Yes, it can,” stated Mrblindguardian in the Reddit post. 

“This is my first completely own, independently designed 3D model of a dragon. Like me, it has a disability, it’s missing a wing. Created with many hours of work, my own imagination, ChatGPT and Luma AI,” added the self-described “blind man in 3D land.”  

The 3D printed dragon model. Photo via Mrblindguardian.

AI-based 3D modeling for the blind 

Mrblindguardian initially began his design procedure by jotting down his perception of a dragon’s appearance, supplementing his description with information sought from Google. He then utilized Luma AI, a generative designing tool backed by AI, to transform his textual inputs into a prototype 3D model.

To verify the accuracy of the Luma model, Mrblindguardian captured screenshots of the model, subsequently posting them on ChatGPT to procure descriptions. Based on these ensuing descriptions, he cautiously adjusted the design, continuing the iteration until the description from ChatGPT aligned perfectly with the intended design.

A stl format of the 3D model was then transferred into a user-friendly slicer compatible with screen readers, such as AstroPrint and Kiri:Moto. In the slicing phase, Mrblindguardian posted screenshots to ChatGPT, which detailed the visual elements on screen. With each modification of orientation or scaling of the model, a new screenshot was posted, which assisted Mrblindguardian in precisely adjusting his model in the slicer.

After attaining satisfaction with the outcome, the stl file was newly exported and forwarded to a comrade who could give it a visual once-over to ensure it is primed for 3D printing.

The finished file was subsequently uploaded into the 3D profiler’s slicer. Once the color was selected and the model sliced, the dragon model underwent 3D printing.

It’s acknowledged by Mrblindguardian that this procedure takes a significant amount of time, with the dragon model requiring several hours for slicing and 3D printing. Nevertheless, the method is effective and has allowed Mrblindguardian, who became blind at age two, to create a one-of-a-kind model from the ground up.

Mrblindguardian suggests that the process could be simplified if Bambu Lab’s slicer was more accessible.

Mrblindguardian expressed on Reddit, “If Bambu Lab could enhance the accessibility of their slicer, or at least improve it somewhat, it would be a huge assistance. At the moment, I’m juggling numerous different software due to varying accessibility concerns.”

Top view of the 3D printed dragon model. Photo via Mrblindguardian.

AI-powered design for 3D printing

Developments in AI are enabling novel processes for 3D design, making 3D printing more accessible to more people. 

London-based 3D printing software developer Ai Build’s AI-powered Talk to Ai Sync software allows users to generate 3D printing geometries from simple text inputs, such as “slice the part with 2mm layer height.”  

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“Why did the 3D printer go to therapy? Because it had too many layers of unresolved issues!”

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