Insourcing, prosthetics, and more are covered in the November 4, 2023, edition of 3D Printing News Briefs.


Title: Revolutionizing the 3D Printing Industry: Breakthroughs Unleashed


The 3D printing industry continues to witness groundbreaking developments that are set to reshape the manufacturing landscape. In this edition of 3D Printing News Briefs, we explore game-changing advancements from companies such as Nexa3D, Headmade Materials, Desktop Metal, FreeFORM Technologies, and 3D Systems. From enhanced prosthetics to advancements in male infertility treatment, let’s dive into the exciting world of 3D printing.

Nexa3D and Headmade Materials: Bridging the Gap in Metal SLS Capabilities

Ultrafast polymer 3D printing provider, Nexa3D, is on a mission to expand its metal selective laser sintering (SLS) capabilities. Partnering with Headmade Materials, Nexa3D will integrate Headmade’s sinter-based ColdMetalFusion process into its high-throughput QLS 3D printer lineup. ColdMetalFusion combines the best of polymer laser sintering and established powder metallurgy processes, offering new possibilities in metal parts production. This collaboration aims to remove productivity barriers, allowing customers to access a wider range of metal manufacturing solutions.

FreeFORM Technologies: A Leader in Metal Binder Jetting

Pennsylvania-based FreeFORM Technologies is making waves by operating a fleet of 25 Desktop Metal binder jet 3D printers. With the recent addition of a Production System P-50, equipped with Single Pass Jetting (SPJ) technology, FreeFORM now boasts the world’s largest fleet of Desktop Metal printers. The company’s accelerated growth and partnership with industrial metals processor and distributor Ryerson Holding Corporation have allowed them to produce over 350,000 parts for various industries. This investment showcases their commitment to employing additive manufacturing processes that offer cost efficiency and expedited market delivery.

3D Systems: Insourcing for Enhanced Control and Customer Satisfaction

In a strategic initiative, 3D Systems has taken the reins on production by insourcing the manufacturing of two key 3D printer platforms. With this move, the company gains control over the entire manufacturing process, resulting in improved quality control, faster product introductions, and decreased manufacturing cycle times. By manufacturing these printers in-house, 3D Systems can offer competitive pricing while meeting their customers’ evolving needs. This commitment to customer satisfaction is further bolstered by tailored printing process solutions and unparalleled customer support, solidifying 3D Systems’ position as a leader in additive manufacturing.

ELEGOO: Creating a Buzz at TCT Asia 2023

ELEGOO, a rising star in the global 3D printing arena, made a resounding debut at the recent TCT Asia 2023 exhibition held in Shanghai. The company showcased its latest products, including the OrangeStorm Giga, an industrial-grade FDM 3D printer, and the Jupiter SE resin printer. ELEGOO’s presence at the exhibition is a testament to their rapid growth and commitment to pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology.


As the 3D printing industry advances at an exhilarating pace, companies like Nexa3D, Headmade Materials, Desktop Metal, FreeFORM Technologies, and 3D Systems are at the forefront of innovative breakthroughs. From expanding metal additive manufacturing capabilities to insourcing production and introducing cutting-edge technologies, these companies are reshaping the future of manufacturing. With each new development, the possibilities of 3D printing become more expansive, revolutionizing industries and improving lives around the world.

The smart manufacturing industry is continuously evolving, with companies like ELEGOO leading the way in R&D, sales, and manufacturing of consumer-grade 3D printers and smart technology products. This year, ELEGOO showcased its innovative products at an annual event, offering attendees an immersive experience in professional 3D printing.

To enhance the exhibition experience, ELEGOO divided its booth into three distinct zones. In the Product Display Zone, the company proudly displayed its classic consumer-grade resin and FDM printers, including popular models like the Mars and Saturn series. However, the star of the show was undoubtedly the OrangeStorm Giga, a lightweight printer with an impressive 800 x 800 x 1000 mm print area, Klipper high-speed silent motherboard, unique extrusion design, and quick setup capabilities.

In the Printing Zone, visitors were given the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of 3D printing. Product engineers were on hand, ready to answer questions and provide guidance to those interested in learning more about this cutting-edge technology. It was a chance to witness the magic of 3D printing firsthand and understand its numerous applications in various industries.

Additionally, ELEGOO set up a zone dedicated to model showcasing. The company highlighted the wide-ranging applications of 3D printing, from jewelry design to educational models and even anime figurines. This zone served as a testament to the versatility of 3D printing technology and its ability to bring creativity to life.

On a different note, in Morgantown, West Virginia, the venture startup studio Intermed Labs is making significant strides in the field of healthcare. Led by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Tom McClellan, Intermed Labs focuses on developing real, workable devices that improve patient care. One of their notable projects is Fingy3D, a 3D-printed finger prosthetic that offers an affordable solution for patients in need.

With Fingy3D, patients can simply take a picture of their hand using a smartphone and send it to Intermed Labs. Using AI, the company analyzes the photograph and creates a digital file for 3D printing. This revolutionary approach eliminates the need for expensive molds and reduces the average cost of a prosthetic finger from $5,000 to just $300. Intermed Labs aims to make this accessible solution available to people worldwide, potentially revolutionizing the prosthetics industry and changing lives for the better.

In another part of the world, researchers from the University of Adelaide are leveraging 3D printing technology to improve in vitro fertilization (IVF). The team has developed a 3D-printed microdevice that streamlines the intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) procedure, the only available treatment for men with low sperm counts. Currently, the ICSI procedure requires delicate hands to align and inject eggs and sperm, which can be challenging and risky.

The 3D-printed microdevice, smaller than a pinhead, addresses this issue by securely holding individual eggs for the procedure. This innovative approach eliminates the need for precise manual alignment and reduces the risk of irreversible damage. With this microdevice, the ICSI procedure becomes more efficient and safer, potentially improving the success rates of IVF treatments.

These examples illustrate the incredible potential of 3D printing technology across various industries. From manufacturing and consumer products to healthcare and even fertility treatments, 3D printing continues to push boundaries and redefine what is possible. As companies and researchers delve deeper into this technology, we can expect even more exciting applications and breakthroughs in the future.

Hey there! Today, I want to share with you some exciting advancements in the field of 3D printing and bioprinting. These innovative techniques have the potential to revolutionize biomedical engineering and our understanding of the human body.

Let’s start with a groundbreaking development from the medtech company Fertilis. They have created a device that helps embryologists perform intricate procedures with more accuracy. This device, which has already gone through preclinical trials, not only streamlines the process but also eliminates the variability in success across different clinics and embryologists. With this new technology, embryologists can perform tasks like injecting embryos and culturing them all in one device, making the entire procedure more efficient and consistent. Lead researcher Dr. Kylie Dunning from the Robinson Research Institute believes that this device can be a game-changer in the world of assisted reproductive technology.

Moving on, scientists from Heidelberg University and Max Planck Institute for Medical Research have come up with a unique method for 3D printing using sound waves. Unlike traditional 3D printing, which builds objects layer by layer, this new technique assembles matter in one step by utilizing acoustic holograms to generate pressure fields. Through this method, gel and hydrogel beads, solid particles, and even biological cells can be precisely printed in three dimensions. The team was able to manipulate cells and particles suspended in water into complex 3D shapes using high-frequency ultrasound. This breakthrough not only opens up new possibilities for 3D cell culture techniques but also has potential applications in biomedical engineering.

Lastly, researchers from Monash University have made significant strides in the field of bioprinting by successfully printing bioinks containing living nerve cells. These printed neural networks closely resemble the way neurons grow and interact in the human brain. This breakthrough will enable scientists to study the formation and growth of nerves and nerve networks in a more realistic and accurate manner. Additionally, it allows for the screening of drugs and the investigation of how diseases can affect neurotransmission. The team’s use of tissue engineering and bioprinting techniques has resulted in the creation of living brain cell networks that exhibit spontaneous nerve-like activity, making them ideal for studying how our nervous system works.

These advancements in 3D printing and bioprinting are incredibly promising and have the potential to transform the way we approach biomedical research and healthcare. From improving the success rates of assisted reproductive technology to creating complex cellular structures and deepening our understanding of the human brain, these technologies hold immense potential for the future.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into these research findings, I encourage you to check out the original research papers by the respective teams. The possibilities for this technology are vast, and who knows what other groundbreaking discoveries lie ahead in this rapidly evolving field. Exciting times are definitely ahead!

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“Why did the 3D printer go to therapy? Because it had too many layers of unresolved issues!”

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