Japan’s 3D Printing Industry Hits a New Milestone: Solize Makes its Debut on the Tokyo Stock Exchange


In the dynamic landscape of Japan’s engineering and manufacturing sectors, Solize Corporation has emerged as a beacon of innovation, particularly in the realm of 3D printing technologies. On February 7, 2024, Solize marked a significant milestone in its corporate journey by completing its Initial Public Offering (IPO), a testament to its enduring commitment to technological advancement and sustainability. This event not only underscored the company’s financial growth but also its pivotal role in shaping the future of additive manufacturing (AM) across the globe.

[Image Courtesy: Solize]

Solize’s IPO Triumph

IPO Details

Solize’s foray into the public market was greatly anticipated and resulted in a substantial financial infusion, raising ¥1.462944 billion (around USD $9.8 million). The company set the price per share at ¥1470, offering 995,200 shares to the investing public. This strategic move aimed to accelerate Solize’s growth trajectory, fund research and development, and expand its global footprint in the 3D printing sector.

Market Debut Performance

The debut of Solize’s shares on the Tokyo Stock Exchange was spectacular. Opening at ¥2020, the shares surged ¥550 or 37.4% above the initial offering price, peaking at ¥2520. This impressive surge was maintained throughout the trading session, culminating in a limit-up level close. Such a robust market performance on the first day highlighted investor confidence in Solize’s business model, growth prospects, and its influential role in the engineering and innovation services sector.

The successful IPO and the enthusiastic market reception of Solize’s shares reflect the company’s solid foundation and promising future. As Solize steps into a new chapter, its financial strength, coupled with a pioneering spirit in 3D printing and engineering solutions, sets the stage for groundbreaking advancements and broader industry impact.

Pioneering 3D Printing Innovations

3D Printing Leadership of Solize

Over the past three decades, Solize has established itself as a forerunner in the 3D printing sector, introducing this transformative technology to Japan. With the most extensive collection of high-end 3D printers in the nation, Solize has not only kept pace with rapid advancements in AM technology but has also addressed the increasingly complex demands of its customers through innovative solutions. Its expertise encompasses the development of new materials and molding conditions, leading to the production of components that significantly reduce costs and improve manufacturing efficiencies.

The 2024 LEXUS LC500 includes an optional AT oil cooler duct made by SOLIZE using 3D printing, a first for Japan’s auto industry [Image Courtesy: Solize]

Strategic Collaborations and Projects

Solize’s impact on the automotive sector, in particular, has been profound, thanks to its strategic collaborations with industry giants. A notable partnership with HP Japan has led to the development of a consulting service that revolutionizes spare parts management for automotive and consumer electronics manufacturers. This collaboration utilizes HP 3D Printing Solutions to create supply parts directly, substantially reducing the costs and logistical complexities associated with traditional manufacturing methods.

Significant projects with Toyota and Nissan further demonstrated the company’s innovative approach. Solize leveraged HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology to produce an optional oil cooler duct for the LEXUS LC500 for Toyota, marking a significant milestone as this was the first 3D printed part recognized as an official optional part by a Japanese automobile manufacturer. For Nissan, Solize developed a plastic part for the harness protector of the R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R, showcasing the potential of sustainable production in the automotive industry.

Service Expansion

Beyond the automotive industry, Solize’s engineering services have expanded to cater to various sectors, including industrial devices, healthcare, and consumer goods. The company supports its clients, from selecting suitable parts to delivering finished products, employing HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers for a diverse range of applications. This versatility demonstrates Solize’s capability to adapt its 3D printing innovations to meet the specific needs of various industries.

This holistic approach to 3D printing, encompassing everything from prototyping to final product manufacturing, underscores Solize’s integral role in the ongoing manufacturing revolution in Japan and beyond. By dramatically reducing lead times for complex components from months to as little as a week, Solize showcases the transformative potential of 3D printing in modern manufacturing processes.

[Image Courtesy: Solize]


Financial and Market Impact

Following its successful IPO, Solize Corporation’s financial stability and growth prospects have been significantly bolstered, with a market capitalization of approximately ¥12.7 billion(roughly USD 85.1 million). The closing stock price settled at JP¥2.52k, indicative of the robust investor confidence in Solize’s future. The company recorded a commendable total revenue of JP¥17.83 billion(about USD 119.4 million), along with a net profit margin of 3.18% over the past twelve months. Projections indicate an anticipated annual growth rate of 8.49% in earnings. These figures underscore Solize’s financial health and adeptness at navigating the market dynamics, reinforcing its position as a leader in the engineering and innovation services sector, particularly within the 3D printing domain.


The journey of Solize Corporation, from its pioneering inception in the 3D printing industry to its recent IPO triumph, exemplifies a remarkable saga of innovation, strategic partnerships, and market leadership. The company’s significant financial achievements and robust market performance post-IPO underscore the investor confidence and market demand for cutting-edge 3D printing solutions. Solize’s strategic collaborations with giants like Toyota and Nissan, coupled with its expansive service offerings across various industries, highlight its integral role in advancing 3D printing technologies and its contributions to the manufacturing revolution from Japan.

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