Overview of Upcoming 3D Printing Webinars and Events: A Roundup for December 17, 2023


As the holiday season approaches, the 3D printing industry is seeing a decline in webinars and events. This might be the final roundup for the year 2023, but don’t worry, we’ll be back next year with a host of new opportunities. We still have a few events left to tell you about in this roundup, involving topics such as SOLIDWORKS and thermoplastics. Scroll down for the comprehensive details!

Unpeeling the 3D Printing News

Our Executive Editor, Joris Peels, in addition serves as the Vice President of Consulting at Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR). He organizes a newscast 1-2 times a week named ‘3D Printing News Unpeeled’ live at 9:30 AM EST on LinkedIn. In each episode, lasting 20 minutes or less, he discusses what he believes to be the week’s most crucial 3D printing news, explaining their significance. Some of these featured stories are ones we’ve reported on at 3DPrint.com, while others aren’t included on our site, but all are equally intriguing and impactful!

December 19: Augmentation of SOLIDWORKS with Design

On Tuesday, December 19th, at 1 pm EST, a webinar is being held by Dassault Systèmes titled “Enhance Your SOLIDWORKS with Next Gen Design”. 3D EXPERIENCE Works Industry Process Consultants, Gian Calise and Noah Zieff will guide participants through several applications designed to elevate their SOLIDWORKS designs. All webinar registrants can expect to receive a recording of the event.

Break beyond the constraints of traditional CAD and explore the possibilities with cloud-based tools designed for freeform, subdivision surfacing, parametric modelling and more. What’s more, everything you create can be seamlessly integrated with your existing SOLIDWORKS parts and assemblies.”

Registration for the webinar can be completed here.

December 20: Technical Communications with SOLIDWORKS

In its premier webinar this week, TriMech commences “Get to Know Technical Communications with SOLIDWORKS Software” at 10 am EST on the 20th of the month. Set to be taken by Ben Colley, a TriMech Solutions Consultant for Applications, the session will unravel three potent tools from SOLIDWORKS that lay the groundwork for the production of high-quality technical communications and visuals. SOLIDWORKS MBD facilitates creation of 3D annotations and dimensions for models and helps export them as eDrawings or 3D PDFs. Meanwhile, SOLIDWORKS Composer aids in generating interactive animations, illustrations, and exploded views for user manuals, promotional materials, and assembly manuals. Lastly, SOLIDWORKS Visualize is the tool responsible for conceptualizing photorealistic animations and renderings for products, portraying them under various lighting settings and environments.

“For those in pursuit of methods to develop distinct, precise, and engaging technical documents and graphics for their products, this webinar could be of great importance. Also, if your goal is to make your design-to-manufacturing process more efficient and decrease errors and expenses, then this webinar will surely help you understand the crucial aspects of technical communications with SOLIDWORKS!”

Individuals interested in the webinar can enroll here.

December 21: TriMech on Thermoplastics in Polymer AM

TriMech will also hold “Thermoplastics in Polymer Additive Manufacturing” at 10 am EST on Thursday, December 21st, presented by TriMech Hardware Applications Engineer Andrew Miller. Professionals and enthusiasts looking to gain further understanding into the changing landscape of thermoplastics in polymer AM will want to attend, and learn about the properties and classifications of key materials, as well as insights into and applications for specific ones like TPU, Ultem, ABS, and Nylon. Finally, Miller will explain the use of these thermoplastics in the healthcare, automotive, and aerospace industries.

“From the commonly used ABS and its variants to specialized materials like PEKK and Ultems, this webinar illuminates the versatility and practical relevance of these materials in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and healthcare. Discover how these thermoplastics are shaping the future of additive manufacturing, offering insights into their roles and benefits in modern industrial applications.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual and live events? Please let us know!

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“Why did the 3D printer go to therapy? Because it had too many layers of unresolved issues!”

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