The first 3D Printing Workshop to Launch AM Forward Florida is being hosted by ASTRO America.


Title: Accelerating Additive Manufacturing: ASTRO America Takes the Lead with AM Forward


Last weekend, a groundbreaking two-day additive manufacturing (AM) workshop took place at Florida State University’s (FSU’s) Panama City campus. The workshop, organized by the Applied Science & Technology Research Organization (ASTRO) America, marked the launch of the AM Forward Florida (AMF-FL) pilot program, in collaboration with the Biden administration’s AM Forward initiative. With the support of the National Science Foundation (NSF), ASTRO America aims to accelerate the standardization of AM for the US domestic economy. This blog post explores the significance of the workshop and highlights the potential impact of this ambitious initiative.

Encouraging Collaboration and Innovation:

ASTRO America’s President, Neal Orringer, emphasized the importance of cultivating a robust AM ecosystem to amplify growth in aerospace, defense, and 3D printing industries. The Panhandle in Panama City, with its favorable conditions, was chosen as the ideal location to foster the development of this ecosystem in Northern Florida. The workshop aimed to bring together stakeholders to identify challenges and devise a concrete plan to address them. Farrukh Alvi, the associate provost for innovation, research & entrepreneurship at FSU, highlighted the objective of attracting more resources to the region, thereby catalyzing its economic growth.

Keynote Address and Instruction Sessions:

The workshop featured a keynote address from Rich Perlman, senior director of Innoveering, a renowned company specializing in hypersonic R&D and acquired by GE Aerospace. Besides Perlman’s enlightening speech, instructional sessions covering various topics were conducted, including the translation of innovation to production and understanding market and supply chain requirements. These sessions provided participants with valuable insights and knowledge to drive AM development.

Future Workshops and Expanding the Initiative:

The success of the inaugural workshop has paved the way for two more upcoming workshops. The next workshop is scheduled to take place on November 17, 2023, co-hosted with the University of Central Florida in Orlando. This will be followed by another workshop scheduled for January 25-26, 2024, co-hosted with Florida International University in Miami. These events will continue to foster collaboration among universities, industries, and key stakeholders, propelling the growth of AM in Florida and beyond.

AM Forward’s Progress and Anticipated Developments:

Although updates on the AM Forward initiative have been relatively scarce, it is expected that the upcoming months will bring substantial advancements. Despite some delays due to bureaucratic processes, the groundwork has been laid, and notable progress can be observed through initiatives like ASTRO America. The successful demonstration of the pilot program will likely lead to expanded activities and investment in the AM industry.

Looking Ahead:

ASTRO America’s recent meeting with representatives from GE, Lockheed, the US Small Business Administration (SBA), and Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks suggests that further action is imminent. The discussion revolved around establishing an AM Forward-centered Small Business Investment Fund (SBIF), which aligns with the government’s commitment to fostering public-private partnerships. Based on the government funding cycle, additional developments can be anticipated by May 2024, further accelerating the advancement of the AM Forward initiative.


The recent AM workshop hosted by ASTRO America at FSU’s Panama City campus marked the launch of the AM Forward Florida pilot program, a significant step towards standardizing additive manufacturing in the US. Through this initiative, key stakeholders and universities collaborate to address challenges and seize opportunities in the AM ecosystem. With further workshops planned and the support of the NSF, AM Forward is poised to bring about transformative changes in the manufacturing industry. By staying updated on AM Forward’s progress, we can witness firsthand the impact this initiative will have on the future of 3D printing and related technologies.

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