The Top 33 Spooky 3D Printable Halloween Decorations


The spooky season is upon us, and whether you celebrate the old Irish traditions of Samhain, or the famously frightening customs of Halloween, you can’t deny that this is a month for getting spooky!

Decorating for this most horrifying of holidays has been a favored pastime of many households for decades, and now homes can really stand out by 3D printing Halloween decorations and touches to stand out as the spookiest on the block.

Here are some of our favorite 3D printed Halloween decorations to put a frightening flourish on your home this Halloween, with download links for you to print them yourself.

3D Print Halloween: the best decorations

3D printable Jack-O-Lanterns

What better place to begin than the symbol of Halloween itself? 3D printing jack-o-lanterns is a great way to bring your own spin to the icon. While fun, pumpkin carving can be tricky, time-consuming, and messy, and not everyone has the creativity or dexterity to realize their ideal look.

There are dozens of 3D printable jack-o-lantern models available online, some spooky, some funny, all great. Some designs even allow you to create your own designs or customizable snap-on faces. To fuel a few more nightmares before Christmas, you can even print that no-good-account Oogie Boogie to light up your porch on All Hallows’ Eve!

Oogie Boogie Jack-o-Lantern by Donaldplante here / Halloween Candle by tg92 here / Jack-O-Lantern by Gielgens here / Jackie Jack-O-Lantern by BirdBott here / Jack-O-Lantern with snap on faces by htjelmfelt here

Creepy Creatures

Halloween without its share of creepy crawlies is just no Halloween at all. Rubber bugs and cobwebs may still excite and entertain, but 3D printing brings the creeps to a whole new level with fully articulated giant spiders and huge, realistic bats.

As well as creepy creatures, skeletons and scarecrows are also available as 3D models. You can also find spooky silhouettes to hang on your windows or doors and scare passersby.

Articulated spider by McGybeer here / Giant bat by Crippled God Foundry here / Cute flexi skeleton by Flexifactory here / Spooky scarecrow by vsp4dutchb here

3D Print Halloween Wreathes

Possibly the newest trend on this list, Halloween wreaths are being seen hanging on doors all over. While you can 3D print Halloween wreaths in their entirety, you can also print your own designs to decorate your door hanger however you like.

Small pumpkin figures and ghosts, hanging bats, or 3D printed cobwebs with spiders can be used to show off a Halloween wreathe. Or, to add a touch of class, why not 3D print a Jack Skellington model to put a little fashion into the fright?

Halloween wreath by austin3dprinting here / Haunted mansion wreath skull by ShinyObjects here

3d printed halloween wreathes

3D printed Halloween costume accessories

Halloween means dressing up, and dressing up means costumes! With 3D printing accessories, any small touch to your desired outfit can be found, printed, and colored to fit whatever look you’re going for.

Whether you need a special glove to haunt nightmares on Elm Street, or put on Freddy Fazbear’s iconic top hat, 3D printing costume additions are an effective way to make a more authentic look without resorting to makeshift substitutions.

As well as these accessories, you can find models for 3D printed masks perfect for Friday the 13ths or yet another Michael Myers reincarnation.

Demon mask model here / Jason mask model here / Nightmare hand model here / Freddy Fazbear’s hat here

3d printed halloween costume accessories

Candle Holders

Halloween decorations aren’t just for outdoors, and there’s nothing like the warmth of a candle to warm up a cold autumn evening. By 3D printing tea light and candle holders, a touch of chill can be added to the flame.

These candleholders can be designed to project creepy shadows onto the walls and tables, or fashioned as lightboxes to cast ghost and demon shapes onto the surfaces. If you’re creative enough, these boxes can project any shape you want, including words, to provide a unique atmosphere for your home.

Ghosty halloween light box here / Flame candle holder here

3d printed candle holders

Candy Carriers

Trick or treater, guiser, or stay-at-home candy supplier, everyone needs a place to store their treats. While a bowl or candy dish will always do, 3D printing your own candy carrier can spice (or sweeten) up the age-old tradition.

Social distancing may make door-to-door candy collection difficult, but that doesn’t mean we have to go without treats. 3D printable candy carriers in all spooky and whacky shapes can be found to leave outside your door for neighborhood kids to enjoy, so long as they don’t mind taking treats from a spider’s web.

Spiders web bowl here / Skully bowl here / Halloween jack-o-lantern treat basket here

3d printed halloween candy carriers

Speaking of treats, why not bake your own? Cookie cutters are available to 3D print in any shape to suit your costume or Halloween aesthetic. The ease in making these shapes mean you can print a wide variety of characters and creatures to turn into tasty treats for yourself or your candy dish.

As well as creepers and freakers, 3D printed cookie cutters can be made to match anything. From superheroes to cartoon characters, you can bake anything into a Halloween treat by printing your own favorites at home.

Also check out our article of 50+ 3D printable cookie cutters in all styles and shapes

Halloween pumpkin cookie cutter here / Nightmare before christmas cookie cutter here / Halloween cookie cutter set here / Yoda cookie cutter here

3d printed halloween cookie cutters

Glow in the Dark Halloween 3D printables

Halloween is a dark time in many ways, but that doesn’t mean your decorations need to be in the dark too. Glow in the dark decorations have been a staple in homes and bedrooms for a long time.

Using glow-in-the-dark materials to make 3D printed Halloween decorations, you can add a ghoulish glow to your darker corners. From creepy skeletons and ghosts to words and pictures, if you’re creative enough you can make your own additions to match your tastes.

Happy halloween glow in the dark sign here / Glow in the dark ghost here

glow in the dark 3d printed halloween decorations

Toothpick Holders

3D printed Halloween decorations doesn’t stop at things to look at. Like any festive time, hors d’oevres are a must, and what better way to spook up your nibbles than with scary toothpick holders?

While hedgehogs and cacti are always popular choices, 3D printed toothpick holders can come in forms more appropriate for Halloween. 3D printed skulls with holes make for a creepy Hellraiser vibe, while cat models make for cool dispensers.

If you’re wanting your creepy decorations to be more subtle, there’s also an eerie smiling face toothpick box to make eating tasty snacks just that little bit more festively unsettling.

Picado toothpick holder here / Magic toothpick dispenser here / Skull toothpick holder here / Toothpick box here

toothpick holders

Straw Monsters

It’s not just food that can be spooked up, but drinks too! 3D printed Halloween models for straw holders can be found for you to print at home, many of them designed to cleverly fit onto a glass rim to hold the straw in place, which is especially good news for soda fans.

These models can come in many shapes, including pumpkins, skeletons, and ghosts to add a different kind of twist to your beverage of choice.

Halloween straw pumpkin here / Straw skull here / Straw ghosty here

3d printed halloween straw accessories


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