Unveiling Fabbaloo’s Unusual E-Mails: From Alien Influencers to 3D Printed Divorces


[Source: Fabbaloo / LAI]

Once again, it’s time to unload our mailbag with the most outrageous messages received in the past few months for your reading pleasure.

We receive an ungodly amount of unsolicited email from many parties. Some send us reasonable press releases in hope we will write about them, while others ask questions. But sometimes there are strange, unusual and occasionally totally insane messages received.

These deserve answers, and that’s what we’re doing today.

Please note that these are ACTUAL messages sent to us by parties (sometimes) unknown. We are not making this up.

Respectful Greetings!

“Respectful greetings and best wishes. Companies have shown data that objectives of the technology department and objectives of the overall business have become completely indistinguishable. This is impacting all industries and organizations of all sizes.”

That’s probably true, but what do you want from us?

3D Print Divorce

“Hi! My name is [REDACTED]. I am a digital marketing manager at onlinedivorcer.com, an online divorce service that has been in the industry for the last 12 years. Right now, we are working on a blog that will help people to collect divorce forms for their cases. I like the content that you create on your fabbaloo.com! I saw that you are accepting guest post contributions, and I thought that I could add value to your website with my submission. I can write a fully customized, well-researched post for your website.”

Could it be that 3D printers cause divorces? I have a suspicion this may actually be true in some cases. “Sorry Honey, we have to wait until this print finishes…”

Alien Influencer

Source: Fabbaloo / D3

For immediate release

‘I had experiences with aliens’, says [REDACTED] after supernatural trip to Bosnia

‘The Bosnian pyramid doesn’t even look earthly’, declares influencer. The mysterious place is known for extraterrestrial affairs and was recently mentioned by tennis player [REDACTED]


I’m particularly interested in the images for this mysterious place, and wondering why there is so much alien interest in tennis. Haven’t they heard of football or baseball?

Fabbaloo Athletics

[Source: Fabbaloo / D3]

Hey Fabbaloo

How are you?
I work for [REDACTED SUPPLEMENT COMPANY] and we’d love to bring you on board as an official athlete. This would include free supplements, weekly pay, exposure through our Instagram account, etc. We reached out because we love the content you’re putting out. We found your post on our explore page.

We’ve never had ambitions to be an official athlete, so this could be our big opportunity. Normally there is little physical activity around here, aside from near-constant typing, so it’s quite surprising you feel we have notable athletic capabilities.

We’ll take the weekly pay, however.

Cheap Chipping

”friend We distribute all tools made of stainless steel which is of Japan quality. We guarantee our tools for one year.

And we will print your company logo on the tools and tools packing which will be free and you will get the price of the tools and we will give you the cheap chipping cost through your contact.

I am sale tools so good wey

friend, I sell tools, I have done advertising in this chat but you said good to me no next send any tools in chat”

So much confusing. We will get the tools printed with our logo, shipped in chat? With no chipping charge?

But will there be chips? We like chips.

I Really Want a Shredder

“Dear Sir/Ma’am, Good Morning.

We have an active project where we require your assistance.

Attached are the specifications for “GP20 Shredder (West Point NY [XXXXX])” & we need your quote by C.O.B. on 09-5-2023.

Kindly let us know if you would be participating on this project.”

“We are value added reseller to Federal Gov. Of United State and this is request for quote for the 3DEVO’s New Smart GP20 Hybrid Plastic Shredder (QTY:1).

Please provide the detail quote with any tax and shipping terms.”

“System must be 3devo GP20 hybrid shredder QTY: 1.
System must have 14 blades,
smart control and material specific settings.
Must have an internal default filter screen of 3.5mm.
System must include: shredder, granulator, trolley, hopper, container, power cables, USB cable and hopper cable.
System must also include safety cable and machine link cable.
System must use US standard power 120V and 60hz.
and include shipping charges.”

How much do you want that shredder after three separate message? Fourteen blades, that’s how much!


”Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?

There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content.
Please let me know. Cheers”

Is MySpace still a thing? It turns out, it is still active, but searches for 3D printing show only dead pages. Is this a time warped message from 2007? Desktop 3D printers did not exist then.

Well Researched

“I want to publish my well researched article on your site:


Hope you are Fine”


Fabbaloo’s P45 3D Printer

[Source: Fabbaloo / D3]

[REDACTED]@gmail.com asks ” kindly send me tech. lit. on P45 PRINTER DEVELOPED BY YOU “

I see you read our recent story on SinterJet’s new P45 precious metal 3D printer. It does indeed print coins, jewelry and other valuables — but, and this is really important — you must supply YOUR OWN GOLD and SILVER. Also WE DID NOT DEVELOP THE PRINTER.

Need Email Address!


I am looking for a direct email address for Kerry Stevenson the Founder/Editor, for Fabbaloo.

Please could you inform me of the best way to reach Kerry Stevenson with news releases?

Many thanks,

No problem, except for one thing: you sent this email TO MY DIRECT EMAIL ADDRESS.

Original source


“Why did the 3D printer go to therapy? Because it had too many layers of unresolved issues!”

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