Unveiling Revopoint’s Latest Innovation: The RANGE 2 3D Scanner – Technical Specifications and Pricing Details Revealed


3D scanner manufacturer Revopoint has announced the latest addition to its portfolio, the Revopoint RANGE 2 3D scanner.

Revopoint is a global leader in consumer-based 3D scanning technology designed to make 3D scanning accessible to people everywhere. Over the last few years, Revopoint launched innovative products like the POP series, MINI, RANGE, INSPIRE, and MIRACO 3D scanners, garnering support from almost 30,000 backers through Kickstarter campaigns.

Optimized for large object 3D capture, the Revopoint RANGE 2 boasts a new exterior design and a host of improvements aimed at enhancing 3D scanning results and user modeling experiences. Priced at $729, the package includes the RANGE 2 3D Scanner, tripod, USB Type-A to C cable, USB Type-C adapter, phone holder, 2-in-1 mobile cable, power bank handle, quick release plate + screwdriver, magic mat, markers, and a carrying case.

Precision scanning with extended capture and advanced tracking

The Revopoint RANGE 2 excels in high precision, achieving rapid 3D model creation with perfect accuracy. It scans at 16fps and has a single-frame precision of 0.1 mm, this 3D scanner assures detailed 3D representations. Its larger capture capabilities, driven by doubling the sensor size in depth cameras, provides a 60% increase in the working distance (400 mm to 1300 mm) and an extensive capture range of 860 x 1380 mm. This feature speeds up surface data capture, catering to applications like reverse engineering, healthcare, quality control, and others with increased efficiency.

Scan of the Garden of Villa Sciarra by Revopoint RANGE 2. Via Dfodaro.

Improved tracking is attained through a 9-axis IMU’s motion data, enhancing frame stitching and removing incorrect frames caused by quick movements. Furthermore, the addition of 4 infrared LED fill lights greatly improves marker point detection for simplified calibration and more precise and stable frame stitching. The upgraded color scans of the RANGE 2, with the addition of 4 Flash LEDs and a higher megapixel RGB camera, result in improved color capture for enhanced textures and more realistic-looking models.

Scan of the body by Revopoint RANGE 2. Image via PUTV. 

Streamlined connectivity for versatile 3D scanning

Connectivity options have been revamped with the inclusion of Wi-Fi 6 for faster, lower latency mobile scanning and USB Type-C for plug-and-play PC connections. The visual indicators on the device provide users with information about the device’s connection and operating status, contributing to better control and management of the user experience.

The versatile and lightweight Revopoint RANGE 2 seamlessly integrates with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, making it adaptable to various workflows. Functioning as both a handheld and turntable 3D scanner, it offers users flexibility in capturing precise models. Its wide-ranging applications include manufacturing, historical preservation, art, healthcare, entertainment, and fashion design. Paired with the powerful free software Revo Scan 5, it stands as a valuable tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike, says the company.

3D scanning a jetski. Photo via Revopoint.

Technical specifications of the Revopoint RANGE 2 3D scanner

For additional information on the Revopoint RANGE 2 3D scanner, visit the product page or check out Revopoint’s social media profiles here.

Product name Revopoint RANGE 2 3D scanner
CPU 2 core, 1.8 GHz Scanning Environment Indoors and Outdoors
Single-frame precision, up to 0.1 mm Textured Scans Yes
Single-frame accuracy, up to 0.3 mm Physical buttons Yes, 3 buttons
Single Capture Range@nearest Distance 220 x 425 @400 mm Infrared LEDs Yes, 4 LEDs
Single Capture Range@furthest Distance 860 x 1380 @1300 mm White Flash LEDs Yes, 4 LEDs
Working Distance 400 – 1300 mm LED Indicators Yes, 2
Fused Point Distance, up to 0.1 mm Compatible Systems Windows 1011(64-bit), Android, iOS, macOS
Minimum Scan Volume 50 x 50 x 50 mm Minimum Computer Requirements Intel i5, 8 GB RAM
Scanning Speed, up to 16 fps Recommended ComputerRequirements Intel i7, 16GB RAM or better
Light Source Class 1 Infrared Light Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 6
Depth Camera Resolution, up to 2 Megapixels Bluetooth 4.1
RGB Camera Resolution, up to 2 Megapixels Connector USB Type-C
Position Sensors 9-axis IMU Power Requirements DC 5V, 1A
Computing Chip Depth Map Computing Battery External
Alignment Feature and Marker Scanner Weight 253 g
Dimensions(L x W x H) 240 x 43 x 46mm Special Object Scanning Use scanning spray for transparent, dark,or highly reflective objects.
User Recalibration Yes Optional Accessories Large Turntable, Dual-axis Turntable
Note: 1. Precision is how close repeated measurements of the same object are to each other. Accuracy is how close a measured value is to the actual (true) value. They were both acquired in a controlled lab environment. Actual results might vary, subject to the operation environment.
2. Class 1 Laser: Avoid direct eye exposure for extended periods! Refer to Standards for Class 1 Lasers for details.
3. Avoid direct sunlight when scanning outdoors.
4. Warning: This product has flashing lights, which may not be suitable for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

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