Zaxe, a company based in Turkey, has received a $2M investment to speed up its worldwide expansion in the field of 3D printing.


Zaxe, a Turkish company specializing in 3D printing technology, has recently secured a $2 million investment round. The funding was led by the Regional Development Fund, which operates under the umbrella of PCP Technology Opportunities Fund and Türkiye Development Fund, both prominent Turkish private equity firms. Existing investors such as the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and Turkish venture capital firm Omurga Technology Fund also participated in the round.

Since its establishment in 2015, Zaxe has been dedicated to revolutionizing traditional production methods in Turkey through the use of advanced 3D printing technologies. The company’s goal is to simplify and accelerate the production process, and this latest investment will further support its ambition to become a leading player in the global 3D printing market.

Zaxe is known for its high-speed printing capability, AI-based technologies, and plug-and-play designs. The company has expanded its reach to over 15 countries, including Europe and North America. It offers a comprehensive ecosystem, comprising hardware, software, and materials, for various applications in additive manufacturing.

The founders of Zaxe, Baki Gezgen and Aydonat Atasever, expressed their vision for the company, stating, “With this new investment, we aim to become one of the significant players in the global market and continue making production simpler and faster, independent of traditional manufacturing methods.”

One of Zaxe’s unique selling points is its focus on user experience. The company provides an ecosystem that includes hardware, software, and materials, all of which are developed in-house. This comprehensive approach ensures fast, scalable, and repeatable manufacturing solutions for different industries. Additionally, Zaxe’s ecosystem enables compatibility with popular software such as Paint 3D, making it easier for institutions and individuals to model and print designs.

In September 2021, Zaxe announced that it had achieved its targeted growth rate in the domestic market of Turkey and planned to introduce multiple new hardware and software products to the additive manufacturing sector.

Before the recent investment round, Zaxe had already raised a total of $1.6 million through three previous investment rounds. The company’s initial seed round in February 2015 secured an investment of $250,000, followed by a Series A round in December 2016, raising $37,247. Another seed round in October 2020 brought in $298,000.

With this latest funding, Zaxe is well-positioned to expand its global footprint and drive innovation in the 3D printing industry, ultimately making additive manufacturing more accessible and versatile across various sectors.

While Zaxe is thriving in the 3D printing industry, it is interesting to examine the broader context of the industry in Turkey. Currently, Turkey has over 30 3D printing startups, indicating a gradual growth of the 3D printing market in the country. However, Turkey’s 3D printing industry is still developing at a slower pace compared to global leaders such as the United States, Germany, and China.

Nevertheless, 3D printing technology is increasingly being adopted in Turkey’s traditional manufacturing sectors, offering advantages such as faster prototyping and low-volume production solutions. The construction sector in Turkey, in particular, has shown interest in leveraging 3D printing for low-cost housing solutions.

However, the 3D printing market in Turkey faces challenges such as high material and machine costs, limited expertise, and limited local production capabilities. These obstacles can potentially be overcome through increased investment, government support, and educational programs tailored to the industry.

As 3D printing becomes more cost-effective and expertise in the field grows, the technology is poised for broader adoption across various sectors in Turkey.

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