10 3D Printed Guitars You Can Download & Print At Home


Guitars are the first thing many people think of when they hear the words ‘musical instrument.’ While any music fan can go out and buy one that can already be found in thousands of homes, a lot of people have taken their hobby to the next level using 3D printing technology.

Guitar players will tell you that a song is more satisfying to play on an instrument you’ve made yourself, so 3D printing guitars has increased in both popularity and function in recent years from designers all over the world.

Guitars are complicated instruments, so they’re more than a simple click and print process and can be pretty hard to get right even with the new and advanced technology of 3D printing.

Many designers have shared their cool and unique creations online, many of which come with detailed information on where to buy all the parts and electronics that can’t be easily 3D printed. But even with these instructions, you should expect to put in some hard work if you want to create something that looks and sounds exactly the way you want it to.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the coolest looking and sounding 3D printed guitars, pics, and accessories available online, most of which are free!

There are plenty of awesome guitar models out there, but we were sure to omit any that lacked instructions along with their files so these examples should be accessible to anyone with a 3D printer in their home and music in their heart.

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Table Of Contents
  1. The Electric Guitar Project – Amazing Electric 3D Printed Guitar
  2. The Geartar – 3D printed guitar with gears
  3. The AMGP – The Thing of the Week!
  4. The Giger Guitar – Out of This World
  5. The Black Widow – Deadly Licks
  6. The Compact Bass
  7. Playable Mini Guitars
  8. How Much Does a 3D Printed Guitar Cost?
  9. 3D Printed Guitar Accessories
    • 3D Printed Guitar Stands
    • Guitar Mounts
    • 3D Printed Guitar Picks

The Electric Guitar Project – Amazing Electric 3D Printed Guitar

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: THE3DPRINTZONE
  • Price: $39.00
3D Printed Electric Guitar Projects

This design, simply titled ‘Electric Guitar Project’, comes courtesy of a user who claims to be passionate about two things: 3D printing and music. Which in the world of 3D printing guitars, means it’s bound to be of good quality.

The Electric Guitar project is a fully playable 3D printed guitar with one of the coolest designs around. The classic Les Paul shape combined with the minimalist body makes for one cool looking 3D printed guitar you can really play!

After much trial and error in desinging and printing, the designer was pleased enough to upload all files and information on what they created for free, so anyone can 3D print this guitar themselves. If you don’t believe us, check out the video above to hear the sounds it can produce.

Along with the files found here are links to the extra pieces such as string sets and an output jack to ensure you have all the components you need to achieve the look you want. Many of these come with video tutorials so you can be as confident as possible when 3D printing this guitar yourself.

The Geartar – 3D printed guitar with gears

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: hugoarchicad
  • Price: Free

One look at the aptly named Geartar, and you’ll have trouble believing it came from a joke request from the designer’s friend.

The shape was copied from the designer’s neglected guitar, and reworked to fit small, battery-powered gears that look really funky when locked into the right position.

Alongside the files for this guitar are in-depth guidelines from the designer, including sizes and infill recommendations. As the Geartar was printed using a 1:1 scale of a store-bought model, you can adjust it to be just about any size.

When it comes to 3D printed guitars, the fewer parts the better, but the designer of the Geartar explains that smaller 3D printers can handle this project as long as post-print assembly process is done carefully.

All files and instructions for both the Geartar are available for free here, and the gears (which were taken from a different design), can also be downloaded free of charge.

The AMGP – The Thing of the Week!

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: RoyToreHofstad
  • Price: Free
Electric Guitar

The AMGP (or Adapter Modular Guitar Pro) is a guitar made for both guitar aficionados and ‘wannabes’ who are looking for an old school, but no less cool, rock guitar with built in, replaceable pic holster.

This 3D printable guitar is a popular choice for anyone wanting to put their own spin on an old look.

While the instructions and files can be found for free on Thingiverse, the designer recommends going here to ensure the files are as up to date as possible.

The Giger Guitar – Out of This World

  • Download: MyMiniFactory
  • Designer: Francesco Orrù (@4theswarm)
  • Price: Free
Giger Guitar

The works of H.R. Giger are recognizable to many at first glance. Their dark, twisted shapes and chaotic tone have inspired many artists, but his work is perhaps best known through the Xenomorph of the classic sci-fi horror ‘Alien.’

Musical instruments weren’t to be left out of his influence, thanks to the designer of the Giger Guitar, a 3D printed guitar with Giger’s work (most prominently the alien herself). Any fan of Giger or Ridley Scott’s immensely popular film will definitely want to add this guitar to their 3D print list.

With the files found here, simply follow the laid-out instructions and gather the extra hardware you’ll need, and you’ll have your own 3D printed guitar that’s sure to turn a few heads. The user comments alongside these files show overwhelmingly positive results in both look and playability.

The Black Widow – Deadly Licks

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: TechSupportGo
  • Price: Free
3D Printed Guitar Black Widow

Few guitars, let alone 3D printed guitars, look as cool as The Black Widow. From its meshed design to its light weight, it is without a doubt one of the most attractive guitars available for 3D printing, and the designer has been gracious enough to make the files available for free!

The Black Widow is created using simple plastic PLA filament, and has relatively easy post-printing assembly. This makes it an ideal first model that’s far less complicated than it looks, so any 3D printing enthusiast regardless of skill level should be in a good position to give this one a go.

With just a few purchased add-ons, The Black Widow makes an attractive, elegant, and extremely metal guitar!

Black Widow 2

The Black Widow 3D printed guitar even sounded and looked nice enough that made it onto not only our list of the coolest 3D printed musical instruments, but even our top picks for all the Coolest Things to 3D Print!

The Compact Bass

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: Epiccraftful
  • Price: Free
Compact Bass

Bass guitars may be the definition of cool in the world of music, but they are known for being larger and heavier than most other kinds of guitar. And so one designer decided to create this 3D printed compact bass guitar that’s even been played in live music gigs!

Like the other guitars on this list, the files are completely free and come with assembly instructions and necessary add-ons to turn this design into a working 3D printed instrument without using too much elbow grease in the process.

They do suggest caution, however, as this 3D printable guitar’s pickup wire has proven to be fragile.

Playable Mini Guitars

Mini Guitar 2

Something on an honorable mention on this list are these low technology mini guitars that are still perfectly tunable and playable with nothing more than a few rubber bands.

By adjusting the tension on these miniatures, you can change the pitch of the tune played. With enough practice (and some finger strength) you’ll be able to string out a basic song, strum the little strings to produce a relaxing noise, or tinker and toy away to see what tunes you can play.

Mini Guitar 1

While not ‘guitars’ per se, these 3D printed mini guitars are great for musically-inclined fidgeters.

How Much Does a 3D Printed Guitar Cost?

3D printing a guitar can be a lengthy project but it doesn’t need to be particularly expensive, as creating your own is often cheaper than buying one. Simpler designs with basic parts should only cost around $50 in materials and hardware. But if you’re planning on making something more intricate or otherwise overly complicated, then that cost will go up.

Depending on your chosen shape and necessary materials, as well as all the components you’ll need to build a complete and fully playable guitar, which could include the neck, body, bridge, and additional parts like strings, you should expect to spend anywhere from $75 – $200 for a complete instrument.

3D Printed Guitar Accessories

Every guitar needs a place to live. For many, this is as simple as buying a case, but for something as special as any one of the 3D printed guitars we’ve seen in this article, you’re going to want a stand or a mount to make sure it’s in view.

Fortunately, they can also be 3D printed!

Or, why not make your own 3D printed guitar pick to complete the collection and make each future strum that much more your own? While arguably non essential hardware, they’re great prints for any music lover.

There are plenty of 3D printed guitar stands, mounts, picks, and add-ons to choose from designers all over the world that you can combine with different filaments or paint to match your axe, here we’ll look at some of our favorites.

3D Printed Guitar Stands

Guitar stands are simple structures that keep your guitar stood upright for easy access and even to double as a part of a room’s décor.

This design is a simple print-and-place 3D printed guitar stand for electric guitars that don’t fit comfortably in normal stands, and you can even adjust it depending on your instrument’s size.

3D Printed Guitar Stand Small

Acoustic guitar owners may also like this 3D printed guitar stand with a wider base and secure back rest to ensure the instrument’s heft doesn’t exclude it from blending in with the rest of your decor when not in use.

Guitar Mounts

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: Jewcookie
  • Price: Free

Whether trying to save space or just prefer the look, 3D printed guitar wall mounts are a cool way to display your instrument in style.

Whether 3D printed or not, a guitar’s wall mount needs to be sturdy and strong. This design for a wall bracket comfortably holds an instrument of 4kg (about 8.8lbs), and can hold a variety of guitars in different sizes as long as they have mounting holes.

Guitar Wall Mount

For a more whimsical look, this Incredible Hulk wall mount is adjustable to wall mount that can hold just about anything, including guitars.

3D Printed Guitar Picks

Queen of Hearts Picks

What guitar player doesn’t want a personal pick to go with their instrument? 3D printed guitar picks are simple, customizable, and always add a personal touch to your sessions.

From this simple design for a standard guitar pick, to this pick complete with spider engraving, 3D printed guitar picks come with a particular advantage compared to store-bought ones, as you can craft them in any color, size, and thickness to perfectly match you and your guitar body.

For something more creative, these Queen of Hearts guitar picks are beautiful multicolored designs that easily stand out. Their design also allows for the picks to be worn as necklaces or charms which not only looks cool, but also makes them difficult to lose.

3D PRinted Guitar Pick Stands

Speaking of, guitar picks are notorious for vanishing into thin air. It’s not uncommon to carry spares or wearable ones to ensure they stay on you and in sight in case you need to bust out and play an impromptu tune, but another way is to make your own 3D printed guitar pick holders.

These holders range from small boxes like the one found , to this creative design for a 3D printed guitar pick stand that looks like an actual guitar!


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