15 Best 3D Printed Laptop Stands & Download Links 2023

Table Of Contents
  1. 3D Printed Laptop Stands – Full Round-Up
  2. Mini Portable Laptop Stand
  3. The Raise/Lower Stand
  4. Voronoi Stand
  5. Universal Laptop Stand
  6. Docking Laptop Stand
  7. Minimalist Laptop Stand for External Device Use
  8. Puzzle Together Laptop Stand
  9. Floating Laptop Stand
  10. Gaming Laptop Stand
  11. Adjustable Ergonomic 3D Printed Laptop Stand
  12. Standing Desk Laptop Stand
  13. Honorable Mentions
    • Lenovo Yoga 15’’
    • Laptop Arcade Dock
    • Laptop Stand for Deskless Use
  14. 3D Printed MacBook Stand
  15. Why Use a 3D Printed Laptop Stand?
    • What’s the best filament for a laptop stand?
    • How much does it cost to 3D print a laptop stand?
    • How much time does it take to 3D print a laptop stand?

3D printing a laptop stand for use during work or play has plenty of benefits for comfort, health, and productivity.

3D printed laptop stands are often adjustable, and because they’re designed to be both lightweight and sturdy, they’re an ideal accessory for anyone who spends a lot of time on their device.

Here we’re going to look at why 3D printed laptop stands are a good idea, as well as some of the best, coolest, and most practical STL files to download today.

3D Printed Laptop Stands – Full Round-Up

  • Mini Foldable Laptop Stand
  • Universal Laptop Stand
  • Docking Laptop Stand
  • Puzzle Together Laptop Stand
  • Floating Laptop Stand
  • Gaming Laptop Stand
  • Adjustable Ergonomic 3D Printed Laptop Stand
  • Lenovo Yoga 15’’
  • Laptop Arcade Dock
  • Laptop Stand for Deskless Use

Mini Portable Laptop Stand

  • Download: CGTrader
  • Designer: siddhantverlekar
  • Price: $3.00
Mini Foldable Laptop Stand

If your number one concern is portability, then this is the laptop stand for you.

The stands are simple and small, and even pocketable, which is perfect for those of you who need to bring your laptop everywhere you go. 

These stands are compatible with any laptop from 11 to 17 inches, which includes most notebooks, Macbooks, HP and Dell laptops. Though you can adjust the size in your slicer software to fit different devices should you need to.

However, the small size of these stands does mean that they’re mainly designed to increase cooling fan efficiency rather than help with comfortable sitting.

The Raise/Lower Stand

  • Download: Printables
  • Designer: clarke
  • Price: Free
Raise/Lower 3D Printed Laptop Stand

This simple 3D printed laptop stand is designed to be raised or lowered depending on your work surface and chair height, making sure you’re putting as little strain on your body as possible and helping you stay comfortable while you work.

Designed with optional fan performance in mind, this stand requires at least 4 M2.5 screws for sturdy assembly.

Voronoi Stand

  • Download: Printables
  • Designer: The3Designer
  • Price: Free
Voronoi Easy Laptop Stand

This sturdy laptop stand takes a minimalist approach without sacrificing function or sturdiness. If printed with 30% infill, it will prove to be a strong and reliable stand for any device.

The standard size of these files is designed for 15’’ laptops like the HP Victus or Acer Aspire 5. Though using some simple slicing software, you’ll have no trouble adjusting the width to suit your device.

This stand can be 3D printed with any filament, though the designer recommends using something with higher heat resistance than PLA (PETG, for example) if your laptop tends to run hot.

Universal Laptop Stand

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: MynhardtSaayman
  • Price: Free
Universal Laptop Stand

This design for a straightforward universal laptop doesn’t require supports or rafts, making it a simple project anyone can print.

Its a lightweight and easy to assemble and fold on the go, though it does mean that heavier devices could break it.

It’s adjustable to let you change your device’s angle to suit your own height without needing to move your chair or desk. This makes it an ideal design for those of you with awkwardly spaced workstations or multiple devices that you need to switch out or even use in tandem.

Docking Laptop Stand

  • Download: Reddit
  • Designer: DepositionDesigners
  • Price: Free

Docking Laptop Stand

This laptop stand features a built-in shelf for small USB devices, offer easy access and preventing damage often caused by dangling cables.

The height of the legs also helps you sit comfortably while using it, making it ideal for longer days at the office. There are also three standard sizes (13, 15, and 17 inches) uploaded as separate files so you probably won’t even need to adjust them in your slicer.

The lips at the front of the stands are technically optional parts, but I personally recommend them to add more grip.

Minimalist Laptop Stand for External Device Use

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: soyamonger
  • Price: Free
Minimalist 3D Printed Laptop Stand

This very simple 3D printed laptop stand is designed to take up as little of your device’s sides as possible, making USB ports easy to access. Anyone who needs to regularly use USB sticks or external harddrives will love this easy and very practical print.

Puzzle Together Laptop Stand

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: soyamonger
  • Price: Free
Puzzle Together Laptop Stand

This laptop stand is designed to be printed in three separate pieces and slotted together like a jigsaw puzzle without the need for additional parts like screws.

The puzzle stand can also be added to for larger laptops simply by printing as many pieces as you need without having to alter the size.

If you decide to go for the puzzle stand, then be sure to print the pieces on their left side as recommended by the designer. This reduces the need for supports and makes it a far easier and more efficient print.

Floating Laptop Stand

  • Download: Printables
  • Designer: BillTech
  • Price: Free
Floating Laptop Stand

Designed primarily for the HP ZBook 15 G3 (which weighs almost 6 lbs), the floating laptop stand is great for monster machines that would cause more lightweight, weaker 3D printed laptop stands to buckle or break.

This 3D printed laptop stand is designed for portability even while in use, as it comes with handy finger holes to easily lift and move your laptop.

Your laptop also slides smoothly into the makeshift clamps to hold it in place without having to deal with annoying lips that, while very useful, can be awkward to work around without hurting your wrists.

The floating laptop stand was made in OpenSCAD, one of our top picks for free 3D modeling software, making any height or shape edits simple for existing users Though changing the fit to suit your own device should be easy enough in just about any software.

Gaming Laptop Stand

  • Download: Reddit
  • Designer: Product_Superb
  • Price: Free

Gaming Laptop Stand

Overheating is a big issue for laptop gamers, and so laptop stands are essential for those of you who play graphically demanding games that can push even powerful laptops to their limits and raise the temperature beyond safe levels.

While most laptop stands are good for increasing cooling fan efficiency, this design for a gamer-specific laptop stand is made to include an added fan for added reliability if needed.

Gaming Laptop Stand with cooling fan

If you’re a laptop gamer, streamer, or just someone who often uses programs that can push laptops hard and raise temperatures to alarming levels, then this design is definitely worth checking out.

Adjustable Ergonomic 3D Printed Laptop Stand

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: SEM3DPRINT
  • Price: $2.06
Adjustable Ergonomic 3D Printed Laptop Stand

Ergonomic laptop stands have been proven to aid both productivity and physical wellbeing.

This laptop stand was designed with work-from-homers in mind. It’s highly adjustable for use by just about anyone of any height and any type of desk or device.

Keeping your laptop at eye level is the simplest way to keep your back straight and in contact with your chair, and this design makes it easier than ever regardless of your chair height relative to your desk.

Not only is this ergonomic model versatile and height adjustable, it’s also foldable for easy portability, making it one of the most useful 3D printed laptop stands on this list, as well as my personal favorite.

Standing Desk Laptop Stand

Adjustable 3D Printed Standing Desk for Laptop

Effectively converting any work surface into a standing desk, this 3D printed laptop stand is highly adjustable and is ready to suit just about any laptop or desk size.

Be advised that the design requires 100% infill when printing to ensure durability and strength when in use.

Honorable Mentions

Despite how customizable STL files normally are, sometimes you need a 3D printed laptop stand specific to your device or needs.

Here are a few honorable mentions for use- or device-specific laptop stands that are the perfect fusion of cool and practical.

Lenovo Yoga 15’’

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: YoramSwiers
  • Price: Free
Lenovo Yoga 15-inch

The Lenovo Yoga is a 2-in-1 laptop and tablet the likes of which have recently boomed in the market. They’re easily portable, fitting into most bags and even purses, and are powerful enough to match even some home PCs.

This design for a Lenovo Yoga 15’’ laptop stand is a great way to incorporate this versatile device into your workstation as a second monitor, useful for expanding your viewing radius or projecting reference material for your work or streaming without having to switch tabs.

Laptop Arcade Dock

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: INVENTORMIKE
  • Price: Free
Laptop Arcade Dock

While we’ve already discussed 3D printed laptop stands for gamers, this laptop arcade dock is the culmination of a few designs strung together to make a laptop stand fitted with working arcade buttons.

Old-school gamers with laptops will find this to be the most fun laptop stand on this list. You will need to outsource some pieces and perform a little DIY in construction, but one look at it and you’ll agree that this is a worthwhile project.

The best thing about this design is that it’s not just designed for modern devices, and makes for a great project for those of you with outdated laptops that you want to turn into a fun arcade machine.

With added elastic parts, this laptop stand automatically centers your device with makeshift weight detection, meaning it can fit any laptop of any size.

Laptop Stand for Deskless Use

Laptop Stand for Deskless Use

This laptop stand is designed to be wearable so you can use your device anywhere, even while standing or walking as seen in the included images. This facilitates working on the go or even taking part in outdoor-specific activities like orienteering or journal-keeping while out and about.

This portable laptop stand can be easily disassembled and reassembled for easy portability, making it a very useful model if you like to get some work done on your commute.

Because of its functionality, we recommend using a strong filament like PETG and testing well post-print to make sure it doesn’t break and send your laptop crashing to the floor. For the same reason, we also recommend not using this stand for large, heavier devices.

3D Printed MacBook Stand

  • Download: Printables
  • Designer: argoroots
  • Price: Free
3D Printed MacBook Stand

While it could be tweaked in your slicing software to fit any device, if you own a MacBook then you’ll find this to be a great choice with no changes needed.

The only real downside to this stand is it’s very long printing time at over 32 hours. Because of this, we recommend scheduling your prints in advance or printing remotely if your printer is equipped with that feature.

Why Use a 3D Printed Laptop Stand?

3D printed laptop stands are useful and even beneficial for two main reasons, namely:

  • By raising your laptop, you reduce the need to hunch over to type or lean in to read text. This lets you sit upright and more comfortably, reducing physical strain and helping prevent neck and back pain.
  • Keeping your laptop raised helps prevent overheating by giving it more space to cool than if it were set on a flat surface.

If you’re looking for a real laptop to use with Cura and slice and 3D print models, we’ve also written a buyer’s guide for the best laptops for 3D printing.

What’s the best filament for a laptop stand?

PLA is perhaps the most ideal filament for a laptop stand. It’s light enough to make a portable laptop stand while also being durable enough to hold even chunkier laptop weights. While this won’t be an issue if you’re using something like a Macbook Air, you’re still going to want to make sure it can take the pressure of typing on the keyboard and other use and won’t fall apart.

If you don’t need a portable laptop stand, then we recommend PETG, which is heavier but much stronger.

How much does it cost to 3D print a laptop stand?

Basically speaking, laptop stands are just adjustable shelves, and so don’t need much filament or intricate pieces to function. All-in-all, you should only expect each one to cost a maximum of around $8 to print, not including the price of the model should you need to buy it, or extra pieces like screws needed to assemble it.

How much time does it take to 3D print a laptop stand?

The longest print time you should expect when printing a laptop stand is around 35 hours for stronger, reinforced models. Simpler ones will take far less time, but you should still put aside a day of printing time even if you’re making a lighter, more portable laptop stand.

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