22+ Settlers of Catan 3D Prints (Pieces, Boards, Holders)


Settlers of Catan 3D prints come in many different forms, from simple tokens to entire boards. Using 3D printing, you can add to or even completely create your own version of Settlers of Catan, one of the most popular board games in the world.

3D Printed Settlers of Catan Full Board

In this article, I’m going to show you some of the best STL files to spice up your next Catan game, featuring everything from new cards to even travel boards you can take on the road. And as a bonus, every single Catan 3D print we’ll look at today is free!

Top Picks

My Favorite 3D Printed Catan Projects

  • Catan Pieces – From Star Trek fleets to Incan temples.
  • Catan Boards – Customizable designs for every Catan enthusiast.
  • Piece Holders – Expansion organizers to ensure every piece has its place.
  • Card Holders – Improving storage with hinged shelves and collapsible designs.
  • Catan Cards – Pop culture references and new resource cards.
  • Trophies and Tokens – Mark your achievements and penalties.

3D Printed Catan Pieces

Star Trek Ferengi Ships

Merging a favorite franchise or beloved fantasy world with standard board games is a great way to spice them up and make them more unique to your tastes. This is true of chess, D&D, Warhammer, and of course, Catan.

Star Trek Catan

3D printing Star Trek pieces for Catan is a fun way to have your own fleet of star ships ready to dominate and thrive (or live long and prosper, if you will) while staying true to the original game. It may not make much sense to take over and develop land with the dreaded Ferengi ships, but it still makes for a good change of scenery that Star Trek fans will enjoy.

Brick Harbor

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: MAKESENSE

This simple brick harbor is an improvement on an older piece to fit in better with other homemade tiles. The main reason I’ve chosen this tile is because of the high detail and impressive look. If painted carefully, this 3D printed Catan piece can look like something straight out of the official box.


It comes with plans for a magnetic base too, so it can fit in easily with the main game.

Settlements and Keeps

Making simple aesthetic changes is a good way to keep old favorites feeling fresh and new, and that’s where these 3D printed Catan pieces come in.

New Catan Pieces 3D Printed

Inspired by Moroccan, European, American, Arabian, and Greco-Roman architecture, these settlements and keeps are simple and well-designed 3D prints for your Catan board to add more historic realism to your play.

Incan Pieces

Considering the impressive scope of the ancient Incan empire, it’s surprising that we don’t already have more board games dedicated to them. This is why this designer created Incan-inspired 3D printed Catan tiles to add more variety to the game.

Incan Pieces

The set includes some of the most famous examples of ancient Incan architecture for your Catan game, including Machu Pichi and the ancient Incan Temple.

If you’re a fan of these 3D printed Catan pieces, you can check out even more by the same designer on their Etsy store, which has Victorian pieces as well as Roman, Egyptian, and Viking buildings and sets among many others.

3D Printed Catan Boards

3D Printed ‘Catan’ Game with Expansion

This Catan-style 2.0 board is designed by Dakanzla, who designed the set to be easy to both print and customize.

Catan Board

By including the Tinkercad files in the link above, you can make alterations to personalize this board however you like, or even use it as a base for a whole new 3D printed Catan-style game.

The individual pieces are designed to look amazing if printed with dual extrusion printers and multicolor filaments to get some cool pieces that are as much a joy to make as they are to play with.

Board 2

For even more fun, you can check out the Traders & Barbarians expansion for this particular set that you can also download for free! If you prefer a simpler version, however, you can check out the first rendition of this 3D printed Catan board on Thingiverse.

According to users, this board can take over a year to print and paint, making it a great long-term or collaborative project.

High Resolution ‘Catan’ Board

This 3D printed Catan board is top quality, with high-resolution pieces and markers that look like they came as part of an official set.

Full 3D Printed Catan Board

The only thing worth noting is that a standard 0.4mm nozzle won’t achieve the kind of resolution you can see in the example above, as it was designed with a 0.25mm nozzle in mind. 

Fortunately, the designer has included plenty of instructions and advice included in the link above that I recommend reading before you dive in to get the high-quality prints you can see here.

Travel Catan

  • Download: PinShape
  • Designer: BigBadBison

Just about any game from Scrabble to Monopoly has a travel addition, and while the official Catan Traveler is great for this, you can still download and print your own version too.

Travel Catan

This simplified Catan-style game is smaller than an 8’’ envelope, making it the perfect portable game for Catan players who also like to travel light.

Custom Settlers of Catan Board

This step-by-step guide from Instructables will show you how to make your own customizable 3D printed Catan pieces from scratch, from design to print and painting, all while using an official set’s board as a base. 

The instructions don’t include making your own cards, however, so you will need to make sure you have a set before you start playing with your unique Catan board.

Catan Piece Holders

Magnetic Piece Holder

Lost or scattered parts can make Catan frustrating, even unplayable. That’s why this designer created a 3D printed Catan piece organizer with a magnetic lid to make sure everything stays where it needs to be, even in transit.

3D Printed Catan Piece Holder

The only extra equipment you’ll need are some 8mm magnets and you’re ready to play with all the pieces you need.

Original + Expansion Piece Holders

If you’re a Catan enthusiast, then chances are you’ve got at least one expansion, which means you’ll need holders and organizers for all the new and exciting pieces that come with them.

Catan Board Organizers 3D Printed

This all-in-one set of 3D printed Catan piece holders fits the original game, Cities & Nights, and Explorers & Pirates, and even includes slots for the extra bonus pieces that come with Traders & Barbarians along with the expansion pieces themselves.

Chit Organizer

Catan pieces and chits are normally stored in plastic baggies, which can be fiddly, awkward, and take up too much space in the box. Fortunately, this designer came up with a solution for their various bits and pieces. It’s a simple print but does use some extra materials like padding for the box itself.

Catan Chit Organizer

The files are designed for 4th Edition Catan pieces, so be sure to resize the organizer in your slicing software as needed for whichever Catan variant you own.

Catan Card Holders

Hinged Card Holder

Organizing your cards is a good idea to keep track of where everything is, but it’s also important to save space where possible. This 3D printed Catan card holder is hinged to act like small shelves where you can store your various resources.

Card Holder 2

The best part about this card holder is it’s designed to be added to, meaning you can always print more to further stack up and organize cards with each Catan expansion you print or buy.

Collapsible Card Holder

The main problem with 3D printing your own Catan pieces and additions is that Catan boxes aren’t designed to fit more than what they come with, meaning you’ll normally need to store your printed extras separately.

catan card holder

This 3D printed card holder is collapsible, so it’s designed to be disassembled between games and easily fit into the game box so you can keep everything in one place.

Card Organizer

This cute card organizer is another great way to keep your cards together with different drawers designed to be printed in different colors.

3D Printed Catan Card Organizer

Designed to fit into this 3D printed Catan piece carrier, it’s a great way to save space, ensure pieces don’t go missing, and have all your bits and pieces in one place and easy to find.

Card Holder + Coin Tube

Catan also uses coins and tokens to track progress and land holdings. That’s where this handy 3D printed card holder comes in, as the design includes slots for coins that you can easily access by lifting the panel.

Catan card and coin holder

The files also come with a design for a handy coin tube to keep the coins in one place instead of being scattered across the playing field.

3D Printed Catan Cards

Resource and Development Cards

Catan cards

Whether you need new resource cards or are just looking to make your own custom set, these 3D printed Settlers of Catan cards are a great way to personalize and revitalize your game. If printed with PLA, they feel just like thick playing cards that won’t easily bend or wear down like traditional cards.

It also makes them liquid-resistant just in case you, like me, enjoy playing over a round of drinks.

Funny Alternative Catan Cards

3D printed Catan Cards

There’s nothing wrong with injecting a little humor into your strategy game, and that’s where these alternative 3D printed Settlers of Catan cards literally come into play. With apt images referencing pop culture like Finding Nemo, The Simpsons, Futurama, Fallout, and The Wizard of Oz, you and your players are bound to get a good chuckle out of them.

New Catan Cards

New Catan Cards

Additional resource cards are a good way to improve your game and add more players, especially if you find the base game to be a bit lackluster after a few dozen plays. These new cards allow for a shake-up of the resource management strategy, and feature some fun new designs that, with enough work and painting, look really cool.

3D Printed Catan Trophies and Tokens

3D Printed Catan Trophies

Marking individual achievements is a good way to make your opponents aware of what you’ve accomplished as well as add uncounted victory points at the end of the game.

settlers of catan 3d printed trophies

To make this last-minute build-up to announcing the winner more fun, this designer came up with these awesome new trophies to go along with Catan’s own post-game rules. They include the longest road, largest army, and harbormaster to really show off your strategic prowess.

Longest Turn Fan Expansion Trophy

Penalty trophies play an important role too, as they make players change up how they view the game and rework their own strategies to avoid negative points.

Longest Turn 3D Printed Catan trophy

That’s where this fun (and funny) 3D printed Catan trophy comes in. When given to the player who took the longest turn, it deducts 2 points from their overall score, meaning players are less likely to dawdle and second-guess while they play, keeping everyone on their toes.

Largest Army Trophy

Largest Army

I just couldn’t stop myself from bringing up this design. The largest army trophy is a good one to reach for though play for those sweet additional points, but you’ll strive for it more when you get this trophy featuring knights with broadswords proudly standing by your +2 marker.

Lord of Catan Trophy

Points trophies are one thing, but what about the overall winner? Bragging rights are fun, of course, and everyone likes to win, but having a physical object to verify your victory?

3D Printed Catan Trophy Lord of Catan

If you play Catan regularly with friends, then this 3D printed trophy featuring the inscription ‘Lord of Catan’ is a fun and quirky way to mark who won the last game. You can even keep track of the longest winning streak for an extra friendly competitive edge too!

Honorable Mention Full Set of 3D Printed Catan Tokens

Catan Tokens

3D printed Catan tokens are simple and hassle-free and let you expand your game to involve more players or even just replace old pieces. This complete set features every token you’ll need for your 3D printed Catan board, and all in one place and completely free of charge!

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