3D Printing Magic The Gathering in 2023: 16 Top Prints


3D printing for Magic: The Gathering offers many solutions for deck storage, card organization, and custom tokens to improve your gameplay.

3D printed MTG Card Box

Whether you’re new to MGT or simply looking for ways to make your time with the world-renowned game easier and more interesting, here are some of our top picks for Magic: The Gathering 3D prints to enhance your experience.

As a bonus, all the STL files we’ll be looking at today are completely free of charge!

Top Picks

My Favorite 3D Printed MTG Projects

  • Deck Boxes – From Dragon Motifs to Spellbook Designs.
  • Tokens – Track Your Game with Mana Tokens and +1/+1 Counters.
  • Life Counters – Single and Multiplayer Options.
  • Land Stations – Organize with Modular Designs and Tiered Stations.
  • Storage Boxes – Interlocking Drawers and Efficient Storage Solutions.
  • Dice and Dice Storage – Custom D20s and Thematic Dice Holders.

3D Printed Magic: The Gathering Deck Boxes

MTG Sleeved Commander Deck Box

As your Magic: The Gathering deck options grow, so too does your need to keep your cards safe with proper deck boxes. This print was upgraded from a previous one to easily carry up to 100 sleeved MTG cards, letting you transport them from table to table without fear of scattering your deck all over your bag.

Commander Deck Box MTG

The dragon motif and well-fitted lid make this a great commander deck box to carry your deck to game nights.

Hinged Deck Box

The hinged deck box is another alternative to loosely carrying your sleeved cards around with you. It’s scalable to fit however many cards you have, and you can save the STL files to print an even bigger version as your collection continues to grow.

Hinged deck box

This hinged deck box was designed with any kind of printer in mind, so there are different sizes and different hinges that you can tinker with and test to find which one is right for you.

Spellbook Deck Box

This Spellbook deck box is one awesome MTG print, leaning heavily on the ‘magic’ in Magic: The Gathering, the exquisite detail and spacious storage room for your cards and tokens makes for one of the best MTG prints around.

Mtg Spellbook Deck Box

Available in two sizes, and designed to have an either organized or completely empty interior, the Spellbook deck box is a versatile print that any Magic: The Gathering fan will be proud to bring to the table.

It even includes hinges and magnet holes to keep it closed in transit, making it as secure as it is fun!

3D Printed MTG Tokens

3D Printed MTG Mana Tokens

These 3D printed MTG mana tokens, remixed from these badges, are fun and cool-looking designs to help you keep track of your mana expenditure and potential.

MTG Tokens

The beauty of these designs is their customizability, making them both personal and unique to you or even your deck. Just be sure to make the purpose of each mana token clear if you choose to customize them to avoid any unnecessary confusion.

MTG Counters and Chips Complete Collection

There’s so much to keep track of in Magic: The Gathering that it’s easy to miss things, especially if you’re a novice. This comprehensive collection of stackable MTG counters and chips makes it easy for players to keep tabs on where they stand in any game, regardless of skill level or experience.

3D Printed Magic: The Gathering Tokens and Counters

These prints mark all of the common abilities and counters you’ll need to reference quickly to decide your next play or strategy. It’s a must-print for any MTG player who wants to keep their games as streamlined and easy to follow as possible.

The Ultimate Magic: The Gathering Tokens Set

3D printing Magic: The Gathering tokens is great, but without proper storage you’ll end up rifling through drawers and boxes endlessly to find what you need. Out of love for tonyyoungblood’s collection above, Printables user LegendaryCheez created this 3D printed tokens set carrier to keep everything where it needs to be.

MTG Token box

You will need some outside materials, but don’t worry, as the designer has included detailed instructions that make this print less challenging than it might seem.

3D Printed MTG Life Counters

Double Faced Life Counter

  • Download: Cults3D

Life counters are crucial to make sure you’re always aware of how much trouble you’re in, so you can change up your strategy accordingly.

Dual display life counter MTG 3D Printed

While there are many ways to keep track of your remaining life, this 3D printed life counter is designed for one-on-one games to help both players keep an eye on their status at once. 

Compact Counter

MTG 3D prints don’t need to take up the whole table. In fact, keeping enough space in your playing field is important for avoiding overlapping pieces or lost counters which can hinder a good game.

This life counter is as tiny as can be at a mere 1 x 1.3 x 0.7’’, making it an unobtrusive life counter that counts all the way up to 99.

Mini Life Counter

It does require some assembly, but don’t worry, the designer has included detailed instructions on what to do with each piece, so even beginners will have no trouble with this compact print.

Sensei’s Divining Top Life Counter

The Legacy-banned Sensei’s Divining Top may be a controversial card due to its infamous slowing down of matches and tournament delays, but the dreidel-inspired design is arguably pretty darn cool.

Magic: The Gathering Life Counter Diviner

This user took to the design and used it to recreate the top with 3D printing, tweaking the design to turn it into a functioning life counter. While the shape of the counter makes it one of the least practical life counters on this list, the recognizable design makes it undoubtedly one of the coolest.

3D Printed Magic: The Gathering Land Stations

Simple One-Block Land Station

Organizing your lands can be a chore, but fortunately this simple one-block land station has you covered. Embossed with the symbols of each land type, it’s an easy print that helps you sort and store up to 80 various land cards where they need to be.

Land Station

With the right colored filament or paints, you can make each land type easier to find, streamlining your next build.

Modular Land Station

Land Station MTG 3D Printed

For a 3D printed land station that’s a little more complicated but a lot cooler, this modular version is an awesome-looking land station that, if printed and painted carefully, can double as both land card organizer and decoration. It will take some work to get them to look as cool as they do in the example photos, but that’s all part of the fun!

Tiered Land Station

3D Printed Land Station MTG

This work-in-progress design is a multi-level land card organizer that saves on space and can be made to look pretty awesome if you’re in the mood for some tweaking.

MTG Storage Boxes

Interlocking MTG Deck Drawers

For those of you with limited storage space, these 3D printed Magic: The Gathering storage drawers are perfect for keeping everything together.

Deck drawers MTG

Keep in mind that these drawers are designed for sleeveless cards, so you will need to slightly alter the size yourself if you want to store sleeved cards instead. The drawers are interlocking too, meaning you can print more as your collection grows.

Storage Box

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: ENEVILE
Deck Box

For those of you with smaller collections, this MTG storage box is a great and space-efficient 3D print to keep all your cards in one box and organized with included dividers. This not only makes locating the cards you need a breeze, but also makes for an aesthetically pleasing storage solution.

MTG Dice and Dice Storage

Spindown D20 Die

Magic: The Gathering players use dice to function as counters for multiple +1/+1 effects as well as loyalty, poison, or damage counters, overall making the game a lot easier to play

They’re also important for die-specific card effects like Adorable Kitten.

Magic: The Gathering 3D Printed D20 Dice

If you have forgotten to get one, or simply think game dice are overpriced, then you can 3D print this D20 at home in no time at all!

This is a relatively simple 3D printed die, so if you want something a little more interesting, why not check out some of the coolest 3D printed dice for something a little more interesting?

Spindown Dice Holders

If you have taken to 3D printing your own dice, then you’ll want somewhere to store them. This spindown dice holder is a great storage box to go alongside your card organizers and keep all your playing materials in check.

3D Printed modular dice holder

The fact that it’s also shaped like a D20 is just a fun bonus!

If you’d rather display your dice openly, either as decorations or for easy access mid-game, then you can check out these modular dice holders instead.

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