According to federal authorities, a man in Alabama utilized 3D printers to manufacture components that converted guns into machine guns.


Title: The Astonishing Dual Life of an Alabama Man: Social Security Theft and 3D Printed Weapon Parts


In a mind-boggling tale of deception and illegal activities, an Alabama man recently made headlines for his involvement in a string of criminal acts. From stealing government funds to manufacturing 3D printed weapon parts, this individual’s crimes ultimately resulted in a 10-year federal prison sentence. Today, we delve into the details of his astonishing dual life, shedding light on the magnitude of his illegal actions and the subsequent legal consequences he now faces.

Obtaining Social Security Benefits under False Identity:

Setting off the chain of events, the 35-year-old man from Florence, Alabama, cunningly orchestrated a scheme to defraud the government. Beginning in 2018, he unlawfully collected Social Security disability benefits using the name of another individual, culminating in a total of $46,426.91 received from the Social Security Administration over a span of four years. While simultaneously enjoying these illicit funds, the man delved into an even more nefarious endeavor.

Using 3D Printing Technology for Crime:

Taking advantage of the advancements in technology, the individual utilized 3D printers to create parts for weapons, forever altering their capabilities. Among the fabricated components were auto sears, an illegal weapon part that transforms a lawful firearm into a fully automatic machine gun. With a burgeoning collection of these 3D printed auto sears, the man seized an opportunity to monetize his unlawful activities.

Entrepreneurship in the Dark Shadows:

Undeterred by the potential consequences, the Alabama man established a thriving business centered around the sale and shipment of his illegal products. Marketing his operation through social media channels, he managed to reach customers across different parts of the country, effectively increasing his profits. As the demand for his illicit wares grew, so did the risk of getting caught.

The Undercover Sting Operation:

In December 2021, the man unwittingly stumbled upon an undercover Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) agent. Unbeknownst to him, the agent would become the catalyst for his eventual downfall. Fueled by greed, the individual initiated communication with the undercover agent, attempting to sell the 3D printed auto sears he had painstakingly manufactured. Over a period of several months, negotiations ensued, leading to a fateful transaction in March 2022.

Arrest and the Unveiling of an Illegal Arsenal:

Authorities wasted no time in taking action. Following the successful shipment of hundreds of auto sears from his Alabama residence to Florida, investigators executed a search warrant on his premises. What they uncovered was nothing short of alarming: a machine gun, 111 3D printed auto sears, 11 silencers, and a multitude of 3D printers. The magnitude of his criminal enterprise became evident, and the legal system promptly brought him to justice.

The Legal Fallout:

In April 2023, faced with overwhelming evidence and the severity of his crimes, the Alabama man pleaded guilty to charges of transferring machine gun conversion devices and theft of government funds. Alongside his 10-year federal prison sentence, he was ordered to reimburse the Social Security Administration for the misappropriated funds, in addition to paying an equal amount in restitution.


The tale of this Alabama man’s criminal escapades serves as a stark reminder of the depths individuals can sink to in pursuit of personal gain. From stealing government funds to engaging in the dangerous production and sale of illegal weapon components, his actions highlight the need for unrelenting law enforcement efforts to protect society. Thankfully, through the effective cooperation of multiple agencies, justice is served, and he will pay the price for his crimes.

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