CELLINK and Carcinotech have joined forces to revolutionize cancer drug development through the use of 3D bioprinting.


Breaking Ground in Cancer Research: Carcinotech and CELLINK Partner to Revolutionize Drug Development

Cancer is a global health crisis, with millions of lives affected each year. Despite medical advancements, effective cancer therapies are limited, and their effectiveness varies greatly among patients. However, a new partnership between Carcinotech and 3D bioprinting firm CELLINK aims to change that.

The collaboration between Carcinotech and CELLINK focuses on the development and commercialization of cutting-edge protocols for 3D bioprinting tumor models using cancer cell lines. These models have the potential to significantly improve the accuracy and speed of drug development, ultimately reducing costs and enhancing research output.

Carcinotech, with its expertise in cancer and drug testing workflows, has played a vital role in optimizing drug testing for researchers. By working with patient-derived biopsies, immune cells, and cancer stem cells, they have paved the way for more efficient drug development. Now, in collaboration with CELLINK, they are utilizing cell line-based 3D models to further streamline the process.

The protocols developed in partnership with CELLINK incorporate the physiological ratios of five key cell types specific to each cancer type. These models have undergone rigorous quality control measures to ensure their reliability and accuracy. By making these protocols available on CELLINK’s BIO CELLX 3D biodispenser, the partnership aims to empower researchers to achieve faster and more precise results in their drug development efforts.

This collaboration builds upon the earlier partnership between CELLINK and Carcinotech, which focused on advancing 3D bioprinting technology for cancer research. By combining Carcinotech’s patient-derived tumor replicas with CELLINK’s innovative bioinks, the two companies have created an environment that allows human cells to grow and thrive as they would in the human body.

The potential of 3D printing technologies in cancer treatment goes beyond drug development. Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have utilized 4D printing to create customized breast cancer implants. These implants can dynamically resize to fit a patient’s tissue cavity and can also dispense chemotherapy drugs to the target area, reducing the risk of cancer cell recurrence.

In a remarkable medical achievement, Manipal Hospitals in India successfully utilized 3D printing to reconstruct a cancer patient’s chest bone and ribs. With the help of a 3D printed titanium implant, surgeons were able to remove the tumor and replace the sternum and ribs, allowing the patient to breathe normally without the need for mechanical ventilation.

These groundbreaking developments in cancer research and treatment are only the beginning. The future of 3D printing holds immense potential for the next decade. As the technology continues to evolve, engineers will face new challenges in the additive manufacturing sector. The possibilities are endless, and the impact on healthcare, particularly in the field of oncology, is immeasurable.

The partnership between Carcinotech and CELLINK marks a significant step forward in the fight against cancer. By harnessing the power of 3D bioprinting and incorporating advanced protocols, researchers can accelerate drug development, improve our understanding of cancer biology, and ultimately provide better treatment options for patients worldwide.

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