ChromaMotive D65 introduces Chromatic’s expansion into 3D printable rigid materials.


The world of 3D printing continues to advance at a rapid pace, with new materials and applications constantly being discovered. One company at the forefront of this innovation is Chromatic 3D Materials, and they have recently made a major announcement that is sure to shake up the industry.

Chromatic has introduced a new material called ChromaMotive D65, a rigid Shore D thermoset polyurethane specifically designed for Reactive Extrusion Additive Manufacturing using their RX-AM platform. This material is capable of performing well in a wide range of temperatures, from extreme cold of -30°C up to a scorching 120°C.

What makes ChromaMotive D65 so exciting is its versatility. It is an ideal material for winter sports gear such as ski boots, snowshoes, and snowmobile parts, thanks to its impressive low-temperature impact strength. This means that winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy durable and high-performing equipment that is customized to their needs.

But the applications of ChromaMotive D65 don’t stop there. It is also well-suited for other industries with varying temperature requirements, such as aerospace, automotive, and agriculture. This means that manufacturers can now 3D print rigid parts for a wide range of products, from aircraft interiors to agricultural equipment.

In addition to its temperature resistance, ChromaMotive D65 boasts mechanical performance properties that are comparable to injection-molded TPU, HDPE, and PP. This means that manufacturers can enjoy the benefits of 3D printing, such as the ability to quickly produce complex designs, while still maintaining the high quality and performance that is expected from traditional manufacturing methods.

Furthermore, ChromaMotive D65 is highly durable. It is resistant to high impact, hydrolysis, and abrasion, making it a reliable choice for products that undergo regular wear and tear. This material can withstand repeated friction and maintain its structural integrity, ensuring that products made with ChromaMotive D65 will have a long lifespan.

Cora Leibig, the Founder and CEO of Chromatic 3D Materials, expressed her excitement about the potential of ChromaMotive D65. She believes that this material will revolutionize the way manufacturers produce rigid plastic components. With the fast print speeds and the ability to print on various materials, including textiles, plastics, and metals, 3D printing rigid parts at industrial volumes has become a reality.

This is not the first time that Chromatic 3D Materials has made headlines. In August 2023, the company raised an impressive 3.1 million USD in a pre-financing round. With these funds, Chromatic plans to further develop its technology, scale production, and expand its sales and technology teams. This shows that the industry has recognized the potential of Chromatic’s innovations and is eager to support their growth.

In conclusion, Chromatic 3D Materials has once again raised the bar in the world of 3D printing with the introduction of ChromaMotive D65. This versatile and durable material opens up new possibilities for manufacturers in various industries. Whether it’s producing winter sports gear or aerospace components, ChromaMotive D65 allows for the production of rigid parts at industrial volumes, while still maintaining the quality and performance expected from traditional manufacturing methods. The future of 3D printing is certainly bright, and Chromatic is leading the way.

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