Exploring the Top 5 Videos Highlighting the Role of Stargate 3D Printing in Advancing Terran R Rocket for Space Exploration


Welcome to our weekly roundup of the Top 5 most compelling 3D printing videos. Starting this week’s edition is a captivating overview into Relativity Space’s use of 3D printing, with their Stargate technology applied at NASA’s Stennis Space Center, fashioning unique parts for the 3D printed Terran R rocket. Featured second is a video from Dassault Systèmes, in which John Mikesh, a computational designer at GENx, illustrates how their team utilizes 3D printing, concentrating on X-Generative Design within 3DEXPERIENCE by CATIA. Advancing, we are shown a comprehensive walkthrough of the 3D printing process for the ‘Thinky,’ the ThinkFun dragon, using the Elegoo Neptune 4 Plus. Our journey deepens with a Formlabs webinar facilitated by Ubaid Mithawalla, digging into the transformative influence of 3D printing, namely SLA and SLS methodologies, on unmanned vehicle development. Finally, Labomed Inc. demonstrates its incorporation of two Stratasys FDM™ F170 3D printers to boost manufacturing excellence and pace within the medical field.

Top 1: Relativity Space’s Stargate Technology in 3D Printing

Our first video provides an exploration of how Relativity Space employs 3D printing, particularly their Stargate technology at NASA’s Stennis Space Center, to create distinctive components for their Terran R reusable rocket. As they strive to construct the world’s inaugural entirely 3D printed rocket, the firm hopes to introduce large-scale 3D printing into satellite rocket manufacturing, and foster further space exploration through their rocket technology. To realize this aspiration, Relativity Space is utilizing 3D printing to thrust us into the cosmic frontier.

Top 2: How GENx Uses 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

In a video by Dassault Systèmes, John Mikesh, a computational designer at GENx, describes how GENx uses 3D printing, specifically X-Generative Design in 3DEXPERIENCE by CATIA, to increase efficiency in complicated tasks. Mikesh starts by explaining that the tool can divide complex shapes into separate parts, focusing on its effectiveness and consistency across different tasks. He also emphasizes the significant role that 3D printing plays in improving architectural and manufacturing processes within the company.

Top 3: 3D Printed Optical Illusions – ThinkFun Dragon

We then have a video by content creator Uncle Jessy, who shows us how to create and assemble our own optical illusion using 3D printing. Uncle Jessy demonstrates a comprehensive instructive video on how to make ‘Thinky,’ the ThinkFun dragon whose eyes seem to follow you everywhere. Created by magician Jerry Andrus, this optical illusion has gained renewed popularity, causing significant curiosity on social media platforms in recent months.

Top 4: Formlabs Webinar: Advancing Unmanned Systems

Our next video delves into the impact of 3D printing, specifically SLA and SLS technologies, on unmanned vehicle development. Hosted by Application and Field Service Engineer Ubaid Mithawalla, this Formlabs webinar outlines the key advantages of incorporating 3D printing in unmanned systems, providing insights into increased customizability, enhanced performance, better functionality, and improved adaptability.

Top 5: Labomed Inc. Embraces Stratasys F170 3D Printing

We conclude with a video from Labomed Inc., a prominent global medical device brand. The design team at Labomed has seamlessly integrated two Stratasys FDM™ F170 3D printers to elevate manufacturing quality and speed among their top-tier medical equipment, recognized among the top 10 brands globally. The video highlights how these printers are crucial in rapidly producing prototypes for various medical fields, including ophthalmology, gynecology, and ENT.




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“Why did the 3D printer go to therapy? Because it had too many layers of unresolved issues!”

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