Influential Personalities Who Shaped the 2023 Additive Manufacturing Market


As we approach the end of the year, it’s time for us to take a look back at the market, and at the personalities who have shaped the 3D printing sector in 2023. Whether they work in major corporations, startups or research centers, they have all had an influence on the additive manufacturing market, both on a local and a more international scale. Because behind the innovations and applications of this fast-growing sector, there are always teams and drivers pushing and encouraging this very growth. So we’ve decided to profile 10 personalities who, in our opinion, have contributed to the development of 3D printing in 2023. They are listed in alphabetical order (by surname): let us know what you think! Happy New Year to all!

Michiel Alting von Geusau, CEO, UltiMaker

Announced last year, the merger of Ultimaker and Makerbot, two leading companies in desktop 3D printing, has certainly been one of the most interesting of recent months, and it became fully effective in 2023. Michiel Alting von Geusau started up the new UltiMaker brand from September 2023. He has over 20 years’ experience in promoting, leading and managing growth in technology companies. His previous roles include CEO and CFO of Docdata N.V. and Global President of the Commerce and Lifecycle Services business unit at Ingram Micro Commerce & Fulfillment. Commenting on his entry into the world of 3D printing at the helm of UltiMaker, he said: “I am honored to become the CEO of UltiMaker and grow the adoption of 3D printing across the globe. I look forward to leading this innovative company with a bright future and industry leading products.”

Brigitte de Vet-Veithen, CEO, Materialise

Having joined Materialise in 2016 and served as Executive Vice President at Materialise Medical, Brigitte de Vet-Veithen was appointed CEO of the company in 2023. With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, including several years with Johnson & Johnson, she has grown the medical part of the Belgian company, which is now its most profitable segment.

Commenting on her new position, she said: “I am proud and honored to take the reins as CEO of Materialise, a company that helped create and continues to shape the 3D printing industry.  I celebrate our roots as 3D printing pioneers, but I am even more excited about our role as pioneers of tomorrow’s possibilities.”

Photo Credits: Materialise

Patick Farrey, CEO, SPE

With a degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Patrick Farrey is an entrepreneur at heart who was appointed CEO of SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) in 2017. He made his mark on the additive manufacturing sector this year, having been instrumental in the takeover of two companies specializing in 3D printing: 3Dnatives and ImplementAM. His aim is to make the technology accessible to as many people as possible, and to help professionals integrate it into their production processes.

Maria Forss, CEO, BICO

Maria Forss took over as CEO of the BICO Group, which specializes in 3D bioprinting technologies and medtech, this year. She has over 25 years’ experience in strategic marketing, management and sales, many of them in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. Previously, she worked at AstraZeneca and Vitrolife. Maria has also been involved in mergers and acquisitions, which is particularly relevant to BICO’s development.

Aurélien Fussel, Program Manager – Additive Manufacturing, Alstom

Aurélien Fussel joined Alstom in 2007 and has held a number of management positions in areas such as innovation, product development and quality. In 2016, he began using 3D technologies within the French group, and has since led its additive manufacturing program. Very active in the market, he is participating in the growth of 3D printing in the mobility industry, convinced of the advantages it brings. In fact, Alstom passed the milestone of 150,000 3D printed parts this year!

Ishani Malhotra, CEO, Carcinotech

Ishani Malhotra is the CEO of Carcinotech, a MedTech startup she founded in 2018. It is the first company in the world to produce 3D-printed living micro-tumors from patient cells for analysis and testing of new drugs. A graduate of the University of Edinburgh with a postgraduate degree from Harvard Medical School, Ishani Malhotra has ten years’ experience in oncology and stem cell research. She has already won numerous national and international awards in the field of entrepreneurship and medical research. She was recently recognized as one of the 35 rising stars under 35 by Scottish Business Insider.

Photo Credits: IREPA LASER

Photo Credits: The University of Edinburgh

Robin Simsa, CEO and Co-Founder, Revo Foods

After two PhDs in regenerative medicine and biomedical engineering, Robin Simsa founded Revo Foods in 2020 in Austria. This year, we’ve heard a lot about Robin Simsa and the company for the introduction of its 3D-printed plant-based salmon fillet “The Filet” to European supermarkets. Revo Foods’ mission is to combat overfishing by 3D printing plant-based alternatives to fish.

Photo Credits: Revo Foods

Nina Swienton, Chief Growth Officer, Nexa3D

Nina Swienton, an Executive MBA holder, became a part of Nexa3D in 2021, assumming the position of Marketing Manager after a fulfilling 7-year stint with Protolabs. Currently, she is serving as the Chief Growth officer at this American manufacturing firm. Boasting over two decades of experience in brand creation and development, she plays a crucial role in facilitating the expansion of this California-based establishment. The company has shown prominent activeness in the additive manufacturing market this year with key moves like the acquisition of Essentium, Addifab, and XYZprinting’s SLS activities.

In alignment with our 3D personalities for the year 2023, another noteworthy figure is Ye Tao, the Founder and CEO of Bambu Lab. Following an educational journey that earned him a PhD in Astrophysics along with substantial experience in the development of high-tech products, prominently as a director at DJI, Ye Tao laid the foundation stone of Bambu Lab in 2020. But what makes him an influential personality in the 3D printing sector market for the year 2023? His strategic leadership has chaperoned the company specialising in desktop FDM solutions towards swift success and extraordinary development, making it one of the sought-after brands today. Bambu Lab strives to revolutionise the 3D FDM printing technology, with a vision to make it increasingly accessible to people.

Photo Credits: Ye Tao/ Bambulab

Valeria Tirelli, President and CEO, AIDRO

Valeria Tirelli has been President and CEO of AIDRO since 2012. This Italian company specializes in the additive manufacturing of metal parts for the oil and gas industry and has continued to enjoy many successes. After joining the Desktop Metal Group in 2021, Valeria Tirelli also guided AIDRO this year to another industry-wide milestone: AIDRO became the first additive manufacturing company in the world to achieve DNV certification for its two metal 3D printing technologies, namely binder jetting and powder bed laser fusion. Valeria Tirelli is also an active member of the 3D printing community in Italy, promoting activities and meetings with the Women in 3D Printing network to foster inclusion in the sector.

Photo Credits: AIDRO

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