November 2023: An Overview of 3D Printing Webinars and Events


We’re hoping you’ve fully recovered from formnext because we have a whole new lineup of 3D printing events and webinars for the upcoming week. You’ll get a chance to learn about the upcoming SOLIDWORKS 2024 release and join a webinar orchestrated by in collaboration with 6K Additive and Agile Space Industries. Don’t miss out on Xometry’s demo of Teamspace while 3D Systems unveils its insights on jewelry manufacturing. Plus, Stratasys will also delve into the use of 3D printing for advanced rapid prototyping. Keep reading for more details!

Diving into 3D Printing News

Joris Peels, our Executive Editor and the Vice President of Consulting at Additive Manufacturing Research (AMR), conducts a news livestream called ‘3D Printing News Unpeeled’ once or twice every week at 9:30 am EST. During each episode, available on LinkedIn Live, Peels highlights the crucial news stories from the 3D printing industry of the week in less than 20 minutes and elaborates on their significance. While some stories are ones that has covered, others may not be. But, rest assured, each of them is interesting and weighs heavily on the industry!

Mark Your Calendar: AU 2023 Design & Make Conference – November 13-15

In Las Vegas, as well as online, from November 13-15, a warm invitation is extended by Autodesk University (AU) to come and partake in “the conference for those who make anything”. AU 2023, the Design & Make Conference is all set to welcome innovators from construction, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, media and entertainment, and product design sectors. A great platform to share knowledge and ideas, uncover future possibilities and uplift industry practices around the Autodesk Design and Make platform. Over 600 expert sessions, an expo showcasing Autodesk service partners, networking chances, and much more are on the agenda.

“The way we design and make have always been linked by a common goal. Now, we have the opportunity to connect the people, processes, and data, too. AU is the exhibition where you can discover how to effectively utilize the possibilities of Autodesk’s Design and Make Platform. Together, we can build anything.”

Registration for the hybrid event is available here.

November 14 – 15: Discover What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2024 with TriMech

TriMech is hosting several live launch parties in North America this week to let everyone know “What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2024.” Attendees will learn about the new features and enhancements in this release from certified SOLIDWORKS experts, starting with a live event in Charlotte, North Carolina from 8:30-12:30 EST on Tuesday the 14th, and another one in Bedminster, New Jersey from 10-2 EST the same day. There will be three of these events on Wednesday the 15th, starting in Oakville, Ontario from 9:45-2 EST, another one in Calgary, Alberta from 9-4 MST, and finally in Glen Allen, Virginia from 9-1:30 EST.

“From the beginning, SOLIDWORKS® has been at the forefront of making design accessible to every designer and engineer. Our job is putting you in a position to create, collaborate, and deliver innovative product experiences with powerful, yet easy-to-use product development solutions. SOLIDWORKS 2024 continues this expectation, while opening new possibilities to enhance the way you design, communicate, and manage your 3D designs with SOLIDWORKS.”

Stick around after the presentations for lunch and a Q&A session with the technical team.

November 14 – 16: Space Tech Expo Europe

The sixth edition of Europe’s largest B2B event for the space industry, Space Tech Expo Europe, is set to unfold in Bremen, Germany from November 14-16. This is an opportunity for attendees to explore an array of new space technologies used in manufacturing, gain insights from the industry’s sought-after leaders and experts, as well as connect with potential business partners. The event will host over 150 speakers and anticipates welcoming more than 6,200 attendees and over 650 exhibitors.

“We are the premier display for space manufacturing & testing services, components and systems engineering for spacecraft, launcher, and satellite programs. Our attendees acknowledge us as the principal occasion in the space industry calendar, delivering the ultimate platform for networking with colleagues and forging important new business connections and partnerships face-to-face.”

Interested individuals can register for the event, plus participate in B2B matchmaking via this link.

November 14: Automated FDM Post-Processing

At 10 am EST on the 14th, PostProcess Technologies will present another webinar titled “How it Works,” this time focusing on “Automated FDM Post-Processing.” The attendees will have the opportunity to watch a live demonstration of the company’s FDM support removal solutions operating on its unique AUTOMAT3D platform and pose queries in real-time.

“Presented by one of our experts in post-processing from our lab, you will gain a detailed view of how the software, hardware, and chemistry synchronize to deliver transformative results for the final part.”

Interested individuals can register for the webinar here.

November 14: Insights from 3D Systems on Jewelry Manufacturing

3D Systems is conducting a webinar titled “Boosting Efficiency, Quality and Creativity in Jewelry Manufacturing“. This will be held at 11 am EST on the 14th. The webinar will delve into how their products can enhance the standard manufacturing process. This includes mold creation to intricate prototyping, lost wax casting and more to tackle challenges in jewelry production. As a result, reductions in cost and liberations in design are achieved. The participants will be enlightened about the latest features of the MJP 300W next generation wax patterns 3D printer, jewelry casting examples, and further insights by the speakers Michael Simmons, Manager, Application Innovation Group – Berkeley, and Rob Noce, Product Manager, Jetting Technologies.

“Designing successful jewelry demands creativity and quality and the capability to develop high-accuracy patterns. 3D Systems’ superior 3D printing solutions expedite your time-to-market and offer a competitive edge in producing large volumes and in mass-production of custom jewelry.”

To participate in the webinar, register here.

Busting AM Myths & Simulating Metal Prints on November 14

Sign up for a seminar with Fastway Engineering, 3D Metal Konsulting, and Ansys at 12:30 pm EST on the 14th for our webinar titled “Busting Myths and Simulating Successful Metal AM Prints.” Those who attend will get a clear understanding of frequent AM misunderstandings, acquire knowledge about metal 3D printing and simulation software from industry leaders, and engage with other professionals with similar interests to discuss topics such as applications, materials, DfAM, the market landscape, cost, and qualification. Be sure to stay for a Q&A session at the end!

“In order to navigate through the complex world of additive manufacturing, it is important to have a range of expert perspectives. That’s why Fastway Engineering and 3D Metal Konsulting are teaming up to present you with an extraordinary, complimentary seminar that blends the best of two worlds – years of real-world Experience and advanced Simulation Tools.”

To attend the webinar, registry can be completed here.

14th of November: Making Anatomical Models Ready for 3D Printing

On Tuesday the 14th at 1 pm EST, Materialise is scheduled to conduct the latest free training of its online series titled “Preparing Anatomical Models for 3D Printing,” which will be centered on soft tissue. The online course is structured as 45 minutes of instruction followed by a 15-minute question and answer segment. The participants are expected to grasp each stage of transforming medical images into high-quality, 3D printable models. The steps include importing DICOM data, image segmentation, optimization, reconstruction, and enhancement.

“Join our online series to grasp the principles of preparing anatomical models for 3D printing guided by the experts from Materialise. Learn how to create a soft tissue 3D anatomical model for 3D printing or other uses such as advanced 3D analysis, procedure planning/simulation, personalized device design, and advanced visualization via virtual or augmented reality.”

You can sign up for the training here.

November 14: Xometry’s Teamspace Demo

The concluding webinar on 14th November is presented by Xometry and focuses on their product Teamspace, a specialized workspace within Xometry’s platform where users can collaborate on custom part orders and projects, giving team members instant access to part statues, quotes, order placement, tracking data, and more. In their webinar entitled “Build Big Ideas Together: Xometry Teamspace Demo and Q&A” at 2 pm EST, attendees will get a tour on what Teamspace is, how to set up Teams, adding team members, assigning specific roles, among other things. You are encouraged to create a team by visiting this link to understand how the tools work before the webinar, which enables you to participate better in the Q&A.

“The Product Team at Xometry is eager to help you make full use of these collaborative tools and will provide a live demonstration of Teamspace. We invite project managers, procurement professionals, buyers, engineers, and others to attend and benefit from this walkthrough.”

Interested parties can register for the webinar here.

November 16: 3D Printing Organs on a Chip & Microfluidic Devices

On Thursday, November 16th, 3DHEALS is scheduled to host their latest panel discussion on the topic of “3D Printing Organ on a Chip, Microfluidic Devices,” at 11 am EST. The considerable benefits of 3D printing of microfluidic devices and organ-on-a-chip systems include precision and flexibility, quick and cost-effective production of intricate microscale structures, and others have ushered in unprecedented opportunities in personalized medicine and biomedical research. The conversation will be moderated by Dr. Jenny Chen, CEO and Founder of 3DHEALS, where top entrepreneurs discuss the future potential of this application.

“The ability to customize microfluidic devices to mirror specific physiological conditions is now within the researchers’ reach, allowing for more precise drug testing and disease modeling. Notably, the ability to include multiple materials in a single print enables the reproduction of tissue interfaces and vascular networks, which boosts the development of more realistic organ-on-a-chip platforms. This innovative method holds the potential to revolutionize drug development, toxicology testing, and disease understanding, offering a preview into a future dominated by advanced, 3D-printed microsystems for personalized medicine.”

You are welcome to register for the Zoom panel here.

November 16: Stratasys 3D Printing for Advanced Rapid Prototyping

Stratasys is presenting a webinar titled “3D Printing for Advanced Rapid Prototyping” on the 16th at 12 pm EST. This session is geared towards product managers, design and manufacturing teams, and engineers in the consumer goods sector who are keen to enhance product development. During the webinar, attendees can learn how this technology can spark innovation. The speaker, Fred Fischer, the Senior Director of Revenue Enablement and Application Engineering at Stratasys, will discuss the advantages of 3D printing in rapid prototyping, share real-world success stories, and more.

“Consumer goods corporations constantly face the need to innovate and rapidly introduce new products. Traditional approaches to product development often lead to delays, escalated costs, and restricted design flexibility.

“The solution? 3D Printing for Advanced Rapid Prototyping.”

You can click here to register for the webinar.

November 16: Webinar on Lunar 3D Printing Hosted by

Also on the 16th, will host a webinar by 6K Additive and Agile Space Industries about “Getting to the Moon with AM” at 2 pm EST. Choosing the right platform, and the right material, is crucial when 3D printing parts that must survive in the rigorous conditions to which they’re subjected by lunar vehicles. Agile’s Chief Engineer Charlie Garcia and AM Engineer Dustin Crouse Sr., along with 6K Additive’s Chief Commercial Officer Nick Pflugh, will discuss Agile’s products, as well as specifics of its A2200 program, the importance of Ni625 as the selected material, and more.

“Agile’s A2200 engines will be used on a Lunar lander vehicle. The A2200 engine was developed to provide maximum performance on demanding missions, with a specific impulse of more than 318 seconds. Using an integral pintle sleeve throttling mechanism, the engine is capable of deep throttling, providing a smooth ride and fine control for a variety of missions. The engine can throttle from 50 to 100% thrust in under 650 milliseconds. Making it the perfect engine for heavily demanding maneuvering sequences that lunar missions require.”

You can register for the webinar here.

November 16: Full Arch 3D Printing Workflows with SprintRay

Finally, at 7 pm EST on Thursday, October 16th, SprintRay will be hosting a free CE credit webinar titled “Full Arch 3D Printing Workflows.” The talk will feature Dr. Mike Tran who will delve into how implementing 3D printing in a dental practice can enhance patient satisfaction, enable provision of same-day care, and enhance the aesthetics of fixed hybrid dentures. The webinar will also cover the utilization of specialized hardware for optimized digital dental workflows and an introduction to the first FDA-approved 3D printing resin for fixed hybrid dentures.

“Learn about the cutting-edge 3D printer hardware that expedites printing times for commonplace dental appliances in this webinar. Dr. Mike Tran will lift the veil on the fixed hybrid denture workflow and share details about the one and only 3D printing resin approved by the FDA for fixed hybrid dentures. Additionally, he will illuminate the adaptability of the dedicated 3D printing hardware and its ability to drastically decrease printing times for night guards, dental models, removable dentures, and more.”

You can sign up for the webinar here.

Got news about any upcoming webinars or events – virtual or physical? Feel free to get in touch with us!

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