Omni3D and Duet3D collaborate to shape the future of industrial 3D printing.


Omni3D, an industrial 3D printer manufacturer, has recently partnered with Duet3D to enhance its capabilities. Duet3D specializes in high-performance machine control solutions for additive manufacturing and broader automation industries. Inspired by Duet3D’s versatile motion control electronics, Omni3D seamlessly integrated these features into its 3D printers, making it a pivotal element of its product portfolio.

One of the main objectives for Omni3D was to address the pain points identified by its customers and reduce the barriers to entry for industrial Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) additive manufacturing. Existing enclosed, heated multi-material machines were found to have an unsatisfactory cost-performance tradeoff. Additionally, there were issues with reliability, automation, and user-friendliness in currently available solutions. Omni3D wanted to design and manufacture a fully enclosed machine optimized for industrial materials, with a fully enclosed and automated filament management system. The goal was to create a machine capable of 24hr+ autonomous multi-material 3D printing with automated filament management, remote monitoring, and control, that would seamlessly integrate into existing manufacturing environments.

To tackle these challenges, Omni3D turned to Duet3D’s control electronics and firmware. The Duet 3 distributed closed-loop control options and flexible, powerful SBC integration offered by Duet provided Omni3D with the tools it needed to address its demanding control and integration requirements.

The Omni3D machine extensively utilizes Duet3D’s advanced distributed motion control system. This includes 1HCLs positioned near each motor, which simplifies wiring and reduces complexity. Toolboard 1LCs are mounted strategically above the high-temperature chamber, taking advantage of the benefits of the toolboard while avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures. This positioning simplifies the wiring process and saves time and costs in production.

Automating the process of filament exchange was another challenge that Omni3D successfully tackled. New G-code capabilities implemented by Duet3D in its firmware allowed for complex procedures and bespoke automation. The machine includes two individually heated filament compartments with independent filament feeders, allowing for up to four materials to be loaded and swapped during the 3D printing process without pausing the job.

The control system is based on the use of Duet3 3HC expansion boards, which are interconnected through the CAN-FD interface. This enables functions such as compartment heater control and temperature monitoring for filament spool compartments, as well as the management of filament feed extruders. The control system also ensures seamless synchronization of automated filament swapping during ongoing prints with the main machine controller firmware.

Omni3D adopted closed-loop control for all six motors, ensuring high print output reliability, especially for large prints in industrial polymers. The integrated brake control secures the bed when power is off, enhancing operational stability.

The user interface of the OmniPro 3D printer is based on a high-definition HDMI touch screen controlled by a Single Board Computer (SBC) closely integrated with the Duet3D control system. The Omni3D team successfully created a new, responsive, and user-friendly interface to meet the needs of their customers.

By integrating Duet3D’s control electronics and firmware, Omni3D has been able to address customer pain points and deliver transformative results with its new industrial 3D printer. The versatile motion control system, automated filament management, and user-friendly interface make it a standout product in the additive manufacturing industry.

Omni3D, a leading manufacturer of high-precision Industrial and Desktop 3D printers, has found success in embracing innovative solutions from Duet3D. By building upon the open-source design of DuetWebControl (DWC), Omni3D developers were able to extend and modify the web app to create a custom user interface tailored to their specific needs.

Instead of starting from scratch, the developers leveraged the existing DWC framework, which significantly sped up the process of creating their bespoke UI. This allowed them to focus their efforts on adapting the interface to a touch screen, ensuring a seamless user experience on the OmniPRO printer.

The integration of Duet’s motion control electronics and closed-loop systems proved to be a game-changer for Omni3D. The precision control, consistency, and real-time error detection and correction provided by Duet’s technology resulted in superior printing results. Additionally, the customized user interface tailored specifically to Omni3D’s customers’ needs further enhanced the overall experience.

The OmniPro 3D printer boasts impressive technical specifications, including a build volume of XYZ 500 x 500 x 500 mm, closed-loop control, a 10.1″ LCD touchscreen-based UI, and maximum chamber and extruder temperatures of 220°C and 500°C, respectively. The printer also features a filament management system with a dryer, ensuring optimal printing conditions.

Through their collaboration with Duet3D, Omni3D has solidified its position as a leader in the additive manufacturing industry. The success of this partnership not only benefits Omni3D but also contributes to the future development of the additive manufacturing and broader automation industries.

Looking ahead, the future of 3D printing holds immense potential. As the technology continues to evolve, there will be new engineering challenges to tackle in the coming decade. Staying up to date with the latest 3D printing news, such as subscribing to the 3D Printing Industry newsletter or following industry-related social media channels, is crucial for staying informed and prepared for the future.

For those interested in pursuing a career in the additive manufacturing industry, 3D Printing Jobs offers a selection of roles in the field. This industry is rapidly growing and offers exciting opportunities for innovation and advancement.

As the 2023 3D Printing Industry Awards voting commences, it is clear that organizations like Omni3D and Duet3D are making significant contributions to the industry. Their collaboration and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in additive manufacturing will undoubtedly shape the future of 3D printing.

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