Partnership Between 1000 Kelvin and Fieldmade: Integrating AI into Deployable 3D Printers


1000 Kelvin, the US-German software provider specializing in AI-driven solutions for 3D printing, has partnered with Norway’s Fieldmade, maker of the NOMAD Series of deployable modules for 3D printing, to bring automated manufacturing quality control to the frontlines. 1000 Kelvin and Fieldmade announced the partnership at the Military Additive Manufacturing (MilAM) Summit & Technology Showcase in Tampa, Florida (January 16-17).

At Formnext 2023, 1000 Kelvin announced the commercial release of its AMAIZE platform, which uses physics and manufacturing data to autocorrects print recipes in order to prevent printing misfires before they occur. 1000 Kelvin’s US headquarters are specifically located in Southern California to put the company as close as possible to customers in the aerospace and defense market, with an unnamed rocket launch provider being one of the first commercial users of AMAIZE.

Fieldmade has extensive experience working with the Norwegian Armed Forces. The company also works extensively with energy companies, and Fieldnode, a Fieldmade spin-out, has created a digital inventory platform in collaboration with some of the world’s largest oil companies.

In a press release about 1000 Kelvin’s partnership with Fieldmade, Jostein Olsen, Fieldmade’s CEO, mentioned, “Our dream is to convert deployable 3D printing as simple as operating a vending machine. The incorporation of 1000 Kelvin’s AMAIZE in our merchandise is a notable boost towards this aim.”

Omar Fergani, PhD, co-originator and CEO of 1000 Kelvin, remarked, “Through amalgamating our capabilities, we’re not merely progressing technology; we’re offering solutions that can save effort, expenditure, and in dire military conditions, even lives.”

Photo courtesy of Fieldmade

There is no doubt that, as Advanced Manufacturing (AM) transforms, above everything, to a supply chain resilience tool, more and more utilizers will take interest in ruggedization. As per indications from Fieldmade’s specific areas of expertise, this does not just imply military clients, but any sector defined by a “frontlines” working scenario, predominantly energy firms and shipping operations.

Moreover, as Fieldmade’s selection of 1000 Kelvin as a collaborator demonstrates, workplaces where ruggedization is a priority are the best opportunities for automated quality control driven by AI. Obviously, it will require some duration, vitality, and numerous failed attempts to smooth out all of the complicacies involved in those procedures.

On the other hand, the sooner that AI is built into the equation, the better, and the data from ruggedized environments should provide more insight, more quickly into the issues underlying all failed prints, than data exclusively derived from laboratory and factory settings. Moreover, there is a case to be made that mobile sectors requiring ruggedization represent the potential customer base with the most urgent need for AM for production. In turn, the sooner that AM companies can succeed at fulfilling that demand, the faster the cost per unit of every printed part can be lowered, paving the way for new adopters in more traditional manufacturing environments.

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