Parts have been produced for NASA’s Cygnus Program using additive manufacturing by BEAMIT.


BEAMIT, a prominent Italian company in the Metal Additive Manufacturing industry, has recently announced its involvement with NASA’s Cygnus program, which aims to supply the International Space Station (ISS) and advance space exploration. As part of the program, BEAMIT will provide NASA-qualified AlSi7Mg 3D printed parts for the ISS. This collaboration demonstrates NASA’s continued commitment to metal additive manufacturing, specifically for projects in outer space.

The Cygnus program, which has been in operation since 2013, enables the refueling of the ISS using spacecraft that regularly carry essential cargo. These shipments have played a crucial role in conducting scientific experiments at the space station and have significantly increased the ability to perform new investigations in zero gravity. Additionally, the program has paved the way for future space exploration missions, including those involving the Moon and Mars. One of the missions involves studying the use of 3D printing in space and examining the potential for creating shelters using rock and soil found on celestial bodies like the Moon.

BEAMIT’s contribution to the Cygnus program involves supplying 3D printed components using Laser Powder Bed Fusion technology. These components, made with AlSi7Mg material, are NADCAP-certified and surpass NASA’s minimum material requirements. This achievement signifies a significant advancement in space technology applications. To ensure the highest levels of quality and innovation, BEAMIT collaborated with Telema, Blu Electronic, and Thales Alenia Space.

Mauro Antolotti, the president of BEAMIT, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Our collaboration with Telema, Blu Electronic, and Thales Alenia Space represents a milestone in the aerospace industry. BEAMIT’s expertise in additive manufacturing, combined with the contributions of our valued partners and NADCAP-qualified components, will elevate the Cygnus program to new levels of innovation and efficiency.”

The integration of BEAMIT’s NADCAP-qualified AlSi7Mg components into the Cygnus program will result in sturdier, lighter, and more technologically advanced spacecraft. These 3D printed components have undergone rigorous testing and qualification by NASA to ensure their reliability and longevity, even in the harsh conditions of space exploration. This partnership also highlights the significant progress made in metal additive manufacturing technology and quality assurance, particularly for space-related components.

Furthermore, this collaboration emphasizes BEAMIT’s commitment to establishing itself globally through continued investments in cutting-edge aerospace projects and technologies. It reflects the company’s ambition to make a mark in the international arena.

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Cover Photo Credits: Cygnus Aircraft, Thales Alenia Space

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