Safeguard Your $3,499+ Apple Vision Pro Headset with the 3D-Printed Stand


Apple didn’t make one, so someone else did.

If you’re the proud new owner of an Apple Vision Pro you have no shortage of accessories to choose from. Quite apart from all the different components that make up the Apple Vision Pro box’s contents, Apple will sell you a wide variety of different bits that can be used with the headset. Some of them are definitely priced to match the $3,499 starting price of Apple’s first foray into the world of spatial computing.

Those accessories include an additional Apple Vision Pro battery pack for $199, while the same amount of money will change hands if you want a new case as well. The admittedly impressive Apple Vision Pro Travel Case costs just shy of $200 and gives owners somewhere to put their headset when they’re off on a trip, it even includes a space for the battery pack, ZEISS lenses, and more.

The list of Apple Vision Pro accessories continues, it includes things like a battery pack holder for those who don’t have a pocket spare. However, there’s one product that you won’t find at your local Apple Store or indeed when you visit That accessory is arguably one that most Apple Vision Pro owners will want to buy, too. We are of course talking about a stand, somewhere to put the costly headset when it isn’t firmly strapped to its owner’s head. But worry not, because someone has done what Apple won’t — create a cool Apple Vision Pro stand that you can 3D print at home. It even has somewhere to store a pair of batteries, too.

The stand, shaped like a head with a nose and a space for the forehead and eyes, was crafted by the user X @replica_3d. The Apple Vision Pro is positioned where the eyes would be, and a detachable block at the rear houses the main battery pack and could hold a second one if available.

I created an adjustable stand for the Vision Pro and the battery. You can download it on @Cults3D. – Posted on February 8, 2024

The stand is designed to be compact for storage or transport and can be expanded to give the Apple Vision Pro a place to rest. The entire stand’s size is about the same as the headset, which means you won’t need much space to accommodate it.

To 3D print your own stand, you can find all the necessary materials online for free – you’ll need a 3D printer and the necessary materials to convert these designs into a tangible object. If you already have these, then this may be the Apple Vision Pro stand you’ve been seeking.

The announcement of Apple Vision Pro took place in June 2023, and its sale finally commenced on February 2nd of this year. We expect to see more accessories soon. Possibly, third-party manufacturers might step in to compensate for Apple’s lack of a proprietary stand. Those without a 3D printer can opt for the $199 Travel Case, but the aesthetic appeal falls short. Nonetheless, it is better than leaving your $3,499+ headset unattended on a desk.

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The first significant Apple Vision Pro software update might make its debut at the WWDC in June, and it can be confirmed that visionOS 2.0 will be launched this year.

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