Sigma Additive has sold its 3D Printing QA Assets to Divergent.


Sigma Additive Solutions Announces Acquisition of NextTrip Holdings and IPQA Technology Sale to Divergent Technologies

In a surprising turn of events, Sigma Additive Solutions, a company that recently exited the 3D printing industry, has announced two major developments. Firstly, it has acquired NextTrip Holdings, Inc., a travel technology company. Secondly, it has sold its in-process quality assurance (IPQA) technology to Divergent Technologies, Inc., a renowned player in the additive manufacturing (AM) space.

Divergent Technologies is best known for its groundbreaking work in producing hypercars and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for General Atomics. The company’s expertise in additive manufacturing has propelled it to the forefront of the automotive, aerospace, and defense sectors. With the acquisition of Sigma’s IPQA technology, Divergent Technologies aims to enhance its additive manufacturing capabilities and potentially expand into other industries that demand high-quality and complex structures.

DAPS system and KUKA robots at the Divergent 3D factory. Photo by Marc Weisberg.

Divergent Technologies’ recent $100 million investment from Hexagon AB has further solidified its position in the 3D printing and automated assembly technology market. This investment sets the stage for Divergent Technologies to leverage its leadership in additive manufacturing, specifically in the automotive sector. The integration of Sigma’s PrintRite3D technology, which utilizes sensors and software to monitor metal laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) machines, will bolster Divergent Technologies’ quality assurance capabilities, ensuring the production of safer and more reliable products.

The acquisition of Sigma’s IPQA technology and patents is a significant move for Divergent Technologies and Hexagon, as it positions them to create a complete manufacturing ecosystem. Quality assurance is a crucial aspect of mass production, guaranteeing that parts meet specifications at scale. With the acquisition, Divergent Technologies gains a foothold in the QA segment of the metal AM market, solidifying its status as a mass manufacturer.

It is worth noting Divergent Technologies’ collaboration with Nikon SLM Solutions, a company known for its advanced sensor and metrology products. This collaboration could potentially result in technology-sharing or licensing agreements. Additionally, Divergent Technologies may have already developed its own QA process that aligns with some of the patents in Sigma’s portfolio. By owning the intellectual property, Divergent Technologies can now sell or license its technology to other players in the AM sector.

The acquisition of Sigma’s IPQA technology raises questions about the future of QA in the AM industry. As Divergent Technologies cements its position as a supplier for major automotive manufacturers and General Atomics, there is a possibility that competitors might seek to acquire other QA firms. However, the options are limited, with Phase3D, Additive Assurance, and possibly 1000Kelvin being the only viable candidates. It remains to be seen if these nascent businesses are open to acquisition.

In the rapidly evolving world of 3D printing, these developments from Sigma Additive Solutions and Divergent Technologies have added another layer of excitement to the industry. As the AM sector continues to grow, it is crucial to stay updated on the latest news and advancements that shape this transformative technology.

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