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Title: Revolutionizing Postoperative Rhinoplasty Care: The Rise of 3D Printed Splints


Postoperative edema, a common concern after rhinoplasty, often leads to extended aesthetic result visualization, impacting patient satisfaction. To address this issue, researchers recently conducted a study comparing the effectiveness of traditional nasal taping and innovative 3D printed splints in managing postoperative nasal edema. The results revealed that 3D printed splints demonstrated superior volume reduction at 6 and 12 months post-surgery, offering a promising alternative to traditional taping techniques.

The Challenge of Postoperative Edema:

Postoperative edema can persist for over a year, necessitating efficient management techniques. Currently, available approaches vary from pharmacological solutions to manual methods like nasal taping. To improve patient comfort and aesthetic outcomes, researchers sought to determine whether custom 3D printed splints could offer a more efficient and patient-friendly solution.

The Power of 3D Printed Splints:

Designed based on preoperative 3D simulations of the intended rhinoplasty outcome, the biocompatible polymer-based 3D printed splints revolutionize postoperative care. Priced at approximately $350, these splints are tailored to fit each patient’s unique anatomy. The study encompassed a randomized controlled trial involving 70 patients, aiming to evaluate the efficacy of these splints in reducing postoperative edema.

Findings and Implications:

The results were truly groundbreaking. At both the 6-month and 1-year marks, the group using 3D printed splints exhibited a more significant volume reduction compared to the taping group. This suggests that these splints not only facilitate quicker short-term recovery but also potentially enhance patient compliance due to their ease of application.

Towards Enhanced Patient Recovery and Satisfaction:

By highlighting the potential of 3D printed splints, this study paves the way for an improved patient recovery experience and higher satisfaction rates. If widely adopted, this transformative approach can have a lasting impact on the field of rhinoplasty and reshape postoperative care. Patient comfort and aesthetic outcomes can improve significantly, as visualizing the final results becomes easier and more reliable.

Looking Ahead:

The emergence of 3D printed splints as a powerful tool offers hope for the future of postoperative rhinoplasty care. As the field of additive manufacturing continues to advance, we can expect further innovations that enhance patient experiences and outcomes. It is crucial to stay connected and engaged as these advancements unfold. Join the conversation on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to share your thoughts on this revolutionary breakthrough.


The study’s findings shine a light on the potential of 3D printed splints as a game-changer in the management of postoperative rhinoplasty edema. With their ability to offer faster short-term recovery and improved patient compliance, these splints present an effective alternative to traditional taping methods. As we harness the power of additive manufacturing, we can reshape the recovery experience for rhinoplasty patients, ensuring their satisfaction in the long run. Stay informed by signing up for our weekly additive manufacturing newsletter, delivering the latest stories straight to your inbox. Together, we can revolutionize the future of postoperative care.

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