The highlights to look out for at Formnext 2023 include the launch of 3D printing technology, product updates, and application advancements.


November has arrived, and with it comes one of the most exciting events in the additive manufacturing industry: Formnext. This annual trade show has become the go-to event for new product launches, application developments, and the emergence of new start-up companies within the industry.

From November 7-10, the TCT team will be on the show floor, providing regular updates to TCT Magazine readers through the website, daily reporting via the Additive Insight newsletter, and a final summary of the week on the Additive Insight podcast. As we prepare to travel to Frankfurt for the event, we spoke to a number of exhibitors about the additive manufacturing (AM) technologies they plan to showcase, so you know which booths to visit.

One company making waves at Formnext is EOS, which will introduce its M 300-4 1kW metal additive manufacturing system. Set to ship early next year, this machine is designed to provide enhanced productivity for aluminum and copper applications in industries such as aviation, energy, and defense. Equipped with four 1kW lasers (compared to the standard four 400W lasers on the M 300-4), a 300 x 300 x 400 mm build volume, and a build rate of 154 mm³/s, this new product promises to push the boundaries of metal additive manufacturing. Visitors to the EOS booth will also have the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions with the company’s experts at the AM Expert Bar.

Another exhibitor to watch out for is HP, which will be showcasing its latest iteration of the Multi Jet Fusion technology. The MJF 5600 system offers improved yield rates, operational costs, and part quality repeatability compared to its predecessor. With new software capabilities that allow users to run experiments, track process analytics, and reuse insights for future applications and process development, HP is demonstrating its commitment to pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing. Make sure to listen to the special TCT Additive Insight podcast featuring an interview with HP’s Global Head of Polymers François Minec and Systems Product Manager Duygu Gunay for more insights into their new product.

Replique, a provider of a decentralized 3D printing platform, will launch a comprehensive and open material database for 3D printing. This move will make Replique’s collective material knowledge accessible to the 3D printing community, helping users select appropriate materials for their specific applications. By providing an intuitive platform with various filtering options, Replique aims to save time, costs, and guarantee the quality of 3D printed parts. The database will also offer access to reference cases and certificates in the near future.

The Polygonica team will be showcasing new functionality in Polygonica 3.3 at Formnext. This includes features like edge blending, shelling, Z-compensation, and 1D medial skeleton generation. Additionally, improvements have been made to registration and alignment functionality, as well as remeshing to adjust vertices to align with the original CAD patch surface and boundary curves. These advancements demonstrate the continuous evolution and innovation within the additive manufacturing industry.

Lithoz will unveil its multi-material printer, CeraFab 2M30, at the event. This printer combines LCM technology with the ability to create highly complex structures and geometries using two materials. By utilizing two separate rotating vats within one printer, Lithoz can create next-generation multifunctional parts. These materials can be combined layer by layer or within a single layer, allowing for perfect gradual variations in material composition. The possibilities range from combining different ceramics or ceramics with metal or polymer. The multi-material capabilities of the CeraFab 2M30 open up a world of possibilities in additive manufacturing.

Formnext promises to be an event full of excitement, innovation, and new opportunities in the additive manufacturing industry. As we prepare to attend, we’re excited to see these technologies in action and share our experiences with our readers. Stay tuned for our coverage of Formnext and make sure to follow our updates on the TCT Magazine website, the Additive Insight newsletter, and the Additive Insight podcast.

As we witness the rapid advancement of additive manufacturing, we are constantly amazed by the endless possibilities it presents. One of the most notable developments in this field is the ability to combine opposing material properties in a single part. This means that conductive and insulating or magnetic and non-magnetic properties can coexist, opening up a whole new world of design possibilities.

This breakthrough not only expands the options available for part design but also has the potential to revolutionize production processes in various industries, including the medical sector. Traditionally, creating parts with different material properties would require multiple stages and processes. However, with the advent of additive manufacturing, this can all be done in a single step, saving time, effort, and resources.

One company at the forefront of this innovation is ARBURG GmbH + Co KG. At the upcoming Formnext event, they will be showcasing their complete range of products for industrial additive manufacturing. A highlight of their exhibit will be the new 750-3X high-temperature Freeformer, which can produce resilient air distributors from certified Ultem original granulate. This showcases the ability to combine different material properties in a single part.

Another company pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing is Arkema. They will be present at Formnext to highlight their deep expertise in polymer materials. Their offering covers a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies, including resin-based, pellet extrusion, and powder bed processes. This demonstrates their commitment to providing materials that can be applied in real-world applications.

AMT has also made significant strides in this field, developing a desktop chemical vapor smoothing system that is compatible with all Nylons. This system not only allows for the smoothing of parts but also offers support for flexible materials like TPEs and TPUs. This showcases the versatility and flexibility that additive manufacturing can bring to different industries.

BLT will be introducing their BLT-S400 metal 3D AM solution at Formnext, which is specifically designed for large-scale batch production of industrial parts. With its three lasers, this system significantly boosts production efficiency, making it ideal for mass production. They will also showcase their 3D-printed Intermediate Compressor Case, a crucial load-bearing component for aviation engines.

Farsoon brings over a decade of experience in industrial 3D printing and will be showcasing their portfolio of metal and plastic laser powder bed fusion systems at Formnext. Their machines offer a wide range of build envelope sizes and material capabilities, catering to various production needs. This exemplifies their commitment to supporting customers across all aspects of additive manufacturing.

Prima Additive, on the other hand, will be showcasing their Print Genius 150 Double Wavelength system, which is equipped with two lasers of different wavelengths. This enables the processing of a wide range of materials, from conventional metals to highly reflective substances like pure copper or precious materials. They will also exhibit their IANUS Direct Energy Deposition multi-process robotic cell.

Lastly, Phase3D will be presenting their Fringe product offering at Formnext. This technology enables real-time monitoring within 3D printing processes, allowing for early detection and action in case of anomalies. By using height maps of the powder and melted layer, this system ensures reliable and accurate results.

The advancements showcased by these companies at Formnext highlight the tremendous potential of additive manufacturing. With the ability to combine opposing material properties in a single part, we can expect to see revolutionary changes in part design and production processes. This, in turn, will lead to exciting developments in various industries, from aviation to healthcare. The future of additive manufacturing is indeed promising.

Introducing Breakthrough Technologies at Formnext 2022

The much-anticipated Formnext 2022 is just around the corner, and it’s set to be an exciting event for the additive manufacturing industry. From new 3D printing platforms to innovative materials, companies are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of 3D printing. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the most groundbreaking technologies that will be showcased at Formnext.

Incus GmbH, an Austrian metal 3D printing company, is set to debut its Hammer Pro40 lithography metal 3D printing platform. This platform is a major leap forward in addressing production needs, offering a 2x 200 x 76.8 x 150 mm build volume and a high potential throughput of 700cm³/hour. With smooth surface finishes and complex geometries, the Hammer Pro40 is expected to revolutionize the industry.

Hiperbaric, a global leader in High Pressure Technologies, will present its Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) technology at Formnext. Their range of HIP equipment is known for its reliability and performance, reaching up to 200MPa of pressure. With ‘Fast cooling’ technology, Hiperbaric’s HIP presses increase productivity and deliver cost reductions, making them ideal for demanding industries.

Roboze, another leading company in the industry, will introduce its Hypermelt technology. With the ARGO 1000 machine, they aim to create the ‘largest pellet-based 3D printer in the world.’ This solution offers a build volume of 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm and an extrusion rate of up to 2 kg/h. Hypermelt is set to significantly reduce production times and allow quick access to necessary parts, making it a game-changer in the field of additive manufacturing.

Xenia Materials will showcase its new range of 3D printing materials. These materials, combined with unique resins, fibers, and additives, offer impressive stiffness, dimensional stability, low density, and low thermal expansion. This range is perfect for any pellet-based type of FDM printer, LSAM production, and high-precision production.

Finally, Endless Industries, a Berlin-based start-up, will exhibit its proprietary printhead technology for fiber-reinforced parts. With this technology, they have converted a small-format 3D printer into a powerful tool for creating robust fiber-reinforced parts. Endless Industries has been recognized as one of the top start-ups in the industry and will showcase their impressive capabilities at Formnext.

Formnext 2022 is shaping up to be a groundbreaking event for the additive manufacturing industry. These new technologies and innovations are set to transform the way we think about 3D printing. With improved production capabilities, better materials, and cutting-edge printhead technology, the possibilities are endless. Be sure to visit the respective booths of these companies at Formnext to learn more about their groundbreaking contributions to the industry.

Revolutionizing FDM Polymer 3D Printing with Printhead Upgrades

In a world where technological advancements are constantly evolving, the field of 3D printing has experienced significant growth and innovation. One such advancement in the world of 3D printing is the ability to upgrade FDM polymer printers with composite 3D printing capabilities through the use of printheads.

Endless Industries, a company at the forefront of this technology, has developed a printhead that allows users to cut fibers directly at the hot end, where the polymer is already molten. This unique method enables the cutting of thicker strands of fiber compared to other nozzles on the market. The benefits of using thicker fibers include the production of stiffer parts and lower costs, as thicker fibers tend to be more affordable.

Currently, Endless Industries’ printhead can process materials at temperatures up to 250°C, allowing for the reinforcement of materials such as PETG, PA12, PA11, and PP with fibers. However, the company is already working on a next-generation product that can reinforce polymers like PA6, polycarbonates, and potentially even PEEK.

Stephan Koerber, Business Development & Finances at Endless Industries, believes that their technology complements what is already available on the market. By giving everyone the chance to upgrade their 3D printers with composite capabilities, there is a great potential for growth and innovation. Currently, the market for carbon fiber 3D printing is hindered by factors such as material selection, price, and machine availability. Endless Industries aims to overcome these barriers and explore the possibilities of what fiber reinforcement can achieve.

Another company pushing the boundaries of 3D printing is CONCR3DE. At the Formnext exhibition, CONCR3DE plans to introduce ready-made solutions for its open binder jetting technology platform. These solutions include 3D printed Silicon Carbide (SiSiC), Alumina, Foundry Sands, Refractory Cement, and highly sustainable materials for product design, architecture, and prototyping applications.

CONCR3DE’s Wood material is a remarkable example of their sustainable approach to 3D printing. By upcycling sawdust and turning it into wooden products, they showcase the potential for eco-friendly manufacturing. Additionally, they offer several recycled stone materials that can be used to print objects of various sizes.

ADDiTEC will also be making an appearance at Formnext, showcasing its Liquid Metal Jetting technology. This technology utilizes a drop-on-demand liquid metal printing process protected by over 300 patents. With high-resolution parts, closed-loop process control, and reduced production costs, ADDiTEC aims to revolutionize metal 3D printing.

Metafold3D, a provider of design for additive manufacturing software technology, will unveil its new meshless simulation module at Formnext. This module aims to eliminate the complexity and costs associated with traditional mesh-based simulations, opening up a new era of streamlined and efficient design.

Rivelin Robotics will showcase its Netshape Robots, automated post-processing solutions for metal AM parts. These robots are capable of removing supports and finishing metal parts, offering a seamless transition from 3D printing to the final product.

Finally, Renishaw, a renowned engineering firm, plans to introduce a groundbreaking metal 3D printing technology at Formnext. While specific details are yet to be revealed, Renishaw promises reduced build times without sacrificing part quality, marking a step-change in additive manufacturing productivity.

Formnext 2023 promises to be an event filled with groundbreaking technologies and innovative solutions. With advancements in printheads, materials, software, and automation, the possibilities for 3D printing continue to expand. The future holds exciting prospects for the 3D printing industry as it continues to revolutionize manufacturing across various sectors.

Renishaw, a leading manufacturer of additive manufacturing (AM) tools, has launched the RenAM 500 metal AM series, aimed at driving wider industry adoption of AM. The company’s commitment to bring AM to the mainstream is fueled by its goal to overcome one of the biggest challenges in AM adoption: productivity.

Louise Callanan, Director of Additive Manufacturing at Renishaw, highlighted the significance of this launch. By putting the most efficient AM tools in the hands of users, Renishaw aims to remove the historically large barrier to AM adoption, which is productivity. The RenAM 500 metal AM series, already known as the most productive system on the market, now boasts an even greater speed, building up to twice as fast as before.

This dramatic increase in printing speed not only reduces the cost per part but also expands the range of viable applications for AM. By addressing this crucial aspect of AM, Renishaw aims to drive wider industry adoption, making AM more accessible and appealing to a larger audience.

Renishaw’s RenAM 500 metal AM series will be showcased at the upcoming TCT 3Sixty event, the UK’s definitive and most influential 3D printing and additive manufacturing exhibition. This event provides an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to explore the latest advancements in AM technology and learn how it can revolutionize their businesses.

If you’re interested in discovering more about Renishaw’s game-changing AM technology and its impact on various industries, join the conversation on the TCT Additive Manufacturing Network. And don’t forget to claim your free print subscription to TCT Magazine for the latest updates and insights in the world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

In conclusion, Renishaw’s launch of the RenAM 500 metal AM series signifies its commitment to driving wider industry adoption of AM by addressing the productivity barrier. With its increased printing speed and enhanced functionality, this advanced AM system not only reduces costs but also opens doors to new possibilities in various applications. Stay connected with the AM community by joining the conversation on the TCT Additive Manufacturing Network and make sure to secure your free print subscription to TCT Magazine for the latest news in the world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

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