19+ Cool Nintendo Switch 3D Printed Accessories & Mods


3D printing Nintendo Switch mods and accessories is a great way to make one of the best consoles ever released even more awesome, and there are plenty of STL files to choose from.

Here we’re going to look at some of my favorite Nintendo Switch 3D prints, from carry cases to controller mods. Some of them protect your console or make it easier to use, while others offer accessibility options for handicapped players, and 3D printing such mods is much cheaper than buying these overpriced accessories from official sources.

Keep in mind that many of these designs were made with the original Nintendo Switch in mind, so you may need to alter and resize them in your preferred slicer software if you want to use them with a Switch Lite or OLED instead.

My Favorite 3D Prints for Nintendo Switch

Click each link below to be taken to each section:

  • Cases and Covers: Protect your console from damage and dust with cases ranging from minimalist portable shells to intricate strongboxes with foam lining.
  • Stands and Docks: Charge your Switch in style with docks themed like retro Nintendo consoles or your favorite fandoms.
  • Cartridge Storage: Never lose a game again with holders designed like Game Boys or Pokédexes, some made to store over a dozen cartridges.
  • Controller Mods: Improve your gameplay and accessibility with added grips, wheel mounts, and stands to play more comfortably.

Nintendo Switch Cases and Covers

1. Switchbox V5

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: TURAL
  • Price:  Free
Switch Cover

Designed to comfortably fit your Nintendo Switch while making it easier to carry around, this case has been modified to include 2mm of protective foam to make sure the console doesn’t get banged up when moved around.

The case also doubles as a stand for play in portable mode if used on a flat surface.

2. Two-Part Carry Case

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: AWilliamWright
  • Price: Free
3D Printed Nintendo Switch Protector Two-Part

This 3D printed Switch carry case is designed for shorter journeys, mainly protecting the console from being jostled around inside a backpack. The case comes in two parts which lock together securely enough to protect your screen from scratches and debris, and even includes slots for two game cartridges.

3. Basic Switch Case

  • Download: Printables
  • Designer: NLD Design Shop
  • Price: Free
Basic Switch Carry Case

This basic 3D printed Nintendo Switch case may not be the most glamorous offering, but it includes openings so you can charge your switch on the go while still securely holding all the necessary pieces. It’s ready for full customization, too, so you can add an etched design yourself or even use a laser engraver.

4. Strongbox Case

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: ONIRIC_ARMORY
  • Price: $9.99
Strong Switch Carry Case

For a more secure and even bigger carry case, this strongbox Nintendo Switch case is ideal for protecting your console in transit and making sure all the bits and pieces are where you can easily find them. The files even include different variations for the lid that you can mix and match depending on your priorities like carrying multiple game cartridges or making the overall project lighter with a mesh design.

Stands and Docks

5. Minimalist Functional Switch Dock

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: DylanWave
  • Price: Free

The standard Nintendo Switch dock is quite large and can be awkward to carry around. That’s where this single-piece minimalist dock comes in very handy, designed with both portability and functionality in mind.

It has all the ports you’ll need to use and charge your Switch at home or on the go, and with just a little assembly, can be a complete replacement for the standard dock. It even uses a spring mechanism to lock the Switch in place and make sure it doesn’t slip out.

6. GBA SP Switch Dock

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: CASS_Designs
  • Price: Free

For my fellow long-time Nintendo fans, this Switch dock was designed to mimic the retro aesthetics of the Game Boy Advance SP, the company’s first backlit portable console. It’s an impressive model that acts as a dock, stand, and storage case all at once.

Be advised that the model was designed in inches, so you may run into size problems if your software autocorrects to millimeters. So be sure you have the correct dimensions to fit your switch before printing.

7. BMO Switch Dock

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: CASS_Designs
  • Price: Free

From the same designer who made the GBA SP Switch Dock comes this adorable model shaped like a different games console, BMO from Adventure Time.

Much like the other design, this one is saved in inches, so you may need to change the settings in your slicer software to make sure it works. Aside from that, it’s a relatively simple and adorable 3D printed Switch dock that AT fans will love.

8. Naruto Switch Dock

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: TRIALNERROR
  • Price: $3.00
Naruto 3D Printed Switch Dock

This 3D printed Nintendo Switch dock will be immediately recognizable to Naruto fans as the Konohagakure symbol that the titular character wears on his iconic headband. Functionality is all well and good, but sometimes you just want to 3D print something that looks awesome. 

The Switch slots in diagonally, and it still leaves room for a charging cable. It’s also designed to fit all versions of the Nintendo Switch so you won’t need to resize it.

9. Dragonair Switch Dock

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: TRIALNERROR
  • Price: $2.50
Dragonaire Switch Holder

My personal favorite 3D printed Switch stand is this Dragoniar model that features one of the original dragon-type Pokémon wrapped around an old-school Pokéball.

The beauty in this design isn’t just in how awesome it looks, but also that it takes up far less horizontal space than other docks and stands. This makes it ideal for those of you with limited shelf space who still want to display and charge their Nintendo Switch in style.

Cartridge Cases and Holders

10. Minimalist Cartridge Holder

  • Download: Thingiverse
  • Designer: CodyTolene
  • Price: Free
Basic 3D Printed Switch Cartridge Holder

3D printing a Nintendo Switch cartridge holder doesn’t need to be complicated. This simple print can be made with any printer and fits six games, and can be modified to fit even more. As a simple holder or display case that can be printed quickly in only around one hour, it’s a great design for beginners who don’t need anything fancy.

It’s not designed for travel, though, as the game cartridges do come out very easily and could get lost in transit.

11. Kanto Pokédex Cartridge Case

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Price: $4.67
Pokédex 2

If you’re a long-time Pokémon fan like I am, and you own a Nintendo Switch, then there’s a good chance you have at least one Pokémon game. You’re also bound to recognize the original Kanto Pokédex first seen in the anime.

3D Printed Nintendo Switch Pokédex Cartridge Case

This print-in-place design can hold up to 16 games, and the hinged sealable door ensures they’ll be kept safe even when you’re out and about. It’s a wonderful nostalgia trip that’s well worth the easy assembly, though you will need some magnets to hold it all in place.

12. Gameboy Switch Cartridge Holder

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: SHIGERYU
  • Price: $18.24

If you need to bring your entire game collection with you at once, then this is the case for you.

Along the same lines as the GBA SP dock, the Gameboy Switch cartridge holder is a call back to a simpler time in Nintendo’s long history. With 18 cartridge slots and even an included sticker design to look like an old Tetris game mid-play, it’s a fun and impressive design for the older generations of Nintendo fans. 

While this is the most expensive entry on the list, the large intricate design and included decal make it a worthwhile print for those of you who need a good-sized Switch game cartridge holder that’s a little more interesting than your standard affair.

13. Gameboy Cartridge Switch Game Holder

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: CRAFTYKID3D
  • Price: $5.89
Cartridge Carry Case

If you were a gamer in the mid-late 90s, then you’ll definitely remember the old Game Boy cartridges that housed classics like Pokémon Red and Blue or Mario Golf. This 3D printed Nintendo Switch game holder is modeled after these older cartridges, and can be printed in different colors and adorned with decals to look just like your old favorite.

The oversized design holds up to 16 cartridges securely, and makes for an awesome display case as well as a travel holder.

14. Mario Question Mark Box

  • Download:Thingiverse
  • Designer: Kickass3DPrints
  • Price: Free

The question mark block from Mario is one of the most iconic images in Nintendo games, offering power-ups and coins to the player.

This 3D printed gaming accessory combines two different section to make an awesomely detailed box that can hold up to ten cartridges in a display case.

And honestly, it looks awesome in any game room.

Controller Mods and Accessories

3D printing Nintendo Switch controller mods improve the gameplay experience in a variety of unique ways not available to buy. These can help with grip and even add accessibility features so anyone can play happily.

15. Nintendo Joy-con Grips

These 3D printed Joycon grips are designed to be more comfortable than the standard holders that come with the Switch. They’ve been upgraded over time to not only be smaller for easier travel, but also require no supports when printing.

It is worth mentioning that you’ll need a 3D printer of nozzle for no more than 4mm with the same setting in your slicer software.

16. 3D Printed Joy-Con Grip for Two-Player Games

If the Joy-cons have one major downside, it’s that they don’t have the same grip as traditional controllers. While one of the most clever uses of the detachable Joy-con controllers is their ability to function as separate controllers, this is often hindered by their tiny size. To make two-player games more comfortable, this designer has come up with this 3D printed attachment.

For even more added comfort, the designer has created other additions like a larger D-pad and mini Joy-con grip for easier transport.

17. Accessibility Stand

3D Printed Switch Controller Accessible Disabilities

Thankfully we have designs like this one from Julio Vazquez. It was created for people with muscular or nerve damage to play more easily by making the Joycons usable when set on a flat surface like a table or lap.

STL files like these are important additions, helping open up the wider gaming community to those with conditions that may make them feel otherwise isolated.

Companies like Ablegamers help people with disabilities feel comfortable and included in the gaming scene. It’s easy to see why, as approximately 66% of disabled gamers have reported significant roadblocks that prevent them from feeling included in the gaming community.

18. Steering Wheel Controller Mod and Mount

  • Download: Cults3D
  • Designer: LUKE_BARRIER
  • Price: Free
Switch Portable Steering Wheel 3D Printed

While modern Nintendo systems are built with motion controls to mimic a steering wheel, many still prefer the old-school joystick controls.

This free Joy-con mount works together with the two analog sticks to seamlessly mimic a steering wheel. It only needs a single screw to assemble, and the designer is even working to get rid of that!

19. Switch Pro Controller Wall Mount

Switch PRO Controller Holder

If you regularly lose your controller like I do, you’ll want to print this simple hook mount to keep it in one place when not used. Many 3D printed Switch accessories and mods we’ve seen here are functional while playing.

Since the Joy-cons already have a holder built into the Switch, this holder was designed with the Pro controller in mind so you’ll never again start your gaming session by wondering where you put the darn thing.


“Our printers don’t just print objects, they print ‘oops’, ‘ah-ha’, and ‘not again’ moments.”


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